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Orange Zergling

Concerning Forum Secrecy...

The situation: Someone on the GITP boards asked if he could participate in the plot I am going to be doing. Since I decided to move the plot to these boards, I assumed it would just die down... however that someone is not in the memberlist here (unless they changed their name).
The question: Would it be too dangerous to say "I've decided to move the plot to another RP board"? If not, how should I handle it? I hate telling people they cant participate in something, but I also don't want to invite someone, since there are already talent scouts doing that...

EDIT: in case it matters, the user in question is "blackout".

Feel free to tell them that things have been moved, but don't hand out links.
J. Muller

Actually, Blackout has displayed some RP talent. Perhaps a suggestion to the talent selection committe--can I call it the Enuminati?--might be in order as far as an invitation.

As far as general secrecy goes, it's my intention not to bring Eunpnion up in conversation, but I won't lie if someone asks me if this or something like it has been established.
Orange Zergling

Taken care of, thanks for your help.

I basically just said it was moved to a different RP board that is invite-only and I dont have the authority to invite people.
Fax Celestis

J. Muller wrote:

Awesome + Win = Enuminati.

J. Muller wrote:
--[C]an I call it the Enuminati?--

Hey, Vael? We are now the Enuminati.

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