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Butterfly Ginger

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Whoo! First character is up! Linky to Christina Alloma
Butterfly Ginger

Yay! My first character! Here goes nothing!

Christina Alloma (ah-LOW-ma)

Standing at just over 5 and a half feet tall is Christina Alloma. She has gold-colored hair and her eyes shine (literally) with a radiant light that acts as a torch and allows her to light up about 10 feet in front of her and to each side. She carries on her a rapier that sends forth a beam of white light from its tip. Christina also wears a pair of tomboy-ish looking, blue-colored pants that can easily turn into a skirt, should the need arise to look presentable. As a shirt, she wears a plain, modest, off-white shirt decorated with lace at the end of the sleeves, the collar, and around the base where her shirt combines touches her pants. She's got a slight (not slight at all) obsession with something called "The Light" that she says is guiding her.

Another of her abilities is dancing, which she likes to do very much. With the light from her eyes and rapier, it can certainly look divine while she is spinning and doing other dance-like maneuvers. Like sword fighting.

She doesn't know why she's come to the Town, just that "The Light" has told her to come here.

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