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Bookboy's Characters


Race: Drow
Class:  Ninja/Swashbuckler
Alignment: CN, leaning towards CE
PR: 4.5
Age: Old by human standards, young by drow standards.
Equipment:  Dusk, a +5 ghost touch, shadow touch, assasination kukri, and Darkness, a +5 GT, ST, keen kukri with level drain effects.  Also known to carry a very large variety of posions and an antidote for each.  The two most used are drow knockout posion and drow reverse posion.
Other pieces of equipment are known to have odd effects, but, since no one really knows all of them or which items produce them, I'm not listing them all.
A necklace, which he hasn't worn until recently.  It has the likeness of a poisoned dagger on it.
Speaks in darkred
Shadow Artemis (a clones, all black) speaks in "quoted"
History:  Very little is knon about him.
Common Knowledge:  He's looking for someone.
Known posions:
Drow knockout posion:  Used for capture and interogation.  Will render the victim unconceous for 1 hour or until revived by magic or an antidote.
Drow reverse posion:  Used in drow civil wars against powerful political opponents, this devestating posion causes the victim to fall into a death-like sleep.  They exude no signs of life, including lack of heartbeat, pulse, breathing, need for food or water, etc.  During this time, all mental defences are canceled out, leaving their mind bare.  It was used to capture and then maicly control rivals to tun them into willing servants.
Eternal Torture:  Self explanatory and ignores posion immunity and resistance., but also resistant to all forms of healing aside from the antidote, and the antidote is a modified potion of Heal.


Wizard 20 SOR 20
PR: 5
10 years old, but one of Xand's two halves.  Has a staff that controls fire.

In order:  With Dracosus and without.

Druid 20 Cleric 20
PR: 5
see Xan, but staff controls thunder

Human (God)
All classes with magical powers 20, all PrC's with magical power, MAX
PR: 7
Xand is the ancient god of magicka, or all forms of magic.  His staff has power over all elements, and the talisman on his necklace can selectively prevent the use of various forms of magic.

Expanded backstory(Work in progress)

Once there was a boy, his mother, a proud human, his father, a graceful elf. In his village, elves and men lived together in harmony. He, however, was a rare occurrence among the half-elven. He had the stubborn adaptability of a human, and the serene grace of an elf. He was unseen until he wished to be seen, which was not often. He preferred to staying the back round, acting as a vigilante in the village.
One day, the dragon came. It was an ancient Shadow Dragon, well over a mile tall, and three from head to tail. Its scales showed its name, as they appeared to be made of pure shadows. All in the village were horrified by the sight of it. All but one. The boy overcame his fear and sought out Slishhtak, god of dark dragons. He requested his village be spared from the wrath of dragons, in exchange for his eternal service.
Slishhtak had long been a god, and had used his craftiness to better himself. He agreed, adding immortality on the boy’s part. Then, laughing, he ordered the boy to destroy the village, and slaughter everyone that lived there. The boy was forced to by the agreement, and his village was spared the wrath of dragons. The boy’s rage and desire for revenge blossomed, while an enemy of Slishhtak watched from afar, planning to make the boy his weapon.
After a millennia had passed, the boy was a mere butler in Slishhtak’s service. One night, an old man came to him in a dream, and they talked. The man revealed himself to be Xand, god of Magicka, and the boy found himself unable to recall his name. Xand told him of the one weakness of Slishhtak, a rare herb known as True Dragon’s Bane. He slipped some into the boy’s pocket, and when he awoke, the boy found it waiting there for him.
When time came to feed the dragon god again, the boy, brave and foolish, crazed with vengeance, slipped the True Dragon’s Bane into Slishhtak’s meal. Moments after eating it, Slishhtak realized he had been fooled, and struck out at the boy with tooth, claw, wings, tail, and breath of evil. The boy was not afraid, and Xand appeared in front of him, shielding him from the blast. “Game over, Slishhtak.” echoed from Xand’s mouth. “No.” Not from Slishhtak, writhing on the ground, but from the boy. He stepped forward and through the shield. “Slishhtak, you forced me to destroy my home, kill my friends, slaughter my family. I shall not give you the quiet peace of death. I shall wield you, soul and body, as a weapon, to hunt and destroy your servants.” As he spoke, his words drew out the soul of the vile god, and they formed a bow of pure shadows. “I take the name Shadowbow.” Without the soul, Slishhtak’s body fell limp. Xand left, but continued to watch the course of his wayward weapon. Shadowbow cut scales from Slishhtak’s body, making armor, then he made a spear from a tooth, and a sword from a claw. Then he left, and began his crusade.
Weapon picks: (All by the master of weapons:  Sophistemon)


Former name:  Shadowbow
Class: Ranger and 18 Fighter(to reflect the bow mastery), Scout 20
Alignment: CG
PR:  9
Speaks in orange
Age: Timeless. Currently about 250(million);  looks 30
Race: Half-elf, but a rarer breed with all of both races strengths and none of either races weaknesses.
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 150lb
Eyes: Green
Hair: Long and brown
Equipment: [/s]Armor made from a Shadow Dragon's hide, a Shadow dragon tooth spear, a sword from a claw, and sometimes a bow made of shadow[s]
A duskwood bow, a shifter sword, dragonscale breastplate, and a darkwood spear.  All are highly magical, including optional Force, GT, ST, all bursts, and many more.
Backstory: He remembers little until he was 13 years old, when he made a deal with a Shadow Dragon named Slishhtak. It would grant him immortality and spare his home if he served it. The dragon agreed, for it saw much power in him. However, the dragon's first command was to destroy the village. Shadowbow refused, but was forced to by their deal. He then sought vengence on the dragon, and one night he killed it in its sleep. It is he hide of that Shadow Dragon that he wears to this day.
Common Knowledge: Nothing but his drive to ensure that all Shadow Dragons are forced to die an eternally painful death. In one of his more recent escapades, he found a drow city working to breed an army of shadow dragons. Since then, when he slaughtered all but the youngest children, whom he took to the elves in hopes that they, being children, could be redeemed, has placed his hatred of drow only after his hatred of evil dragons.
Recently fused with his nuetral side
Uncommon knowledge: All of the above but the weapons and armor. Also, he keeps his hood up, so everyone thinks he is either a graceful human or an adaptive elf, depending on which he wants. He is ambidextrous.
Unknown knowledge (known to him alone): His bow is actually the soul of that Shadow Dragon, which was imprisoned by its own cruelty and his drive for it's eternal torture.
Credits: Avatars by Ceika!
Serves the Lord of Nightmares, and can heal instantly when anyone other than Shadowbow strikes him while on the Plane of Nightmares.
CE, uses his original equipment.  Also gone.
No longer in existence
CN, all equipment highly magical.

The Shadow Fiends

Race:  Outsider (Chaotic, Evil, Incorporeal)
Alignment:  CE
Notes:  If you're touched by one, one of 2 things happen to you.  If you're evil, you're teleported to Dnax's study on the plane of Nightmares.  If you aren't evil, you're forced into the plane of nightmares where you are forced to face your greatest fear and defeat it.


Race: human
Alignment: CN/CG
Class:  Fighter (high), Barbarian (10), Frenzied Berserker (5), Forsaker (3.0 prestige class modified; 10), Occult Slayer (10)
Hair: Flaming Red
Eyes:  Dark green
Complextion/build:  Well tanned, with the body of a runner and a fighter.  Plenty of muscle, all well shaped.
Equipment:  Reinforced leather armor, runed gaunlets (Ogre STR+ gloves of DEX+Bracers of Armor), Gemmed skullcap (elemental resistance), thick leather boots (flying+ striding and springing), and a scythe (holy, flaming burst, frost burst, shocking burst, keen, dragonbane, dragondrain (explained later), Vicious, vorpal, magebane), a reforged sword, with all of the burst abilities, thundering, keen, ghost touch, ST, magebane, all banes, holy, unholy, anarchaic, axiomatic, and the ability to dispel magic upon a strike.
Dragondrain:  every time she kills a dragon, she obtains one drain point per age category of the dragon.  Every 10 points, she can increase an ability by one point.
Auravision:  Imkor is constantly detecting magical(not psionic) auras.  She can only tell in a yes/no form if it's magical, not the degree or type.  This also shows her casters.
Backstory:  Don't ask.  I won't tell for a good long time.
Notes:  Among her abilities graned by equipment, she's immune to magic, capable of reflecting spells back at their caster, Auravision as a constant (And, unless explained to be something different (Seid, Psionics) it is considered magic.), and is extremely unfriendly to casters.
In order:  Imkor with scythe, Imkor with sword, Imkor with both, genderbent Imkor with both

All Gaia avatars done by the masterful nightwing.


The Band (Modern):

Larkon Padin (LP)

Race: Songbound Human
Age: 21
Birthday: February 8th
Alignment:  ?G  (?  is determined by the powers he is channeling.  Usually C, but sometimes N or L)
PR:  5
Speaks in Cyan
Equipment:  Leather armor and a guitar.  The guitar is powered by the magic in LP's blood, and can function in both anti and dead magic zones.  It is able to channel any electricity spell.
Special Powers:  Soungbound creatures have a constant air of a song about them, varying from one to another.  They can draw power from that songs lyrics.  LP is bound with the song Runaway (  The powers he draws from it's lyrics are as follows, having up to two active at a time:
I wanna run away:  Moves very quickly, and cannot be affected by anything that would stop him from moving (Chaotic)
Never say goodbye:  Used when fleeing, this power causes those he is escaping to be ignorant of his escape as long as this power is active.  (Chaotic)
I wanna know the truth:  Zone of Truth, with the addition that if you don't tell the whole truth, you get zapped.  Very badly.  (Lawful)
Instead of wondering why:  Becomes aware of everything around him, and can change his guitar into a sword which is charged with about 600 volts.  (Chaotic)
I wanna know the answers:  Gains a great deal of knowledge, becoming an expert on every topic known.  Unfortunately, he becomes a stuck up ass when channeling this.  (Lawful)
No more lies:  Can tell when someone is lying to him, but becomes very paranoid.  (Chaotic)
I wanna shut the door:  Grants him immunity to ALL mind-effecting abilities.  This includes but is not limited to charms, domination effects, suggestion effects, telepathy, and the temptation of extremely beautiful women*.  (Lawful)
And open up my mind:  Becomes very open to things.  Very vulnerable to many charms, but magic based effects (including Seid and psionics and other magic-esque abilities) are unaffected by this power.  He also becomes much more personable and willing to learn.  (Chaotic)

Unless stated otherwise, LP's default powers are I Wanna Run Away and Instead of Wondering Why.

Matarias Padin (MP)

Race: Songsoul Human
Age: 21
Birthday: February 8th
Alignment:  CG
PR:  5
Speaks in Green
Equipment:  A pair of metal drumsticks that are covered with pictures of fire.  They are capable of emulating most touch range fire spells, and hurt like a warmace.  Also, they can play on any surface, including air.
Song:  Secret Weapon, by MxPx
You are your own secret weapon: Becomes very confident, as well as a very good good fighter.  Drumsticks are dual-wielded and hurt like a pair of +5 admantine warmaces
It's all up to you to come out swingin':  Becomes very lithe, able to move much faster than a normal human.
The truth will set you free:  Is unable to lie or be lied to, and is also immune to all movement hindering effects.
Raise up your voice:  Becomes very well spoken, as well as outspoken
Embrace what tommorow brings:  Is eager to learn new things, as well as highly impatient.
Defaults:  You are your own Secret weapon and It's all up to you to come out swingin'
Notes:  LP's twin brother.

Rankon (R)

Race:  Human Songsoul
Age: 20
Alingment:  ?G
Equipment: Leather armor and a guitar able to channel any fire spell.
Song:  Out of Control by Rufio (
Power Lyrics:
This is out of control:  Becomes highly rebelious, making him uncontrolable and extremely outspoken (double C)
These imperfections make it hurt:  Becomes very good at noticing flaws and how they affect people. (L)
You're broken hearts gone: Becomes very cold and calculating (L)
I'm faking anything that I can't define:  Becomes open and simply substitutes his own thoughts when he doesn't know. (C)
Your Voice is posion:  Becomes immune to posion, and a little paranoid (L)
Your mind is stronger:  Becomes immune to all mind affecting abilities, as well as a little retarded.
Defaults: This is out of Control and I'm faking anything that I can't define.

Full Lyrics for Rankon:

Give me a reason
I'm on my knees and
I'm betting anything will keep me alive
I'm treading water
your mind is stronger
I'm faking anything that I can't define
You're broken hearts gone
And now your all alone
You're giving everything and now you'll break mine
I'm saying sorry
The words are nothing
Your voice is poison
And it gets worse

In time [x6]

This is out of control
We are still locked down today
We keep playing along
With intentions

What intentions?

It's like a bad dream, another story
That's running circles in the back of my mind
See now it's ok to give me nothing
'Cause I was using you so I could get mine
You know I wanted to see only you
But you were trying just to keep me away
We're realizing, We're patronizing
So now its over but the past it remains

In time [x6]

[Chorus x2]

What intentions?

These imperfections make it hurt
And you're far away now but I know you're coming home

This is out of control
We can't make it on our own
We keep playing along just to leave us more alone
This is out of control
This happy ending's getting old
But we're playing along
With intentions

[Chorus x2]

What intentions?

Fremon Patter (FP)

Race: Songsoul Human
Age: 21
Birthday: February 8th
Alignment: CG
Equipment:  Leather armor.  Also has some martial arts training, and has gloves that can be charged with any of the main elements, with earth represented by both sonic and acid.
Voice: Can simulate any bard ability, as well as any sonic spell.
Song:  You're on fire
Power lyrics:
your voice is like the wind: Causes FP's voice to become much stronger, and able to reach any note.  In fact, he can go so high that simply the sound of his voice can cause discomfort or even pain.
let life begin again: Heals quickly, but not so much that he can't be hurt while healing.
Now that you're on fire: Becomes very confident and joyful.  He's impossible to keep down.  Also gains a small ability to fly up about 20 feet.  And he ability to burst into flames that don't hurt him or his equipment.
nothing can survive when you attack: Becomes very strong, though he usually overestimates his strength.  Still strong, but not superhuman.
You're strong enough to face your darkest conflict:  Becomes almost stupidly brave.  Immune to fear, and insane morale bonuses (he thinks)
This road to healing, hurts more than anything:  Causes pain, but actually heals.  Used by touch
Default:Now that you're on fire and Your voice is like the wind.
Notes:  Not based off of a real music star, but instead based off of my dream band (aka, this).  The band name is First Perceptions, but, as they don't exist yet, they don't actually have any songs, so I can't give a link.  However, I'm using one from MxPx until further notice.  Unfortunately, I can't find a good recording of the song.

Mr. Hahn

Race: Songsoul Human
Alignment: NG
Age: 21
Song: A Cure for the Itch
Powers: Hahn's powers work a little differently.  On account of the song he's merged with, he doesn't have lyrics.  Instead, he has Remixes.  They're stronger, but only one at a time can be active.  Also, some list only a school of magic.  He has the ability to cast that school while using that remix.
Temporal Remix: Can screw around with the immediate past and future, but it takes more energy the bigger the change.
Intro Remix: Conjuration
Knowledge Remix:  Divination
Crowd Control Remix:  Evocation
Dead Remix: Necromancy
Changing Remix: Transmutation
Personality Remix: Enchantment
Special Effects Remix: Illusion


Race: Songsoul Human
Alignment: CG
Age: 17
Hair: brownish blond
Eyes: Hazel
Equipment: Leather armor
Song: Drowning
I feel like drowning:  Can cause people to think they're drowning.  Causes no actual harm.  Usually.
Please don't go:  Is able to stop people from leaving a room
First I need to know:  Becomes very good at talking.  When this is active, people tend to relax around him.
More to come as my brain thinks them up

Songsouls look like the race they're mentioned as, but those wih Sight can tell that something is off about them, though they still looks human.


Race:  Songsoul Human
Alignment:  N
Hair:  Black
Eyes:  Dark brown
Skin:  Medium Tan
Temperment:  Shady, and not one for conversation.  If the topic changes to his past, he stops talking.  He's a man of action.
Equipment:  A black guitar, a Kevlar jacket, and a pair of Dessert Eagles, holstered at his side.
Has powers over sonic energy
Song:  Paralyzer
Well I'm not paralyzed:  Is immune to paralysis.  Also moves much faster.
I wanna make you move:  Can remove paralysis from another, and can keep an opponent from holding still and focusing on something like a spell.
Because you're standing still:  Can paralyze another person
You'll probably move right through me:  Can choose between being solid, incorporeal, or blinking.
I hold out for one more:  Becomes patient.  Doesn't get bored, and is good at outlasting things.
Base:  Well I'm not paralyzed and I hold out for one more.
Speaks in "Quoted Darkblue"

Samuel Manifor

Race:  Songsoul
Alignment:  CG
Eyes:  Blue
Hair:  Blond
Equipment:  Leather armor, a keyboard that slides into itself.
Song:  In The End
Watch it fly by:  Moves faster, but also causes aging
The clock ticks life away:  Turns minutes into hours for aging purposes on a target.
You wouldn't even recognize me anymore:  Changes his appearance completely
In the end it doesn't even matter:  Causes a feeling of hopelessness in his enemies.
Base:  You wouldn't even recognize me anymore.
Speaks in Royalblue



Race: Varies
Class: Varies
Everything: Varies
Notes:  Bookboy's avatar incase things get to out of hand in his plots.  Can own anyone.  Is not used regularly.


Here are my Sci-fi characters:


Race: human
Age: 30
Class: Pilot 5
Description:  A fairly handsome man with blond hair and a scruffy blond beard.  He has a slight tan, and clear blue eyes.  He is well built and porportioned.

Equipment:  A very large mech.  On that, Tek has equiped a laser grappling cannon designed to fry the circuits on enemy mechs, a pair of giant laser sniper rifles, and a laser knife designed for cutting fuel lines.
Out of Mech:  A laser partisan (like a double ended spear) and a tri-shot blaster(pistol).  Wears a projectile resistent vest.
Notes:  Is a professional at mech repairs and plans to open a shop once he makes enough money.  Works at Uncle Billy's
Money:  1000 credits

Uncle Billy
More to come later.

My Town but not Shadowbow plot people:


Race:  Vampire
Fighter15 Rogue15
PR: 4
By nightwing
Weapons:  two +5 vorpal, GT, ST, material shifting katanas with an optional merficul effect.  When merciful, the vorpal effect is deactivated
Techniques:  These are some of the attacks Rike uses most often against specific target classes.
Blade Spiral:  Used largely against casters, Rike propels himself into the air with both katanas drawn.  Between the speed of rotation and edge of the katanas, this will usually remove both arms, which makes casting spells rather difficult.
Notes:  Was once a servant of E, but was released during the period when Rebecca sought revenge.  Recently found his ex-wife (til death do us part), Relthana, half drowned on the beach.  Has joined the police force, and has something of a friendly rivalry with Diego (played by McBish)

Kel Tor

Race:  Elf
Homeworld:  Kalevan
Class:  Scout 20 Ranger 10
Again, nightwing
Alignment: CG/N.  Kel likes to help, but only when he feels his help is needed or when one of the few he considers friends really needs help.  He also hates to accept help, with his opinion of asking lower, and begging the lowest.
Equipment:  +5 GT, ST, All bursts Composite longbow, Quiver of Elhonna, +5 heavy reainforced mithril shirt, +5 keen, GT, ST elven thinblade
Notes:  a friend of Rike's, and a superb tracker.  Speaks in "quoted orange"


Race: Human Fire Ghost of Freedom
Class: Pyromancer [really frickin' high number]
Age:  Unimportant, looks about 30
Alignment:  Chaotic Chaotic
Notes:  Can do literally anything with fire.  Nver stick your hand in his stomch.  He uses that to melt metal, crystal, and just about anything else.


Race: Sucurine
Gender: Female
Class:  Bard 20 Sorceress 20
Weapons:  A dagger
Notes:  Lilith's identical twin sister.  Is trying to raise funds to open a playhouse.

Edsern Sarathi

Race: Human
Alignment: CG
Class: Fighter20 Abandoned Champion
Equipment: Oblivion, a longsword of great power. Edsern can command it to act on its own telepathicly, and it is able to generate strong winds and other elemental effects. When in Ultimatum form, Oblivion becomes a rapier made out of pure void esence.  Destroyed by Darklox.  Reformed as a single blade channeled through Binder
Fenrir: Only used when in Ultimatum form, Fenrir is a ficously sharp longsword made out of Antivoid essence. When used in unison with Oblivion, the Void-Antivoid mixture drive Edsern to entirely new levels of power.
Binder:  His father's sword, a rapier that he took from a demon.  It is capable of sealing the soul of anyone it strikes in the pommel, which is a black diamond.  Has fused with Oblivion after the blades destruction
History: Chosen by Coronus to become shadelox, he has ever since regreted it. He melded into the Corolox essence, but has recently re-emerged after leaving that power behind. He has a protective instinct about Estran, and had a grudge against Metakirb. Alright, he flat out loves Estran.  They are engaged to be married, have a daughter, and reside at the Sarathi Villa.  He has promised not to get into trouble (because trouble means risking death)
Best line: No, nothing's wrong. I love you.

Draco  (Dead)

Race: Dracorion
Abilities: Purging Pain: Only usable on Dracorions, it forces the pain of every Dracorion that ever died into their body.  Frequently fatal.
Shapeshifting: Can shift into the form of any Dracorion
Notes:  Was formed during the eradication of the Dracorions.  Every time a Dracorion is slain, he grows stronger.  Recently finished the absorbtion of Dracorion power, with a surprising effect.  He was turned into a Dracorion.  Since, he has given Dracolox to Endlox.

Chimera  BACK

Race: Viral hybrid (Includes werewolf lycanthrope, Monstrous Thrall, smallpox, and HIV 1)
Class: none
Alignment: CE
"speaks in quotes"
Notes:  Is somewhat less infections in his current incarnation.[/color]


Race:  Human
Class:  Mage, Cleric of Aesa
Alignment: CN (Evil bend)
Age: 17
Hair:  Red
Eyes:  Blue
Equipment:  Clothes, Aesa's holy symbol (A circle split by a lightning bolt), A Staff that can grant her 9 spell levels a day.
Notes:  Kil is a rather quiet girl, but when she wants something, she'll take it.  Her end goal is to become the ultimate seductress.
Speaks in Indigo


Race:  Human
Class:  Mage, Cleric of Aesa
Alingment:  CN (Good Bend)
Age:  17
Hair:  Red
Eyes: Blue
Equipment:  Clothes, Holy Symbol of Aesa, A staff that allows her to cast Lightning Bolt, Lightning Ball, and Shocking Grasp once per day each.
Notes:  Fairly shy, and underconfident.
Speaks in orange



Race:  Human
Class:  Paladin 10, Shining Sword of Heirneous 10
Gair:  Light Blond
Eyes: Lgiht Blue
Complextion:  Evenly Tanned
Age:  21
Alignment:  LG

In order:  Without helmet or shield, with helmet, wth shield.
Speaks in Brown
Equipment:  +5 Ghost Touch Elementally resistant white full plate, a +5 adamantine ghost touch burst longsword with the optional Holy and Brilliant Energy abilities.
Notes:  Is blessed with a natural immunity to negatve energy/soul removal

Praetor Penalty  (KNAVES Karnor)

Race: Human
Class: Ex-Cleric of Heironeus 10 (Changed to Hextor),  Fist of Hextor 10.
Hair, Light Blond
Eyes: Light blue
Complextion:  Evenly tanned
Age: 21

With and Without the Helmet
Speaks in red.
Alignment: NE
Equipment:A suit of black Full Plate given to him by His superiors; A pair of +5 ghost touch flaming spiked Gauntlets, and a silver unholy symbol (forged into the right gauntlet), boots have shown the power to levitate.
Backstory:  To be filled in later


Race: elf
Class: Cleric of Vestion 20
Hair:  Flaming red
Eyes: light green
Complextion: tan
Age: 24
Alignment: CN
Equipment: a very skimpy leather outfit, and several daggers.
Notes: Vestion is a goddess of beauty, love, and seduction.
Has now absorbed Karnor, and can change between their forms.  Also, with her first absorbtion, her goddess has granted her the ability to use any enchantment spell.


The Hamlet

Patrick O'Reiley

Race: Human
Class: Ranger (bounty hunter) 3, Bard 1
Age:  27
Equipment: A pair of pistols which he keeps at his waist.  Also, hidden in his saddle is a mare's leg (shotgun without a barrel).  His armor is studded leather.
Backstory:  Pat grew up in Ireland, until his parents were killed by a rare disease.  He caught it as well, but he survived, with no residual effects aside from becoming winded fairly eaily.  His horse is probably his only friend right now, and he calls him Meteor.


Menkon Fendel

Race: Human
Class: Wizard 3
Age: 23
Notes:  Is more for biology than magic, prefering divination and conjuration, as well as a little necromancy.

Talkor Fendel

Race: Human
Class: Fighter 5
Age: 30
Equipment:  A suit of leather armor, a leather cap, leather gloves and greaves, and a belt.
Ability: He heals faster than most weapons can wound.  He can also extend this power to revive the dead.  However, this power also cost him his job in the military, for it prevents him from causing harm of any sort to another creature.


Race: Changeling-doppleganger mix
Class: Rogue 15
Age: about 16
Height: 6'
Weight: 150
Equipment:  Several daggers with different enchantments and a leather jacket that changes with his form
Notes:  Has ADHD, and doesn't take medication.


Willow Russkij (Francis Cambaria)

Race: Human
Class: Sorceress 16
Hair: raven black, long and straight, about mid-back  (long, pale blond)
Eyes:  A rich blue, the same color as the sky on a cloudless day (pale green)
Complextion: fair with a slight tan  (pale)
Alignment: CN
Temperment:  Nice, and can be pretty profound, but if you make her mad, she'll make you reret it.  Especially if you sleep.
Speaks in "quoted silver"
She speaks Common, Draconic, Elven, Sylvan, and she can speak to animals made by the collars.
Equipment:  A whip, a cloak(of CHA+6), and several collars which she keeps in her bag.  They are, in fact, modifide colors of obedience.  Modified in that they make the wearer immune to all mind affecting abilities not used by Willow, and that, over the course of a week, change the wearer into an animal.  These were destroyed when Willow was saved from their control
Telekinesis=she can telekineticly lift up to 25 pounds at a time.  She cannot throw anything with enough force to cause any harm, but can drop things on people.
Gimban= The dark cat that fuels her telekinesis is released by her when she needs a stronger body at her side.  When it is free, she is physically weakened, and has a great deal of difficulty controling her spells and resisting the voice of the collars.  The beast is very savage, but she is learning how to control it more and more as she uses it.  It has now left.

Backstory: A high ranking noble that disliked her societies caste system, Willow was born under the name Francis Cambaria in the land of Antuar, an island to the North.  She was promised to Lord Fentor, a fat, old, and lazy noble that saw her as a toy, if not just a political advantage.  Willow suspects he's still a virgin to women won by his personality.

About the same time, she began to cast magic, something that her own parents ended up turning her in for a bounty.  Before she could be placed in the anti-magic cell, however, she used her powers to escape, and was forced to kill several guards in the process.

Shortly afterwards, while wandering the wilderness, a panther, black as her raven hair.  Instead of attacking her, it ran at her chest, and entered her body.  Since then, on rare occasions, she has ben able to call it out when she is angry enough.  The cat also somehow managed to increase her talent for minor telekinesis, little more than parlor tricks.  During this part of her trip, she also found a wizard that was willing to show her how to make her collars.

On her journey, Willow has slept with two men, which are now her pets.  The first was a thug named Trambon, who knocked her out in the streets then raped her.  He became the Wolger, and is one of Willow's most faithful pets.  The second was a handsome man that Willow thought really loved her.  Then a bounty hunter came to town and started asking questions about a woman matching Francis description:  Blond, pale green eyes, pale skin.  The man tried to turn her in, but she got a collar on him before he could, and turned him into the Howl.  She still cares for it well.

This was when Willow altered herself by magic and took a new name.  She also found that the power the collars gave her was corrupting.  Every time she sees someone helpless, she has a powerful impulse to put a collar on them.  She usually can't resist unless the cat inside of her rises up and helps her.

Backstory since she entered the Town:Willow has met Kismet, Vivian, and Kantur in Trog's, then followed Kismet to help Erin and Maia after being invited to the weding.  While trying to help Maia, Kismet exhausted herself, and Willow brought her back to Trog's and rented Room 1 for her.  There, she nearly gave in to the voice telling her to put a collar on Kismet, then the panther inside her rose to her aide in a way it never had before:  It made her throw the bag of collars against the wall of Room 1, where they still lie.

Willow then met Axl, and Drix, whom she has fallen in love with.  They slept together once on the beach and once in Drix's room.  After that, she went back to the Tavern and helped cheer up Erin, as well as helping Einkil fly for a while.

She was controlled by the collars, and was killed by Imkor.  After being brought back, Gimban, Grantor, and Drix were able to save her.  Gimban, his purpose completed, left.  Since then, Willow has been adopted by Orion and Mirage.


Race: Human
Class: Ranger 20
Alignment: CE
Equipment: +5 mithril breastplate, +5 all burst composite longbow, a +5 all burst adamantine longsword, and a +5 all burst silvered light mace.
Notes:  Came to hunt Willow



Race:  Half Silver Dragon
Alignment: NG
Class:  Fighter, Wizard, Dragon Rider
Equipment:  A crysaline GT, ST sword with the power to absorb light into itself, then either grow several feet for a short time or fire a devastating blast of energy.  A suit of full plate designed to be worn by a half dragon, and enchanted to increase their speed, both in the air and on the ground.  A helmet that grants him True Seeing and tongues.  Gauntlets that increase his strength, and can shift to allow him use them like claws.
Story:  Still unknown.
Speaks in cyan


Race:  Young Adult Silver Dragon
Alignment:  NG
Class:  Dragon
Equipment:  Teeth, claws, tail, wings, icy breath weapon.  An enchanted suit of Dragon armor designed for carrying a rider and up to three passangers.  Enchantments protect from fire, and have extra armor to protect the vitals
Notes:  Dralor has the ability to change between his young adult form and a wyrmling form.  Usually, if Cyrus enters a building, he will tak on the wymling form and perch on his shoulder.
Story:  See Cyrus
Speaks in bolded cyan


Group-related people

Thieves' Guild:


Race:  Human
Class:  Thief 5, Caster 3
Hair:  Blond
Skin:  Fair
Age:  14
Alignment:  CN
Speaks in violet
Notes:  Is a VERY good friend of Estran.  Is the sister of Andrew.  Was kidnapped and held hostage by Sszinyon, but has fallen in love with him.


Race:  Human Werepyre
Class:  Thief 15
Alignment: CN
Hair:  Varies, natural black
Skin:  Varies
Age: 19
Equipment:  Two keen daggers, a keen short sword, and a keen light crossbow (when expecting danger)
Speaks in "quotes" (Backup underlined)
Notes:  Is the brother of Shandra.  Only talks in the guildhall.  Otherwise, he seems to be completely deaf.




Race:  Human
Class:  Trainer
Alignment:  N/NG
Hair:  somewhere between red and brown.
Eyes:  Green
Speaks in blue
Rio, level 30 Lucario  (Cross Chop, Blaze Kick, Dragon Pulse, Dark Pulse)
Pal (Not technically caught), level 100 Palkia  (Spacial Rend, Aura Sphere, Hydro Pump, Flamethrower)
level 75 Infernape (Fire Punch, Sky Uppercut, Blast Burn, Thunder Punch)
Danny, level 75 Empoleon  (Metal Claw, Hydro Pump, Surf, Ice Beam)
Speck, level 75 Torterra (Solar Beam, Earthquake, Crunch, Rock Climb)
Luna, level 50 Staraptor  (Aerial Ace, Fly, Pursuit, Endeavor)
Furry, level 50 Furret  (Slash, Charm, Dig, Strength)
Notes:  Lucario  (Green) speaks a little ancient, but frequently gets it wrong on something simple.  Palkia only speaks ancient.



Race:  Human were-gecko
Age:  Mid 20's
Class:  Rouge 20, Shadowdancer 10
Height:  5'7"
Hair:  Yellow, spotted with black
Appearance (hybrid):  He looks like a scaly halfling, mostly yellow with some black spots.
Equipment:  A distance, seeking repeating crossbow with a scope, a pair of keen short swords, four keen distance daggers hidden around his person, and leather armor.  With studs.  All weapons are ghost touched and Shadow Touched.
Notes:  Is looking for money.  Can't really control himself when he enters his animal form (a leopard gecko)

Jit Falnon

Race:  Human
Class:  Blade, Ninja
Age:  43
Hair:  Blond
Eyes:  Hazel
Equipment:  Normal Clothing, see later.
Speaks in "quoted green"
Weapons:  Jit is a Blade, and is capable of summoning (not a summoning effect) any form of sword or sword-esque weapons, including lightsabers, warp blades, mind blades, longswords, Holy Avengers, etc.  This ability is a non-magical creation/illusion affect.
Backstory:  Jit used to be a hired assassain, but he's done with that.  Now he's just plain mercenary, specializing in combat.  He only uses his remaining shadow powers in even of an emergency.
Blades:  Here are some of Jit's more common blades
psiblades:  These extend from his wrists, and are made of a crackling blue energy.  They are used by Protoss Zealots.
Warp Blade:  Usually used in tandem with the psiblades, the warp blade is made of void energy.  It is used by Protoss Dark Templar.
Holy Avengers:  Used against evil being and undead, Jit can recreate a Holy Avenger (normally a greatsword) into any form of weapon, ttechnically including his psiblades and warp blade.
Lightsaber:  All geeks know what this is.
Notes:  Jit is extremely hard to beat when he's using his blades, largely because they're half real and half an extension of his mind, and therefore are practically senteint and perfectly in tune with his actions, capable of correcting an overswing or compensating for a dodge without direct thought.


Race:  Human
Class:  Giant-Trained Hurler
Age:  33
Equipment:  Leather armor, a few dozen daggers which turn into greatsword when removed from his person (including when thrown by him)
Speaks in "quoted olive"
Backstory:  Was found by Storm Giants as a baby and trained by some of them to throw giant greatswords, which are enchanted to be daggers of appropriate size until needed.
Notes:  Has been hired as a bouncer at Trog's.



Race: Sucurine
Class:  Rogue 5
Age:  10.  ish.
Alignment/Temperment:  CN;  Danae is very free spirited and tomboyish.  Talk of "girl things" and "boy things" disgusts her, and she's usually quick to prove them wrong.  She's also pretty optomistic.  She's willing to seduce opponents, but usually cracks their neck the moment they drop their guard.
Height:  Short
Weight:  Don't ask
Equipment:  Jeans and a white t-shirt.  No weapons aside from her charm and her natural abilities (which can be quite devestating).
Speaks in "quoted violet"

Done by nightwing.  She's just a bit shorter than that.
Notes:  Knows her powers, and knows how to use them.
Backstory:  Daughter of Ehlana, one of the original group of Sucurines E brought to the Town, Danae was brainwashed from birth to serve her mother as a cold blooded killer.  At one point, Danae was sacrificed to open a portal to where Ehlana had been gathering an army of fiends.  Technically it's still open in the sewers...
After that, when JR killed E during Rebecca's attack, Danae's soul was somehow bound into one of E's old phylacteries, with E and JR each in one of the two remaining ones.  How this happened is still a mystery.
At Lilith and Lucas' wedding, Danae gave them a Seed of Demiplane that she used what little money she had to buy.  After that, she vanished.
Recently, Danae returned to Town.  She appeared in the middle of Trog's, naked.  She was oddly calm about this.  She claims a crazy wizard was experimenting on her, and activated an anti-magic field as she teleported out of the lab, which she suspects used to be one of E's.  This caused her teleportation to both be thrown off and to leave her clothes behind.
E has confirmed it was one of his labs, and even named a likely candidate for the crazy wizard:  Ranifor, described later in this post.


Race:  Human
Age:  upper 40's
Alignment:  CE (Crazy Evil)
Abilities:  Ranifor has a small army of modified magic golems that absorb spells cast on them and can use them again later.  They also absorb psionics and Seid.  a few of them also have the Earth Glide ability.
Speaks in " quoted gibberish", as described below.
Notes:  Ranifor is completely insane, and speaks a language incomprehensible even by a Tongues spell.  However, constructs will be able to understand him.  This is because he speaks Golem.  His goal is to capture the stabilized sucurines, destabilize them, and use them as weapons against anyone that would oppose him.


Proficency-CL relations:
Supreme= 9th level spells
Strong=  6th level spells
Minor= 3rd level spells

Earth=Earth descriptor spells+Acid based spells
Air=Air descriptor spells+Lightning based spells
Fire=Fire descriptor spells+Fire based spells
Cold=Cold descriptor spells+Water based spells


Race:  Incarnation of Nature
Class Basic:  Druid, Elemental Savant, Elementalist
Alignment:  N
Age:  Timeless, appears very very old
Speaks in Bold
Notes:  Year is only seen on the solstices, the equinoxes, and February 29th.  Otherwise, he is in one of his incarnations, listed seperately.
Abilities:  Supreme Fire, Cold, Earth, Air.

All Incarnations are in the low end of PL 5 and appear in their late teens.


Race:  Incarnation of January
Class Basics:  Druid, Elementalist
Alignment/Teperment:  CN/coming soon
Speaks in " quoted violet"
Notes:  Only appears in January.  Is an Aspect of Year.
Abilities:  Strong Cold, Minor Earth


Race:  Incarnation of February
Class Basics:  Druid, Elementalist
Gender:  Male
Description:  Patrick is around 6 feet tall, mostly legs.  He's skinny, and pretty pale.  His dirty blond hair usually covers one of his hazel eyes.  His glasses are about an inch down his nose, and usually pretty dirty
Alignment/Temperment:  CG/  Patrick changes a lot.  He's quick to anger, and slow to forgive.  He is fiercely idependent, and doesn't like it when people treat him like an idiot.
Speaks in "quoted orange"
Notes:  Patrick is an oddity among Year's forms in that he and Angel are the only ones whose names don't seem to connect to their month.
Abilities:  Strong Earth, Minor Cold

(To come later)

(To come later)

(To come later)


Race: Incarnation of June
Class:  Druid, Elementalist
Gender:  Female
Alignment/Temperment:  NG/ June is a friendly girl, but pretty forward.  She gives of an aura of warmth, literally and meaphorically.  She's impatient, and doesn't like sitting around.
Description:  June is about 5'7", and is well porportioned.  To fit her month, fairly revealing clothing is only to be expected.  Her red hair reaches just past her shoulder blades, and her blue eyes reveal a sharp mind.
Notes:  Only appears in June
Speaks in crimson
Abilities:  Supreme Fire


Race:  Incarnation of July
Class:  Druid, Elementalist
Alignment:  NG.  Julie is pretty laid back, but she does have a firey temper.
Description:  Julie looks a lot like June, except that her hair is only shoulder length, she's blond, and her eyes are green.
Speaks in "quoted dark red"
Notes:  Only appears in July
Abilities:  Strong Fire, Minor Air

More to come.

All above characters are on hiatus until further notice.



Race: Human?
Class basics:  Sorceror, rogue, favored soul, mystic thuerge, arcane trickster
Eyes: change
Hair: changes
Backstory:  Came to town with a group of adventurers.  They all keep to themselves about their individual pasts.
Speaks in blue


Race: Changeling
Class basics: Assasain, shadowdancer, ranger, bard
Eyes:  Changes
Hair:  Changes
Backstory:  Same as James
Speaks in red

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