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Name – Rhapsody

Age – 19

Height/Weight – 5’5’’, Seriously Underweight

Hair – Orange, long and wavy
Eyes – Brown
Complexion – Very Pallid and unhealthy looking

Character Description

Rhapsody is a young woman with a wondrous gift that also happens to be a horrible curse. Born in the small coastal town of Beska and raised solely by her mother, Rhapsody had spent her whole life there until quite recently. As a toddler she began to show signs of two linked phenomena; a natural aptitude for magic and symptoms of a chronic debilitating illness.

As she has grown up both of these traits have become more and more marked. As she has begun to harness the powerful natural healing energies inside of her, her illness has also increased proportionately, and she has been dependant on care from her mother for her whole life. Now she can bring a person or animal back from the brink of death, but she is so weak she can barely climb stairs without taking a rest. The people of Beska know of her condition, and she is shunned and reviled because of it. The citizens mistakenly believe that her illness is contractible, and that her healing magic’s will inflict the disease upon those she tries to help. Her illness causes her to be frequently short of breath, tire easily, and to struggle to eat anything approaching a full meal. As her life goes on, these two linked phenomena will only increase, until her premature death.

That is why Rhapsody has started travelling, and why she has found herself in the town. She has begun to realise that she doesn’t have long left, and that staying in her hometown where no-one will even look at her is not a good way to spend the rest of her time on this earth. She wants to help people, and to see the world that might soon be so cruelly snatched away from her. So she waved goodbye to her mother and started out on her journey, intending to see as much as see possibly can before her illness finally takes her life away.

Secretly, so deep down inside her that she barely admits it to herself, Rhapsody holds another hope for her journey. Somewhere out there, there might be someone or something that can help her, that might be able to cure her disease, or at least prevent it becoming fatal. Rhapsody doesn’t hold out much real hope, but it’s light has not yet been completely extinguished.

Name – Custard

Race – Cat (Formerly Human)
Hair –Pale yellow, short glassy coat.
Eyes – Black

Character Description
Custard is a large yellow house cat with a tell-tale glint of human intelligence in his eyes. His whole demeanor suggests a certain arrogance and self-confidence, something left over from before his change. While he is embarressed about his predicament as a whole, Custard harbours a particular distaste for his pink belly,  and he seeks to hide it as best he can. He maintains one affectation from when he was human, the tiny red fez that perches on top of his head at all times. After all, what's the point of being a genius-level mastermind if everyone thinks you're a common dumb cat?

Custard was once a sorcerer of great power, his name feared across a whole kingdom. But one indiscretion too many and his necromancer ex-girlfriend turned him into the cat he remains today. The saddest thing is, Custard can't even remember his real name anymore. Still, he longs for a time where he can recapture some of his lost glory, and spends most of his time plotting his evil schemes. Killing kings, raizing whole kingdoms to the ground, filching a tin of kippers from the local market, Custard masterminds them all behind his diminished appearance. The kipper theft was easy, but his other plans are proving rather more challenging. Not many people take threats from a small yellow cat seriously, unless they happen to be mice.

Still, Custard concocts his plans with the gusto he's always had, working for the day when everything will click into place. Then the whole world will tremble under his tyrannical reign. Maybe, now he has reached a new Town, those plans will come a bit closer to fruition...

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