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[Stats and Description]

Age: 25/74*                    
Height: 1,8 m
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark brown, Short
Race: Human/Bacteria*
Alignment: LE
Power Rating: 4
Location: Town
Sex: Male/N/A*
Weapon: Glock 19
Class basics: Monkish

* Host/colony

[Common Knowledge]
Arild speaks in green. A single pistol and several clips can occasionally be seen under his jacket.  

S.M.236α can manipulate any cell in his hosts body and can use them to create any kind of virus or bacteria. This takes time however and in battle he uses pre manufactured strains stored within his cells. These are tweaked with emphasis on low or no incubation time and is therefore less effective than their slower kin. The host, Arild, has been severely modified with enhanced strength, dexterity  and constitution as well as bone strength.

As a last resort in combat he can turn off the automatic DNA proofreading systems and increase the amount of replication origins. This will dramatically increase the rate of DNA replication at the cost of accuracy.
Pro: Regeneration, can create new strains in a few seconds. Con: The amount of mutations hits the roof, can only be activate for a few minutes before cancer cells overwhelms the host.      


As so much else in this universe, the creation of streptococcus mentis happened by mere chance. A few mismatched nucleotides, a single normally insignificant mutation, caused a strain of streptococcus pneumonia (s.p.) to gain a wonderful new ability. The ability to forcibly insert themselves into the neural networks of the eukaryotic mind. It didn't take long before this particular colony of bacteria achieved what no other prokaryotic lifeforms had before it. The newly named streptococcus mentis (s.m.) became self aware.

This didn't lead to the end of the world as we know it though, since the newly created strain had one glaring weakness. It could only infect new hosts by being physically injected into their bloodstream. As a result the number of infected people are currently only in the range of several thousands and slowly increasing. To ensure their own survival the different colonies were constantly trying to improve their own as well as their hosts genetic make-up. To do so more effectively, they organized themselves into several loosely knit groups based upon the means on how this goal could be accomplished. Some preferred to start from scratch, using convoluted mathematical formulae to arrive at some kind of results. Others preferred to gather genetic material from other species and use it as a blueprint to modify their own.

Colony S.M.236α was sent to the town to do the latter.

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