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Goblin Bard
Regular Hero

Not much is known about Griknak, but he has apparently come to Town to whet his appetite for adventure, excitement, and people to sing at. He enjoys nothing more than adventuring and singing. He has occasionally let slip comments about being on the run from something, but nobody knows what he would be running from. And isn't it just a little bit suspicious that a Goblin would come into a Town inhabited by humans, dress like a human, and take on human mannerisms?

Human Fighter

Cassius was an ordinary adventurer up until the point when his group was forced to take on a quest to kill a god. During the quest, he recovered the god-slaying artifacts known as Sunder and Keening. The rest of his party died during their final mission, and only Cassius was left to wield the artifacts. Since then, he has slain no less than seven different gods, and has traveled across a multitude of universes. He has come to rest in the Town, and has taken up bounty hunting to cull his boredom until his next chance to face off with a god in combat.

Corrick Morano
Human Expert
Regular Guard

Corrick is a professional alchemist. He works for a somewhat small guild of the scientifically minded, trying to prove that science is better than magic. His single-minded belief in the superiority of science leads many to believe him to be insane. He uses a variety of alchemical weapons in combat.

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