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Bind Spell [Feat]

Bind Spell [Metamagic]

You can bind a spell to yourself to maximize its efficiency.

Benefit: All damage effects of a Bound spell are maximized. A Bound spell's spell slot level does not increase. This feat gives you a 15% chance to take the minimum amount of damage that spell could do (on its primary target) plus 2 per caster level (up to 20). Thus, if an 8th level caster were to cast a Bound Fireball and rolled 1-15 on his d% roll, his Fireball would deal 80 points of fire damage, while he would take 24 points (8 for the minimum roll, plus 16 for 2 per caster level; no save, Damage Reduction, Spell Resistance, or any other form of defense can save you from the damage on a low roll from binding your life force to a spell).


Yeah, what if it isn't a damage spell?
You take no damage and it is just maximized?

Good point. I'll say it can only be used on damaging spells, then. Lowers its use, but what can ya do?

All I know is that feat would become an instant hit with band-aid clerics if it worked for cure spells...
*maximize with no cost*

Define the damage as backlash damage - this was introduced in the Epic Level Handbook (and again in Urban Arcana for d20 Modern for its rituals) - backlash damage by definition cannot be reduced, mitigated, shared or avoided by any means.  If someone dies from backlash damage they lose an additional level upon being raised (so even true resurrection or revivify costs 1 level - and it costs 2 for regular resurrection or raise dead).

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