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Carrion's Character(s)

<For use with The Hamlet>
Name: Fabert Scott
Race: Human Occupation: Steam-Scientist(among other things)
Gender: Male
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 179
Age: 29
Class: Scientist
Weapon(s): Steam Powered Hand-Held Gatling gun, made from many parts found in the streets, garbage and labs. It looks like a Rifle, but has several barrels and several pods and levers connected to the trigger, with gears and a scope riddling it, making it look more like a scrap of heap than a Gun. A chain of bullets trail from the side of the gun, where its entering hidden by the pods and gears, but it starts from a wooden box on Faber’s belt.

Description: Fabert is a fairly short man with scruffy black hair. He wears a pair of metallic goggles over his eyes, and he has many scalds over his arms, most covered by his plaid button-up shirt. He wears blue-jean suspenders over the shirt and has a backpack with many tools and small metal parts falling out of it about every 30 steps.

Background: Fabert grew up in the middle of the Big City, living with his dad at the power plant. He knew the power of coal, but more precisely, steam. He loved to tinker with wood and metal as a child, and his habit of making his life easier just never stopped until he got a degree in Steamology. Losing ideas, he moved to The Hamlet for new Ideas, and money.

Name: Duke Camary
Race: Human Occupation: Gun-for-Hire
Gender: Male
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 189 lbs.
Age: 24
Class: Gunslinger
Weapon: Winchester 1866 Carbine(50 Cal) with an Ivory Stock and Barrel guard.

Description: Duke is obviously of Scottish Origin, having freckles all over his cheeks and medium length red hair, covering his ears but right above his eyes. His Eyes are a chilling Icy blue and almost make Duke look blind. He wears a rugged tuxedo, many gun holes, rips, patches and dirt stains cover it, blurring the lines of Tough and Classy. His chest has a large rectangular bulge in front of it, a block of wood being used as armor.

Backstory: Duke was born on October 12 into a Loving Family, he lived in the upper class for most his life, and him and his younger siblings had many adventures. He and his sister, 4 years younger than him, however got a little too close with each other while drunk. Finding out the next morning, Duke fled Scotland on the next sailboat and came to The Hamlet.

<For use with Sci Fi Town>
Name: Luke Onaham
Race: Human Occupation: UNSC Marine
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Height: 6'2"

Description: Luke is tough and gritty, having a 5-o'clock shadow and many scars on his armor. Around his body are many weapons, all being of different types. Luke is bald, hiding this by wearing his hat low, and he has brown eyes.

Equipment: Assault Rifle with Bayonet, SMG's (2), three spike grenades, Magnum, a Block hat and Combat Armor with Wrist blades and shoulder-mounted flashlight and grenade launcher. Luke also has a Passenger Carrier Warthog, and a Inter-Planetary Pelican, a creation of his design.

Background: Luke is a Marine for the UNSC, wearing his 58 consecutive battles as badges, the plasma scars on his armor and bodies making his suit look ragged. Duct tape and welding marks can be seen all over the suit, many self-made enhancements on it. He was recruited early in the war and fought valiantly alongside his troops, seeing much blood spilled on his weapons. He had heard of the Master Chief, but has never seen him, missing him just as he leaves or enters. He has been in at least 12 transfers of Squads, from separation and slaughter.

<For use with The Town>
Name: Carrion Humanoid
Race: Human Lich
Gender: Male
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 159 lbs.
Age: 36
Class: Cleric of Nerull 22, Wizard 18
Weapon: +19 Mace of Burning, taken from the shrine of the witch-king. People are probably wondering how Carrion holds it without the fire catching his robe on fire.

Description: Carrion wears a tattered robe of linen, barely covering his chest. It shows off his partially rotted limbs, which have ceased to rot anymore. The tattered robes seem to be very flammable, but the Mace disproves this theory. He towers above most humans, his legs containing a ogres bone structure and muscles for him to run faster. He has bluish-gray skin and a hood around his head, concealing the hair that might be.

Backstory: Carrion was born many a year ago, when the Town was still young. He was in the mafia for a little while, having much trouble with many people. However, now, he is at peace and rose from the grave again. He hid his Lich-Necklace-Thing in a crate in a warehouse, surround by potatoes. He now wanders the down, chatting for fun. But before all this hooligan-ness, Carrion was a very successful knight. He dabbled in the arcane arts in his free time. On his 22 birthday, he was drafted into the kings infantry and was sent to war. With sword and spell he fought off the enemies, but one fated arrow struck his neck, killing him. When the battle was over, a nearby cadaver collector found him and brought him to its master. There Carrion was resurrected, only to be victim to many gruesome grafts. When he was dying at 25, the sorcerer made Carrion a lich. However, Carrion was much to powerful for the sorcerer and he killed him and ran away, to The Town.

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