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Crimson Wolf

Crimson Wolf's characters

Name: Kaius
Race: Human
Age: 29
Height: 5,8
Weight: 120 k
Hair: Black and Spikey
Eye colour: Very dark Brown
Weapons: Laser gun (type unknown)
Clothing: Dark cloak, Dark trousers...
Speaks: Like this


Kaius was part of the SOL regiment in a top-secret tribe. His job: To hunt down all threats that oppose it.

After a while, a captured alien escaped and went after Kaius's family. It showed no mercy and they were all killed. The aftermath resulted in nightmares and unatural events that took place around him.

Deciding to leave his job, he found work that offered very little. This was until the sighting of his killer was seen. Ever since he has been chasing it.

This was when he ended in "the town"

[Common Knowledge]
His second job was a Blacksmith

Was trained with lasers all his life

Knows little magic but Specialises in fire.

[Stats and Description]

Name: Gaith
Race: Human/Wolf
Age: 33
Height: 5,5
Weight: 120 k
Hair: shoulder length black
Eye colour: Dark red (they look brown)
Weapons: Xile Sword
Clothing: Black
Speaks: Like this

Backstory: Leader of the infamous SOL tribe, he has been forced to abandon his project on a top secret mission. He is needed to assist his fellow tribe member Kaius in the town

He is the most powerful of the SOL tribe and can cast powerful magic.

Name: Rozar
Race: Beast
Age: ???
Height: 4,9
Weight: 200k
Hair: Long white
Eye colour: Blue
Weapons: Hybrid Staff
Clothing: Red
Speaks: Like this

Rozar is the beast Kaius has been chasing for the last few months. He looks like a human though is very small and very powerful.

Name: Gaith The Crimson Wolf

More coming soon.

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