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blackout's Characters

Name: Lucas Rock
Age: 17
Class: Psion-20, Gunfighter-10
Alignment: Chaotic Anything-Tends to be Good or Neutral most of the time, though.
Weight/Height: Does it matter? He's not fat/6'4
Equipment: A wide array of guns(enchanted to be loaded with Force Missle(an advanced version of Magic Missle, which damages objects), Fireball, Hold Monster, and simple non-magical explosive rounds) equipped with bayonets(given Keen and Wounding enchantments), coupled with highly protective, spell-immune armor(including gauntlets, torso/leg armor, and shoulder armor), a helmet with a permenant Tongues and True Seeing enchantment, coupled with built-in binoculars and night-vision, a pair of small, hidden wrist-blades in the wrists of his armor(enchanted with Keen and Wounding enchantments like the bayonets of his guns), a commando-style combat knife(enchanted with Keen and Wounding enchantments), a Bag of Holding, a case of potions(which, when drunk, boost his stats all to 75 for 8 hours per dose. The case can carry as many as 40 vials, each of which has 5 doses), and a red lightsaber, given to him as a gift, as well as various other magic items.

Backstory: Lucas came to the Town approximately 4 months back, and he's been through quite a bit. He originally came from a plane that had been enduring a 100-year-long war. He was actually a soldier in the aforementioned war. He came to Town when he was escaping from a skirmish on his home plane, using his ship to jump to random coordinates in hyperspace. The jump was successful, and he landed his ship on the planet where Town had been at the time. Lucas has since simply forgotten where he landed the ship, but he can distinctly remember using it one last time to get someplace, and then simply leaving it there when he left. In any event, he has been through quite a bit since first landing. From discovering magic to meeting and marrying a beautiful fiendish woman by the name of Lillith(played by our own Artemis =P), Lucas has quite a long history.

He was born with a mutation that gave him the potential to be a psion, but never actually gave him his powers. Over time, in Town, he interacted with quite a few psions, the majority of which used their powers regularly in his presence. This amount of psionic activity seemed to 'wake up' his own psionic abilities, which have since flourished and grown extremely powerful over time, due to a large number of various factors.

Despite this, he doesn't seem to rely on them. He prefers to use his psionic abilities in conjunction with his typical combat tactics, which often involve hitting or shooting things until they cease to be an issue.

Above all, Lucas prefers the direct approach, never bothering with waiting, or planning beforehand; Something that has proved to be his downfall on more than one occasion, but has also helped him several times as well. He may be a brute, but often, he's just doing what he's doing for his family and friends, which are truly all he has at this point in time. He seems to be confused as to the sudden influx of new people in Town at this time, and is above all concerned with finding out what happened during a split-second where he seemed to just zone out.

Character for Sci-Fi Town. Very Happy

Actually, that first character made no sense. I'ma make a new one.

Name: Jack Foster

Age: 27

Class: Soldier-6, Commando-4, Pilot-2

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Weight/Height: 155 lbs. 6'1

Equipment: Light powered armor(called Infiltrator Mk. II Powered Armor) with built-in cloaking device and minor shielding, armed with an auto-grenade launcher on it's left wrist, an autocannon on it's right wrist, a long-range missle launcher built into it's right shoulder, and a railgun built into it's left shoulder. The hands are two large, metal claws capable of tearing through tank armor. The suit has jumpjets built into it's lower legs, and can allow the wearer to jump up to 40 meters high. The suit can also operate in the vacuum of space effectively, and is capable of using it's jumpjets to propel itself through the void. The suit has an HUD on the inside of it's visor, which has an ammo counter for all of the suit's weapons, displays damage to the suit, shield strength, operational capacity for all of the suit's systems, targeting systems for all weapons, and a motion tracker. The visor can also allow the wearer to rotate between night, thermal, UV, EM, and normal vision, and can zoom in, as if it were a pair of binoculars.

Jack also has a fighter-class ship, which mounts dual rapid-fire plasma cannons, a rear mass-driver turret, and has fairly powerful shields. It mounts a torpedo launcher, making it an effective bomber. The downside is that the ship can't move as fast as a regular fighter. The cargo bay inside the ship's rear has room for Jack's Infiltrator suit, and some more things, such as passengers, or small crates full of cargo.

Backstory: Jack Foster is a highly-trained commando, part of a now-disbanded mercenary organization called 'Firepower Inc.' The company consisted of men and women of all races, highly trained in a variety of combat skills- Space combat in fighters and capital ships, ground combat in mechs and battle armor, ground combat in no armor, Zero-G combat in the void of space, you name it. The company was small, but highly effective, and expensive. It disbanded not too long ago, and Jack is out of work. He's trying to make it solo now as a freelance soldier.

After the company disbanded, every soldier was permitted to keep their equipment, and do whatever they wanted with it. Jack's equipment happened to be an Infiltrator Mk. II powered armor suit, and a heavily armed fighter-class ship.

Jack currently has no spare cash whatsoever, so he's rather desperate for work, and is almost literally down to his last square meal. He'd sell the suit or ship, but he likes them too much to let them go unless he desperately needs the money.

Another new character for Sci-Fi Town. Smile

Name: Arzanu Playt

Age: 147

Race: Abbidon

Class: Soldier-8, Field Commander-4

Weight/Height: 156 lbs./8'9

Equipment: An Abbidon honor-blade, which is made of a rare metal found only on the Abbidon homeworld, capable of cutting through various materials, including most suits of powered armor, and starship hulls, and a suit of armor given only to the highest-ranking Abbidon warriors, which generates a strong energy shield. The suit has a repulsor built into the back, allowing it to function as a sort of jetpack in areas with gravity, and allowing enhanced maneuverability in Zero-G conditions. Slung across his back is an Abbidon Cycler, the preferred firearm amongst the frontline warriors of his homeworld. The Cycler is a slugthrower, which fires explosive rounds at a slow rate. Each round is designed to explode when it enters the body of a target, and send shrapnel inside the body, throughout the area of the impact. This is to increase the chances of hitting a vital organ. Every weapon wielded by an Abbidon, including the Cycler, is custom-built by the Abbidon who wields it; using another Abbidon's weapon is punishable by death.

Backstory: Arzanu was a major commander for the military of his tribe. During a pitched battle between a detachment of his forces and a detachment of forces from a neighboring tribe, it was discovered the enemy commander was keeping a reserve force hidden from his opponents, in direct violation of some of the Abbidon's most sacred and important laws. In an attempt to deal with these reserve forces, he ordered his troops to begin fighting underhandedly, such as through the use of guerilla tactics, and hit-and-run attacks. This won him the battle, but the result was devestating to both tribes; the commander of the enemy forces was killed in the fighting, and he was put on trial for breaking the Abbidon's most sacred laws. He was found guilty, and banished from the Abbidon homeworld under penalty of death. The warriors under his command were simply following their orders, and were not arrested. He paid a civilian transport that was on the planet, delivering some imported goods, to take him off of his homeworld.

Sci-Fi Character levels edited accordingly to match Rebonack's ideas for character levels. Smile

Name: Derek Owenson

Age: 27

Race: Human

Class: Rogue-20, Crimelord-20,

Weight/Height: 135 lbs./6'1

Equipment:  He wears a suit of light, flexible powered armor with multiple strength, dexterity, and constitution enhancing enchantments cast on it. Coupled with the suit's regular abilities, these allow him to be faster, and stronger than the typical man in powered armor. He wields an enchanted and modified assault rifle, similar to that of Lucas Rock, but different in that it only shoots stronger Magic Missle rounds.

Backstory: Derek Owenson has lived in Town for an extended period of time already, and has slowly built up a network of criminal contacts, and an army of thugs. A crimelord back on his home plane, a world practically run by such people, Derek Owenson was the head of an extensive and powerful crime syndicate. Going to bed one day, and waking up in Town left Mr. Owenson in an interesting situation, but it also became an excellent opportunity. Ever since, he's been in the Town's Slums, rebuilding his criminal empire, and currently has his finger in every possible type of underworld pie imaginable in Town: Mr. Owenson's new syndicate is involved in slavery, murder-for-hire, extortion, drug dealing, kidnapping, and many other such businesses. Mr. Owenson is actually part of the reason the Slums are as bad as they are.

Mr. Owenson is interested in the results magic can bring, but also believes in extensive use of advanced technologies. With the two in tandem, he believes he is unstoppable. His new syndicate has several powerful sorcerors and wizards in the upper ranks, and the rest of his army is filled out by psions, genetically modified creatures, common thugs, and many others. He has an unhealthy obsession with nerve gas and neurotoxins, and often has his scientists and spellcasters conduct experiments to produce more deadly types of the stuff.

Unlike most other crimelords back on his home plane, Mr. Owenson is perfectly capable of holding his own in a fight, wearing his modified powered-armor suit, and wielding an enchanted automatic rifle.

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Another character for Sci-Fi Town.

Name: Flipyap

Age: 9

Race: Unggoy(Grunt)

Class: Soldier-5, Grenadier-3

Weight/Height: 99 lbs./4.5 ft

Equipment: A stolen Wraith tank, a stolen Needler, a stolen Plasma Rifle, a stolen Brute Spiker, and 10 stolen Plasma Grenades, along with a suit of stolen Spec-Ops Grunt armor with a jury-rigged Jackal shield.

Backstory: Flipyap is a survivor from the Covenant-Human War that deserted the Covenant on Earth shortly after the Master Chief landed on the planet's surface. Being a Grunt, he was poorly treated, and one day snapped, and killed a Covenant Brute with a surprise attack via plasma grenade to the back of the head, immediately afterward stealing a Ghost hoverbike, and a large amount of hardware(plasma rifle, spiker+ammo, and needler+ammo), as well as a tank of methane and two week's worth of food, leaving the rest of his squad of Grunts more than a little confused, and 'slightly' scared. He stayed hidden for a short time, eventually sneaking aboard the Elite Assault Carrier Shadow of Intent. There, he stole a spare suit of Grunt-class SpecOps armor, with a built-in active-camoflauge system. On Installation 00(also known as the Ark), he rode his stolen Ghost all the way to the ground when the carrier flew over solid ground. Miraculously, he and the Ghost managed to survive the landing. Following this, he followed the Master Chief and the Arbiter around, trying to stay hidden on his Ghost, and avoiding Covenant and Flood forces through a constant string of lucky breaks. Eventually, he(somehow, don't ask me) managed to make it to the stable Slipspace Portal that led to the Ark from Earth, and jumped through, on his Ghost...somehow. Ask him!

End result, the portal began to destabilize, and rather than shove him into deep space like the Master Chief, and the rear half of the Forward unto Dawn, or back to Earth like the Arbiter and the front half, it dumps him in the Skyways of Town.

Well, he's an armed, armored, and very tantrum-prone Grunt. Have fun.

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