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Even though town currency makes no sense, I thought I might make an attempt at creating a reasonable economy.

Copper-1 unit of currency
Bronze-10 units of currency
Silver-50 units of currency

After the ones I knew I started using mythical metals, then I just started making stuff up.

If the admins have any objection to this, this thread will be disreguarded.

The Town's currency for the most part obey's the D&D currency system found here.

Yes, generally we use that currency system. There are a few other coin/currency types though...
Here's the list I know of. It's all based around worth of the gold coin.

Copper: 1/100
Silver: 1/10
Electrum: 1/5
Gold: 1
Platinum: 10
Mithril: 100
Astral Diamond: 10,000
Residium: 10,000

Electrum was from 2E and wasn't exactly halfway between gold and silver, but 2E's currency was so different that really double the value of a silvere piece is simplest for us.

I don't remember where mithril coins are from.

Astral Diamonds are from 4E. *shrug*

Residium is the pure residue from magic items. I don't know the source of that though.
The Chilli God

Residium is 4e also, if I remember the excerpts correctly.

PS: I occasionally think about Town economy and its plausibility. I usually stop thinking soon after because of the sheer mindbogglingness of it. Just don't try and make sense out of it.

Also, I usually include adamantine coins, each worth 1000gp.

Also, Vael, I know that when I started using mithril and adamantine coins, it was more because E was using insane ammounts of money and I was too lazy to add zeroes.  It probably shows up somewhere else though...

Oh, well, I'm pretty sure I used them before that...
I think.
And saw them somewhere.

Like I said, they're probably used somewhere else.

But it does make sense to have something between 100 and 10,000.  And adamantine fits.

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