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Belatrix Benard:
Race: Human
Class: Buccaneer
Level: 6

Belatrix is a young woman (about 25 years old) with average height and is a bit underweight.
She is a bit more beautiful than the average women of the same age, but it's not too noticiable. Her hair is dark blonde and she has green eyes.
She wears traditional buccaneer clothing and a pirate style hat, with her sword sheated on her right leg and an old black one shoot pistol on her left leg.

Back history:
7 years before, she was walking in the woods near the hamlet she lived when that man appeared riding a white horse. He presented himself as a chilvarous musketeer. They talked for a wile and he offered to ride her back home.
Being an innocent young woman, she accepted it, fascinated by his stories of impressive feats and heroism.
He didn't ride her home, though. He took her to an isolated place and had his way forcefully with her.
After the abuse, he felt asleep and she cut loose from the ropes he tied her.
She took his pistol, and tried to shoot him point blank, but he woke up before she could do it and she ran away, as fast as she could and hid herself.

The morning after, she decided to train and seek revenge against that man, swearing she would kill him with the shot in his own pistol.
She tracked the man down to the Town, and now her adventure to improve herself and kill the bastard begins.

Belatrix is a rather competent saber user, but nowhere close to the skills of the people of the town.
She's agile and fast to think, but is gullible.

Belatrix speaks in this color

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