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Child Of Spleen

Child Of Spleen's Character/s

Jack Dean: text colour orange


Age: 19

Description: Medium height and skinnyish build, short, blond hair and plain, unassuming features. Caucasian with green eyes.

Clothing:Most commonly seen in orange hoody with dark, baggy trousers and large skate-shoes.

Equipment:Wallet, mobile phone, laptop, sleeping bag and matt and a collection of books, all carried in a smallish hiking bag. TEMPORARY full plate armour and shield.

Weapons Mithril Staff with Sanctuary effect that disables for 48 hours when used. TEMPORARY Keen Longsword and Oak shield.

Bio: A traveller from 2008's Earth that found his way by unknown means to the world of Town, Jack is a pseudo-buddhist student of art and life with no particular mission other than to learn and experience.
Child Of Spleen

Matthias, Marcus, Luca and Iona.

Gender: Male, Male, Female, Female

Age: 20, 16, 18 and 28

Description: Ordinary looking people who on their own would most likely not stand out.

Clothing: A mixture of robes and artisan clothing, of which the key tone is dark grey.

Equipment: All carry  backpacks with food, spare clothes, camping equipment, etc.

Weapons: All carry swords save Iona who carries a reaver scythe. All carry smallish crossbows with good ammunition.

Bio: Sent from a far-off organisation of sorcerers on some highly important unfinished business, the four mages are in Town and its neighbouring areas with only one mission: seek and destroy Pelgof. They keep themselves to themselves, but generally assume themselves as superior since they come from a world without gigantic robots, level 100 archmages, shapeshifting bounty hunters, etc.


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