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Citadel of the Demon Prince

Since I'm going on vacation starting friday, I'd like to try my hand at DM'ing and we could use some high(er)-level dungeon crawling around here. So I plan to run a slightly adapted version of Citadel of the Demon Prince, a published adventure I found and thought could be fun.

It will be set in the Forgotten Realms, more specifically in Damara to the north. It is primarily a good old-fashioned dungeon crawl with limited NPC interaction, and the premise is a good old exercise in killing evil cultists. The book also warns about a few slightly disturbing and dark moments, and I hope to emphasise a bit on that dark atmosphere. I'm going to incorporate material from various source books to expand and adapt this adventure a bit, hopefully making it more interesting and unique.

I need 5-6 players, who don't already know this adventure and believe themselves able to post regularly, preferably once every 1 or 2 days. Characters should start out at ECL 12 (with 72000 XP, halfways between ECL 12 and 13). Starting gold will be 99000 gp. We'll use 30 point buy for ability scores, and hit points are max at first level, average thereafter.

Aside from a normally balanced party, I wish atleast one character to be a good-aligned cleric, paladin or similarly holy character, as well as atleast one druid or otherwise nature-oriented character. Generally I expect the characters to be the kind you'd expect to go hunting evil demon cultists, for whatever reason (good or not). Feel free to take the setting (Damara, Narfell and the Great Dale are probably most relevant) into account when making your character.

I will accept anything from the 3.5 edition core books, the FRCS, the Complete * series, Frostburn and Tome of Magic. Please ask if you wish to use other material.

If you're interested, please post what kind of character you'd like to play. Race, classes and a basic summary of the character concept. Just enough to make a balanced party. Once we have a proper party of 5 or 6 players you can send me your character sheets by PM. I wish to keep the finer details of the sheets unknown to the other players at first, hence by PM. The sheets should include a bit on the character's background and personality, not necessarily anything overly big and complex, just so I can better adapt the adventure to the characters.

I will provide each player with a reason for their character to get involved in the plot, one that makes sense in the context of the story and setting. I'll send this through PM to keep it personal and only known to the player and me to begin with. This will be based on your character's background, personality and stats. It can be discussed, naturally.

So, in summary:

- 5 or 6 players
- Start at ECL 12 (72000 XP)
- 99000 in starting gold
- 30 point buy for abilities
- Average hit points, max at first level
- Atleast one holy character and one nature-oriented character
- Otherwise a normally balanced party
- The setting is south-eastern Damara, bordering Narfell and the Great Dale (FR)
- The adventure will have limited NPC interaction, it's mostly hack & slash
- Send character sheets by PM to me
- You will be given a personal reason for getting involved, depending on your character.

It think that was all. Anyone interested?

I might be able to whip up a fighter.

Give me a chance to get to my books at home and count me in. I'm thinking something Arcane at the moment, but that might change... I've also got the idea for a duskblade in the back of my head, provided I can get some material on the class.

Anyways, count me in!
Destro Yersul

I could give this a shot. I've got a couple books that aren't on your list that I'd like to use, though I can live without them. I addition, I know very little about Forgotten Realms, so anything relevant would have to be explained. Or I could look it up on Wikipedia.

At any rate, books I would like to use but that aren't on the list:
Draconomicon (couple of feats and an item or two)
Dungeonscape (Dancing Lanterns are made of win)
Magic Item Compendium (three guesses what for...)

Also, the Signature Traits in the DMGII, while they provide no mechanical advantage, are kind of cool. And I think the Forgotten Realms are high magic... so I might use one or two.

Oh, and for the record I'd be playing a swashbuckling scoundrel type. Though more 'Indiana Jones' than 'Captain Jack Sparrow', personality wise.

I'm always up for a game. Put me up there for an arcanist... Most likely. Might possibly run a more rougeish one though... Naaaah.

But I do like the idea of a caster I have been toying with lately...

Off to go research then...

*yoinks a spot*
I'll probably play the holy character, but he/she'll be... gritty.
I don't like the typical preachy type, but the type who says "DIE! PRAISE *insert name here*!"
We'll see how it goes.
The Chilli God

Kinda been running a bit low on the PbP side since all but one campaign over at GitP has pretty much crumbled to dust, so I need to 'refill the tanks,' so to speak.

That in mind, I call dibs on the naturalist!
The Holt Warden from Complete Champion seems particularly interesting, so combine that with druid and... Halfling... Very Happy
So, basically the kind of druid that is extra Freaking ULTRA tree-hugger.

Oh, that makes one question, though - the PrC just so happens to be closely tied to some druidic organization called Guardians of the Green. Heck, it's a bloody entry requirement to be 'chosen' by them. Would you be able to manipulate that organization to something more Faerūnian? I don't know if there are any druid organizations in Faerūn, but making one up on the spot just for an adventure might seem... Bleh.

Stats up this afternoon, I promise.

Awesome, seems like we have a lot of interest in this... and already enough players.

Artemis, Duskblade will be ok, if that's what you go for

Destro, I see no problem with those books, so go for it. In general I'll probably allow most things, I'm just trying to avoid the most dramatic variant rules and things. Also, don't worry about the setting, I can fill you in on anything important if/where needed.

And Chilli, it so happens that one of Faerun's most powerful druidic circles lives just next door, in the Great Dale, and they aren't exactly the most welcoming of druids, so perhaps they'd fit well. I'll have to look more closely at the Holt Warden, but that'd be awesome.

I don't expect to start this until saturday or something, so don't stress over the characters. I hadn't really expected this much interest so quickly Smile

Sent a draft of my character sheet already. All I really need is items and 7 more feats. Unless there's something else I'm missing.

It looks ok at a quick glance, Kyrian. Just remember some background as well. I'll take a closer look later, to see if there are any particular problems.

Ah, just saw the part about background. ^-^
Destro Yersul

Alright, thanks Deadly.

I'll work on my character sheet in my spare time, which means whenever I'm not at work. Should have it in by... well, Friday at latest. Probably sooner. Background will likely deal with where he got his more interesting equipment and what he's like. *goes to make character*
Draken Frosthand


Is there a vacant spot?

I am inclined to try an illiterate heavy magic user.

I'm sorry, Draken, but we already have 6 players, and I think 7 would be too many. Seems like there's a whole lot of interest in this kind of thing however, as I had to turn down Sophistemon too. Perhaps someone else should start up another high-level dungeon crawl?


Also, from a look at the characters we have so far, we could probably use one more combat oriented character. Artemis, are you going for Duskblade?

Well, my cleric as of the moment is extremely melee focused... I've still got good spells, but they'll mostly be going towards me.

Yep, I'm defintately going Duskblade. I've got him mostly statted out, just need to tweak a few things and I should have him up by this weekend.
Destro Yersul

I'm assuming the 30 point buy for abilities includes the bonuses for fourth, eighth and twelfth level. If I'm wrong, and I still get those bonuses, could you let me know?

Other than that, my sheet is almost done. Just need equipment, backstory, and to calculate various item dependant things.

I think the standard method is to add those separately since they use a different system altogether... at least, that's what I've always seen.
And did with my character.

*confused* so do I get the three ability points or no?

Well, I believe my character is finished.

Except for the back story.

Irruvian Stormcloud.

He needs some backstory, which I will work on tomorrow (today? It's late/early) but I offer all the numbery stuff for review.

Edit by Vael: Link removed. Art, he said he didn't want us posting links...

Ah... you do get those 3 bonus points. So 30 points, and then 3 more. The last 3 points are not weighted either, so raising a score above 14 costs only one point after the first 30 points have been distributed. Hope that clears it all up.

Whoops, sorry about that. Everything's prettymuch finalized, so I sent the PM.
The Chilli God

Just checking, cuz I'm an impatient little git, who or what are we waiting on at the moment?

It ain't me, I hope.
<.< >.>

Nope, not you Smile I'm still waiting for Terumitsu's sheet, and I'm currently looking over the last details of Artemis' sheet. Kyrian and Vael both need some background too.

That's the current status

Tis my fault, I know. It will be sent in a few hours

Or so...

Well... hurry up with it Razz If I get it tonight I can look it over tomorrow morning or so. If there aren't too many problems with it hopefully we can get started tomorrow evening.

Ok, Teru's sheet only needs a little more detail, and Kyrian still needs a background. Everything else is ready

With a little luck we can get this started later today.

I is done! ^-^
Destro Yersul

We still waiting for Teru? *pokes Deadly*

Yes. He seems to have some trouble with the site he's hosting the sheet on. I've told him to forget that site and just PM the details to me, so once he gets on it should be fixed and we can get started. *Crosses fingers*

It be done now... Though, that was an annoying thing... It would show them and then they would disappear... Like it didn't really save the information...

Ah well
It's sent
I'm done now

I'm having some trouble reaching the sheets hosted on the tangled web site, maybe they've changed the links or something. At any rate the links I have all give me a non-informative 404 page.

If those who have their sheets on tangled web (Destro, Kyrian and Vael) could send me a working link, it would be nice.

Edit: Problem solved, so never mind. Thanks Vael

In a um, rather bad turn of events, it seems my character sheet ended up deleted?
I'm not sure how, either...

Odd. I do have a copy I can send you if you like. I made it a point to make a copy for myself of all character sheets (except Teru's, I never got around to doing that because I was tired at the time) so that I don't have to rely on Tangled Web or other sites all the time. It may not contain all the details, like your speed, but those minor things can be found from the other stats.

Goodly. I thought you might have something like that. (A lot of DMs do that).
I would be most appreciative if you would send it to me. And this time I'll make a non-internet dependent copy...

Sadly, Vael has chosen to back out of this. As such we need someone to take her place.

The character needs to be of the holy sort, preferably a cleric or other heavy divine caster. Otherwise the same rules as mentioned in the first post. Post here if you're interested, then send me the character sheet through PM and I'll get you started.

Again, should be someone who feels confident that they can post regularly.

As for Acantha, I suppose we simply pretend she was never there or something?

Is a spirit shaman okay?

And is it okay if I don't know that much about Forgotten Realms?

Knowledge of FR is not important. I placed it in FR mostly for a little flavour, it has little effect on the game as such, and I can always help out with information about the setting if needed.

As for the class, I'd prefer something less "nature"-oriented and more god-worshiping. But if no other classes appeal, I guess it's ok

I'll step down, then. I don't want to push my preference for things nature-y on the adventure.

Ah well.

I can't tempt you with a Shugenja instead? Very Happy It is somewhere in between "nature" and "holy" and could be kind of interesting, I think.

Edit: And Lykan has taken the spot.

Is there any kind of interest in this game still, or should I consider it dead?
Destro Yersul

I'd post if there was anything for me to do.

There's still that stuff the Magus fell over. Doesn't have to wait for Teru to post to look at that. I try to keep it moving, even when someone isn't posting for a long time, but when everyone stops posting I just can't do anything.

Three have shown interests still, so the game will continue. But I'm tired of it going this slowly.

Those who haven't posted that they are still interested within reasonbale time will be presumed not interested and I'll open up for replacements. I'll send a PM to Artemis and Teru, to be fair. If I see the PMs have been read, but see no response here or in the game thread, I'll take that as lacking interest and look for someone else who wants to play.

But it can't be true that I have to send PMs all the time to keep people from forgetting all about this game. PLEASE remember to keep an eye on the game thread and post regularly. That is, atleast every two or three days. Barring special circumstances you should all be able to post atleast once every day.

Those who can't manage to post regularly from now on will eventually have their spot taken by someone else. Hopefully that won't ever come to pass. Just remember.

Well, I will say that my spot would best be taken by someone else... The thing being that, while I am still interested, I have little time to do things nowadays what with college and such. I am very sorry that I have not said anything before now.

But I hope the game goes well with others. Again, sorry but I won't be able to continue.

That's unfortunate, but hopefully we can find someone who wants the spot.

Hoping Artemis is still with us too. And Lykan.

I is. I just have major issues deciphering what the fudge Faerun is as a world. oO

Which kinda makes making a backstory an issue.

I am still interested, my apologies for not posting any faster. The thread stopped moving, so I sort of slacked off. I'll go post there, now.

Wonderful, we're running again. Let's keep it running Smile

As should be obvious, Lykan has joined the game in place of Vael. I'm sorry for letting it take this long to get him in.

And, we now need a new player to take Teru's place, too. One who can and will post regularly. Anyone interested, please raise your voice Smile Same rules as in the first post, except it should preferably be an arcana caster of some sort, to keep the party well balanced.

I will...creating a wizard, when I'm done with the sheet I'll PM it to you for changes/approval/etc.

I'll be in Colorado from the 22-26 for Christmas.  I'll post when/if I can.  I'm not sure how much internet access I'll have.

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