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Costumed Heroes of America (Comic)

Okay, for those that don't know, Soph has written a comic and was looking for an artist.  I agreed to do it.

The comic will start April 1st, but the cover art is up right now.


Good to see it's finally up and running. I remember when Soph first pitched it in GITP a LOOOOOOOONG time ago, then the revival, then the revival here. I'll put it on my reading list.

His patience paid off...

Of course, he hasn't waited as long as I have with some of my story ideas, but new ones keep popping into my head that sound better.

Pay attention to this, I need opinions.

Soph and I have been talking.  His original idea was to post a whole book per month, like an actual comic book that you get from a store.  After some deliberation, I agree, but we want your opinion.

What we would do is post a book and allow you to flip through it much like a normal comic book.  Each book would have a previous page and next page button.  On either side of those buttons would be previous book, next book.  And finally first book and last book.

Now, the other choice would be to post one comic a week until I feel comfortable to maybe do one or two more a week.  This would get one book done within several months, not just one.

Also realize that if we go with the first choice the first comic book will not be up until May 1.


As a reader of Erfworld and Goblins, I'm going to have to go with a book per month. It's a lot nicer to read it all at once.

Do what you think is best. Serial comics give me a source of daily or weekly entertainment; but comics which update by giving several pages at once give more to read up on and speculate over. It depends on the comic.

Book per month, but I think it may agree on the comic in question. If there's a lot going on in a single page, maybe once a week is the better option. But if there isn't a lot going on in the single page, and you're wanting to give it a more comic book feeling (which I believe is what you're going for?), than I feel that one book per month is the better option.

From what I got out of Soph's various pitches one book a month will likely be the easiest to read.

Okay, unless we hear a good argument for why we should do 1 day a week, I think we're going with once a month.

Expect the first comic book May 1st. (I hope you didn't expect me to get a whole book done in basically 2 weeks...especially since I haven't gotten a script from Soph yet.)

Due to priorities, the comic will not start May 1st.  However, we will have the first 5 pages up during that time as a sort of teaser.

However, if you like LfD, I do plan to have Anubis' comic done at this time, so you'll have a full 30 page comic to read still... (so, obviously, I have nothing better to do with my time than draw...but we want Soph to get good grades, so I prefer that he do schoolwork instead of scriptwork.)

I would like to personally apologize for the delay, as it is solely my fault. I'm going to be far too busy getting my course papers done, but I'll be back to scriptwriting as soon as I'm able.

Thanks to everyone for being patient.

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