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Changing 'rules' of a section of Town

I heard that a rule has been changed for Modern Town within a chat.  Not all of us are welcomed to such a chat, so not all of us that play in Modern Town were privy to such rule-changing.

I think that if you're going to change rules, you should have a thread for it, like we do in normal Town.

As far as I know and I am concerned, no rules have been changed for Modern Town. I may be mistaken, and if someone would actually like to change the rules, they may do so on the forums and in a more formal fashion.

What is likely being referred to is that a large group of people decided to bring life back to Modern Town and begin playing there again. When they did, they decided they would make characters and locations based around a more Shadowrun-esque theme (for those who don't know, Shadowrun is a modern, apparently mundane setting which actually contains many hidden supernatural elements. Kinda like Harry Potter, but more dark).
So when people intend to make characters to specifically join our roleplay, we highly encourage them to make characters that fit this theme, and when they come into contact with other characters, they will react as if they were in this kind of setting and life.

This does not, however, restrict anyone else's ability to make characters in any way- it's simply the majority of what is being played at the moment. It's like normal Town: it is generally a fantasy Genre, but you're welcome to play a random high tech mercenary there (and bring such a location in). Just expect them to kind of stick out.

I just think it's kinda wrong to make these kinds of decisions without including the whole of enupnion.  We've been playing the high tech for a while, now, though there are still magical elements.  Just because we've restricted ourself to one thread for a while now doesn't mean that we don't ever intend on going out into the world again.

High tech is still there, I believe. Just not openly flaunted.
Same with the magic.
Kinda like that second Hellboy movie, I think.

*DeB's two cents*

Shh...haven't seen it yet.

Oop. Sowwie!
Thought it was in the commercials. *retreats*

I just didn't want anyone else to follow up with something actually from the movie that you don't see in previews.  I love Hellboy, but you know I don't get out to see things.

I will, however, buy it.  Probably without seeing it first.

*kicks the thread back into topic with a nice -=punt=-*

Like Vael said, no rules were changed, Wukei, and that was not anyone's intent either. A few people just decided to try an experiment that involved agreeing to a similar set of assumptions. Nobody else has to agree to those assumptions unless they feel like it. It is just an experiment. It happens to be working though! It's fun when experiments work! Care to join the fun? *looks excited in anticipation of a Wukei character or two in modern Town.*
The Bushranger

Come...join us...and we will rule the galaxytownModern Town as...


Meh. Razz

Come and join the fun anyway! Very Happy

No thanks.  Doesn't sound like a group I'd want to be part of.

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