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Commercials and Ads

I've noticed I've been talking about ads a lot, so I decided to share insane ads and commercials here.

Another local commercial that seems to take things too far:

"Anna's:  Mexican food so good, it'll change your life."

How, exactly, will food change your life?  Unless it's ambrosia (food of the gods, could make you an immortal) or poison, I very highly doubt it will change my life.

It could always make you sit on the toilet for 5 hours at a time...that'd certainly change your life.

Not really...a life-altering experience is something different than just having the runs for a day...

Anywho, on to another stupid one:

"Starships don't need keys."

Ignoring the fact (for the most part) that it can't fly, let alone in space, so it's not a star ship:

So many idiots are about to get their cars stolen cuz Lincoln thought it'd be cool to make a car 'easier' on the owner... (cuz the owners are too moronic to know how to turn a key...let alone drive a car.)

Burger King just totally ripped off Old Spice!

The original:

I can't find a youtube of the burger king breakfast shots, yet, but here's the basic layout:

A dwarf is walking through fields, driving a tractor, etc, talking about the bk breakfast shots (the bk burger shots are basically the size of a bisquit, and are their new attempt at making money...making things tiny.)  At the end he says: "And I should know.  I'm a farmer."  When you know they're totally using his size as an example!  Theives don't have an original thought in their head (bk, not the dwarf.)

We live in the world of Post-Modernism. Originality is dead.

You keep saying that, but I've seen plenty of originality.  A person just needs to put a little thought into things.

Well, I still have to say that being original has been done to death. It would be more original to copy stuff over and over again. Well, actually, that's been done as well, by Andy Warhol. Hm... You could be absurd, but Monty Python has got that covered, and any segment of truly good absurdity will be related to them. You can have genres and stories, and beautiful poems, but then you have to stop and remember. This is just an advertisement.

It's objectives are clear, to get you to buy something by any means. And if ironic situations like knowing about being two things by being both a man and lover or by talking about the economic policies of small things because you are a farmer get you to buy stuff, then they'll use it.

Originality all depends, really, on how deep one looks to go in studying a character.  I'm gonna use Atreyu as an example because I'm really an attention craver like that.  

As a comedy sidekick, he's not original.  As a comedy sidekick who's a talking animal, he's been done before.  As a talking quadruped who's primary purpose is comedic value, he's a bit more rare, but still instances of similar things can be found.  So if you look at that, he's been done before.  However, his backstory of a "reserve steed" is pretty original...I think.

Apologies to the UK guys who have probably seen or heard enough about this ad to scream if they hear or see it again, but the Cadbury's gorilla still gives me goosebumps - I think it's great Smile  The Hovis epic ad is also pretty good (but ignore the inane YouTube comments - incidentally, the 'boy delivers bread' theme doesn't seem to get old, even after thirty years).  I also love spoofs - if you're familiar with The Snowman, you might get a giggle from this one. this one.

Anyway, a couple of good ones Smile  I don't think originality is the be all and end all of everything - I think entertainment value matters more.  In advertising, I think you need to be able to stun and wow more than with other areas - after all, the point of ads is to get you talking about them.  If it can't be original, then let it at least entertain.  A wolf companion is hardly original, but I like him Very Happy and Harry Potter, heaving been a fan of the Worst Witch books, isn't that original either, but it does what it does very, very well.

Now with bigger nuts, because size does matter!

Foundation for a Better Life:

A kid standing with a bat and a ball in his hands shouts: "I'm the greatest hitter in the world!"  Throws the ball up, misses with the bat.  Throws it again, misses.  And a third time.

"Three strikes...I'm the greatest pitcher in the world! Yes!"


It made me smile ^.^

That's adorable. I wish that there were more nice messages like that on television.

Unfortunately, every other commercial is an ad for a lawyer.

But people like "Foundation for a Better Life" are doing more commercials nowadays.  I think it's to prove that kids don't have to be depressed, and that depression isn't the norm.  (Neither is ADD, etc.  Way too many doctors prescribe drugs to kids that don't need them.)

Wukei wrote:

But people like "Foundation for a Better Life" are doing more commercials nowadays.  I think it's to prove that kids don't have to be depressed, and that depression isn't the norm.  (Neither is ADD, etc.  Way too many doctors prescribe drugs to kids that don't need them.)

QFT. I'll spare the long rant and hate I have for medicine for the mild cases of Aspergers and ADD and Dyspraxia, etc. etc. -_- Really pisses me off.

Apparently Burger King has pissed people off by making a Texican Commercial.

HTF is that insulting?!  It's much less disturbing than most of their commercials.

People can be insulted by almost anything.

Apparently baseball cards don't sell well anymore, so they've made them into Topps Attacks.  It's basically Magic/Pokemon/etc with baseball player cards.

Found a commercial for it, now that I found the correct spelling.  It's Topps Attax

Didn't spelling things with a superfluous X fade out of favor once the 90s ended?

Then again, we are talking about people who think that collecting baseball cards from gum packages is still the hip and trendy thing to do, so I suppose that you have to expect an element of anachronism on their part.

It doesn't even have gum anymore...and that's the best part.

But, no, it hasn't died out.  Disney's newest channel (they renamed Toon Disney) is Disney XD (Xtreme Dimension.  Which I don't understand the meaning in the slightest...)

T-mobile has a new commercial talking about how home phone lines are bad and you need to cut the cord.  They then have a girl cutting down a phone pole.

At the bottom it says:

T-Mobile does not encourage vandalism.  Do not attempt.

Just about the most bizarre advert I've ever seen:

Apparently pheasant rodeos are a great way to sell juicy water...or something.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager is having another season.  In the new one, a pregnant teenager has given birth and she whines "I'm a new mother in high school, and I'm missing out on everything."

My response would be "Whose fault is that?"


The guy that they hired to narrate pronounces it "ass-effex"....I seriously though he was saying 'ass effects' half of the commercial.  I mean, it gets your attention, definitely, but I think they need to rename it...

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