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Beholder's Characters!

Baron Beholder

Race: Beholder
Class: Aristocrat
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 341

Beholder is an orange Beholder. Nothing too strange... except for his massive Tophat, which may contain any number of zany and/or lethal objects. He also has a goatee, complete with stereotypical twirly moustache, and an expensive-looking monacle. He also has his ten eyestalks that are capable of firing any number of deadly or incapacitating eye rays.

Beholder is an arrogant, snobby creature who enjoys bothering lesser folk and poking his nose into everyone's business, giving his opinions wherever unessicary. In general, he looks down on those who can't incinerate him, and enjoys pancakes. Despite his rather old-fashioned appearence and tastes, he's actually quite genre-savvy.

The Baron was born to two wealthy parents, along with his brother Vaugn. His parents, not surprisingly for Beholders, were killed when Beholder and his brother were quite young. The Baron, being older, got the majority of the estate and his parent's wealth, which he continues to expand through business deals and merciless taxing on his subjects. His brother is the professer of botany at a planar University. In any case, he has moved to Enupnion Town, partly because he just wants to get out, but mostly out of boredom in the other Town.

General William Morisset

Race: Human
Class: General(?)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: 50

Former General William Morisset is a middle-aged man who appears in pretty good shape. He has graying blonde hair, and a moustace. William is six foot zero. Despite the fact that he no longer actually commands anyone besides the remaining troupe of his army, Morisset goes around in his old uniform, a green army officer's uniform with four pockets on the front and two larger ones on the bottom half of his jacket. He retains a few badges from his glory days on his person. He also wears a red tie and a fancy black belt. His cuffs have goldish-yellow stripes on them. On his head is a black and red officer's cap, which has a golden Beholder emblazoned on the front. At his side is his trusty officer's longsword, which is reliable, if rarely used. The general seems to have an air of weariness around him, but not one of anger or frustration. Just... a little tired.

For the most part, the Former General is a nice man. While not incredibly outgoing, he has that sort of collected charisma and elegance most military officers tend to have. He mantains a rather cool and collected attitude, and little ruffles him.

Morisset was, only a few years ago, a major general in a nation far to the north of Town. He wasn't the greatest tactician in the world, but he was good enough and defended his country against many attempted invasions. However, an onslaught of Monty Python references that few survived (and which still may hang around the General to this day), decimated the population of his country, along with the general lack of structural integrity that comes with having a culture built around Beholder obsession. But ah... we won't go into that too much. In any event, Morisset has come with his remaining countrymen to Town, in the hopes of making a living or somesuch. His 'countrymen' include Sabrienne, a (former) elite knight for said country, Phil and Morris the wraiths, and a group of seven and a half others. (Will add bios for these characters, along with a more fleshed out 'eight others' later.)

It is worth noting that the General has been consulting the Baron, at first just because he was a Beholder, but now it seems they may be working something out...



Race: Not assessed yet.
Class: Not assessed yet.
Alignment: Not assessed yet.
Age: Into the hundreds, probably.

Description: As above, only with a pair of robotic-looking, steel wings with razor-edged feathers.

Backstory: Not assessed yet.

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