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And Pictures of!

As I am (or we are) getting a new (ha! New... that's funny) car soon, I thought, what cars or vehicles or whatever do people have at the moment.

And do they have pictures of them? =).

Nothing at all. I had a bike... that I bought years ago but never used. It was recently stolen, but who cares? I don't.

I prefer to walk. I always walk, no matter the weather. Sun, rain, snowstorm, I'll happily trudge right through it all.

So... perhaps I should post a picture of my shoes? Very Happy

If I actually was capable of walking everywhere (you crazy europeans!) then I would walk, but...
I have a really old honda civic. I think it is older than me... pretty bad for a car.
Destro Yersul

Here's a picture of my most commonly used form of transportation:

This is a close second:

What I want to drive is one of these:

Awww, look at the little car. Isn't it Awesome?

Crazy, man, crazy.
I want one of these:
J. Muller

I haven't even begun to take driving lessons yet. I'm not actually all that excited about it, though. Once I get out of college (which I won't start for another two years), I intend to live somewhere where everything I need to get to can be accessed by foot/bike/public transportation
Orange Zergling

Dark blue in color though. Technically it's my parent's car, and I cant drive but... meh.
J. Muller

My dream car is this one, though. If I were going to get a car (and was in a position to own one of these), this is what I would get:



Well when I first got my permit a little over half a year ago, my parents said they'd get me a mustang, and I had picked out a few used ones that I liked that we could get for a little over $10,000. Then my dad found out how high the insurance rate for a mustang is. They don't think I realize that they are trying to gently guide me away from the notion of owning one to owning a more cost-effective vehicle, but it's painfully obvious that the car I eventually get won't be named after a horse.
Destro Yersul

Vael wrote:
Crazy, man, crazy.

I want a Smart because:
A. They're awesome
B. They're fuel efficient
C. They're safe.

Were we to go with dream car, and unlimited funding, I want one of these things.

Shadow of the Sun

My dream car is purple.

Ok. I've been driving age for a few much, but my parents don't want me on the road 'cause O' my ADD.

That being said, even if I could drive I wouldn't have my own car.

Orange Zergling, I am SO jealous. I happen to be quite short. And my last name is Cooper. Thus, I want a Mini-Cooper so bad....

I'm most likely getting a '99 Monte Carlo for my 16th. Only if my parents can get a replacement car for themselves though.

Destro.... the Smart is the ultimate in bizarre ass cars. Great for parking though and they do a coupe that bears a surprising resemblance to a roller skate.

I drive one of these, in that colour. I call it "Noddy's Car" because that's what it looks like. But when your parents buy a new car and let you have their old one, you don't complain, particularly when you didn't have one before. It is usually seen being driven at ludicrous speeds about the British country lanes. It's softly sprung, top heavy and I loves it.

Here is me and my car, and yes the license plate says wxdruid....


That license plate makes me happy. Very Happy
Shadow of the Sun

Vael, everything makes you happy.
Seft Sirag

I'd like a land rover, but they're really not too good efficiency-wise. Currently I drive my mum's Fiat Punto. Nice little car, but a bugger to park properly.

Aww... We have a Red Defender 90. (Land Rover) and are getting a Series Two Long-Wheel Base for me to 'learn to drive in.'.

Land Rovers are fun. Get one, or else.

Presently, we have a Toyota Highlander Hybrid, and a Camry Hybrid.

My first car was a dark grey Ford Tempo


white F-150, and a green Taurus
(both traded for a ) green Mustang GT
green Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 and a grey Mazda Miata
(both traded for a) green Ford Focus - a low point, that.
blue Subaru WRX, and a green Subaru Forrester
later the WRX gave way to a second grey Miata
Finally those two were traded for the current two.

although my first two cars were red. I'm missing the red color, the next Will be red! or else.....

1985 Plymouth Turismo (hatchback)
1994 Saturn SW2 (station wagon)

I've got a thing for Chrysler PT Cruisers.
I know a lot of people hate them, but they remind me of the sort of 1930s type car that the idealised Mafia drive. I've also been known to call them Space Taxis (the taxis from Space). I love them for their weirdness. They're also one of the few cars I think can be improved with odd modifications. Usually I really dislike seeing modded cars.

Other than that, the older the better typically.
http://www.classiccarpartsgiant.c...sic_Parts/classicJAGUARauto02.JPG *drools*

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