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race:Kender (dragonlance)
class:20 cleric of fharlaghgn, god of the roads and travelers
alignment:neutral good
personalitythe kender race is naturaly curious and optomistic, immune to all forms of fear save a powerful draconic fear effect. this natural curiosity mingled with nimble fingers and a different understanding of ownerrship than all other humanoids makes others accuse kenders of being thieves.  CT is no different, but it also has a serious side.  although it may seem silly, the kender is also wise and will see more than others may think.  always willing to lend a hand, it is not uncommon for the energetic transportationable kender to be involved with more than one adventure at a time. the kender is loud about all of its feelings, from boredom to rage to glee.
apperance the kender is 3'10", with long gray hair and green eyes.  it has pale skin (unusual for a kender its age) and few wrinkles (also unusual for a kender its age)
backstorykenders dont steal.  that is a main rule that kenders hold other kenders to, because of the ammount of times they are accused of it.  borrowing is of course, not stealing.  stealing is taking something for no other reason than personal gain.  so when Kippers grreat-grandfather stole his neighbors cabbages in order to win the produce competiotion in the fair the next day, the family was punished by being exiled and having their names changed to CabbageTheif (it was misspelt on records, so misspelt it stayed)  kenders being what they are, the present-day judge has no recolection of such an incident and would allow the cabbagetheif family to return... if they could find their way back home.
kipper cabbagetheif became a clerric of the god of travel because its grandmother was also one.  one of its favorite activities was traveling the planes, and when it discovered the forming plane of The Town begining its growth process, the kender decided to help it along by building Sneaks Milk Bar. after a few months it fell into disrepair and eventualy fell to its competition, Trogs Tavern, but there were no hard feelings.  Kipper is now a regular at Trogs, and orders Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters quite regularly.
common knowledgethe kender is heeby-jeebyed by zombies.  other unded are fine, but zombies give the kender the creeps.  its favoite drink is a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster.  its old friends are Libris and Llama, although it is friends with a number of others that still hang around.  it was a founder of the town who visits infrequently, althouhg it is trying to make more regular visits.
current adventures
The Late-Night Lacerator, a murder case surrrounding a mysteriously beautiful male elf
Saving a Soul: Trip to the Demonweb Pits

13 dragon shaman of the green dragon

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