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College Applications

They are stealing my soul; piece by piece, little by little. Even if some essays are really cool and out there, I still don't want to write them.

Anyone else hate/hated the first half of their senior year in high school?

I really don't remember my Senior year in High was to long ago.

To be honest I didn't really worry about it until crunch time, at which point I had a series of minor psychological breakdowns until the acceptance letters started coming in.

It would be my suggestion to plan out a series of weekend to get everything done as early as possible. Remember that it's not only whether you have the grades, it also depends on whether or not you applied in time. Freshman classes fill up faster than you think.

Other than that... no. I loved my senior year of high school. I was taking classes that I enjoyed and I loved every minute of it. And I'm loving most every minute of college (why couldn't I have been born into a bilingual family? Why?), too.

I wish you the best of luck in your pursuit of higher education. Also, I wish you the best of luck with your final year of high school.
The Chilli God

Yay! It's about a month left (I think) until applications close for me, and I've only just got around to filling out an application form!

With, like, three exams left on the schedule (only one of which actually matters - I haven't even been been taking classes for the other two exams, they aren't worth any qualifications, they're being held at a different school, and they've got a syllabus that is, despite being national standard, horribly confusing for me!), it's getting a little bit frantic.

Just a little.

And I still need to work out a student loan. And a student allowance, if I can get it.
...Not to mention a summer job. Because I might actually need one, this time.

Need hugs, Flabbicus? I can give you some fitted-in-your-boots hugs. They're a lovely brand of hugs, yep.

Yeah thank you all for scaring me about next year.
The Chilli God

Oh, hey, it ain't so bad. At least in our school, senior-year students get great perks.
Like our own common room, the ability to leave school grounds during school hours, we get first picks on whatever opportunities happen to pop up, we get more study periods where there aren't any teachers telling us what to do so we can work on our own...

Great stuff, ayup. Best year of them all, IMO, despite being just a little bit frantic.

Now, being booted into the big wide world with no more safe environment and no more teachers looking after what you do, that's a bit scarier.

Ah yeah... applications.

The one of mine that got accepted ended up done in three different colors of ink (because not one, but two pens ran out on me). It was actually my second choice of schools to go to.

I might be blowing this a bit out of proportion. I only have six essays to write, and a few can be reused with some gerrymandering.

I almost murdered my computer when I thought that the Common Application (the catch-all form for most colleges for all that don't know) did not save any of the things I had to choose from a list. Which was quite a lot of it. :/

Thanks Soph, I have a little schedule planned out for the next few weeks, and decided to add more schools because I was only applying to schools in the North East.

And for any juniors/whatevers, just make good use of your summer. Stupid summer program and jobs making me feel lazy so I didn't do anything.

^^ Wwe just get a parking permit, if we win a lottery that is.

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