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height:4ft 3inch
desciption: small brown gotee, larger than normal ears, a red hood,a black robe. carries a sword (short sword) and a book
personality:To good-to-be-true, always fights for justice, afraid of old ppl....power lv7
New version- Gimble class:assasign
Small black gotee,short pointed ears, wears a black version of the robin hood hat and a black vest with a belt across his chest that has knives on it.
power lv19

His name is Alex but people call him Helix because his first word was "hope".
Helix wears and old ragged red vest with blue trim. His eyes are Green. And as soon to be known to the Holy Grail thread, he is a healer. Helix grew up on the streets.(not the thread)His favorite thing to do is play with animals. He also is always looking for a father-figure
Power level about 5.

Airin has black hair and his bangs touch his nose. He is roughly 5' 9". Airin has 3 personalitys. Rex-red speach The fighter has red hair that stads up. Comes out when mad. Ray- blue speach the probelm solver and cool aditude. Comes out when worried or sad. Airin-green speach. Normal mode. Not much special. The talker and traveling mode. Airin currently has no control over what mode he goes in or when he changes. You can tell the change when- I normaly will metion it. If I forget I will remember to change the speach color.
power lv15

       Enupnion Forum Index -> The Character Directory
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