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Castaras' Characters


A bird

Name: Carla
Race: Black Phoenix
Class: Birdy!
Personality: Birdy!
Alignment: Birdy!
Backstory: Birdy! Oh, wait.
The Black Phoenix was a human. A human girl born in a village near Town. She went a-riding and adventuring into the wilderness. After meeting up with a lesser goddess of nature(and annoying this goddess) she got transformed into a birdy. That was 10 years ago. She doesn't remember her human life any more. She is now the black phoenix, and that is how she will be for the rest of her life.

At least, that's what the goddess thought. Silly goddess.


Name: Harlithi
Race: Medusa/Yu-an-ti/Cyclops. Yeah.
Class: Ranger/Sharpshooter
Alignment: Neutral
Description: <avatar forthcoming. Doodle of Harlithi>
She's basically a Medusa, with one eye(cyclops), and a snake tail instead of legs. She uses a shortbow with poisoned arrows, and a scimitar. And a chainmail shirt.
Personality: Quiet. Straightforward. To the point. She fights and asks questions at the same time, rather than fighting first, asking questions later.

Born in the pits of Dar'rath, a dungeon city far to the west, Harlithi was raised up along with her fellow sister Gorgons, and her fellow brother Maedar(Male Gorgons. Unpetrify things rather than petrify). Yet, the faint bloodlines of her Yu-an-ti and Cyclops heritage made her feel...different. At least, she was more snake like than the others, and only had one eye. That was definitely different. So, after gaining her training among the archers of the Gorgons, she left Dar'rath, in search of adventure, and just to wander. Most places she went to were human/elvish populations, meaning she was feared, attacked, and chased out by these hunters and suspicious people. Finding peace with an orc village, becoming their protector for a while, she got thrown out when she accidently turned some of the orc kids to stone.
Hearing on the wind about this place named "Town", a place for all races, she goes to this place, looking for work, a place to stay, maybe a place for her to finally settle down in, to live out her final years. She is pretty old for a medusa, and the other bloods within her lessen her lifespan even more.


Name: Helen
Age: 9
Race: Originally Human. Now a Balor-lich
Class: Little girl
Backstory: Endless. I'll edit it in later.



The Hooded Stranger(As yet unnamed)
((Speaks in #774400))

Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Race: Hey, whaddya know? Unknown
Class: 3 Ranger/2 Rogue
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with Neutral Evil tendancies
Backstory: Unknown


Sci-Fi Town


Name: Star-Wreath Stevie
Age: Early 20s
Race: Human
Description: As the avvie. Has orange tattoos denoting her as one of the Iron Clan on both arms and half her face. Also has a pirate tattoo on her shoulder from her last run-in with the law.
Backstory: Born of the clan of Iron, Stevie grew up to rebel against the rigid form of her clan, stealing a ship(Beacon), and escaping into deep space. Unfortunatly for her at that time, she didn't know how to drive the thing. So off she goes into space, pressing the right buttons by chance. But don't work. No manual either. Wouldn't really matter anyway, seeing as she can't read. But off she goes into space, and doesn't know how to work the breaks. She sends out an SOS(she worked out how to do that much), and gets picked up by a group of space pirates. Quickly learning how to control her craft, she carries on flying about the place, robbing ships, pillaging, plundering, rifle and looting, (drink up me hearties yo ho), before going freelance. It is now that she is wandering, still on the run from her angry clan determined to capture her and take her back for trialy stuff, or to kill her, at least.

Whee, Cliche, anyone?

Town Hoppers(Found everywhere. Mwuahahaha.)

The Kitten
<avatar pending>
Name: The Kitten/Jack/El Susto Negro
Age: Kitten
Race: Feline Monstrosity aka Domestic Cat aka Felinus Demandus
Description: Your average siamese kitten. About 2 years old.
Personality: "These people feed me, stroke me, and grant my every whim. I must be a god!"
Backstory: Born in Town. Wandered about. Met people, like Plot(They became friends. In the end they fell out.), and Myobi(She got annoyed when he tried to mess up her garden). Got killed in Town due to stealing a big cat's gal, and impersonating Garfield. Resurrected in the wrong town. Now just wandering around the place. Met up with Plot again. Sorta friends again. Got dragged into Town, for some reason, before walking through a portal and disappearing once again.

Random Characters for when I'm Bored or Procrastinating

Name: Joe
Race: Human
Age: adult
Height: Average
Weight: Average
Eye Color: Unknown. He always wears his shades. Always.
Sex: Male
Class: Tourist
Alignment: Tourist
Description: Tourist Linky
Backstory: Wandered around old town with two of his touristy friends. Now he's decided that Town was such a nice place he should come back and say hi again. New pictures, to add to his massive photo collection.
Common Knowledge: He's a tourist...
Uncommon Knowledge: He's a tourist...

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