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Cloud Strife

Cloud Strife's Charecter

Greetings forumites of the legendary Enupnion. I have travled the baords far, and wide. Devoted much of my time to roleplaying with people I will most likely never meet, and role played with some of the best.

I now present to you my charecter.

Name:  Vincent Valentine (Surprise, surprise! I'm using someone other than my user name. Razz)

General abilities: Vincent has a large meangrie of powers he gains from his multiple mutations, and  his own super human augmentations, but the general ones you can expect him to use on a regular basis.
(being slightly origanl with the names, and abilities here.)

Darkest flame: vincent has control over a odd subtance known as "Dark fire"  in its presence normal flames are extinguished eletric light are disabled for five minuets before being restored to normal strength. this fire burns hot enough to melt tempered steel, and is inherently magical in nature.
these flames can only be extinguished by magical means equal to, or more powerful then vincents power at the time.

Being of the ather`: Vincent i not entirely human, nor is he entirely physical, this brings a certain set of additional powers to his reptiore`. Namely the ability to teleport in a swril of his cloak, and "blink" into the theral realm at will.
While those are both impressive abilities being infused with the energies of an insanely powerful extraplanar god (Just epic level power for him though, but it provides a decent  Dues Ex machina to prevent death) also enhances his mental clarity, and physical abilities to the point of near super hero power.

Master of mystic manipulation: Vincent is very skilled in the use of materia, and he doesn't even need a sloted item to use one of the many materia he keeps in a belt pouch at his side. Albiet without the slotted item he can only wield up to one materia at a time while still being able to control the flow of power. when wielding more then one materia without a slotted item, Vincent has a 25% chance that the spell will mis fire, and produce a random effect in many ways similar to a rod of wonder.

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