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Banjo's avatar problems

I'm experiencing avatar related problems right now. See, I'm trying to draw my town character, Rhapsody, but I'm not really having much luck.

Exhibit A below:

I know there's no detail yet, but that's not the problem. The problem is that I can't stop the poor girl looking like a zombiefied Mara Jade from Star Wars  Mad She's supposed to be pale and gravely ill, but I'm not sure that I can accurately portray it, and I don't want to start on the detail before I've got this worked out.

If anyone has any advice on portraying illness, or how to remove the Star Wars tinge from her, it would be very much appreciated.  Very Happy

Stop's freakin awesome...

I want ability like yours.  Or anyone else that does good OotS-style avatars...

I'm an artist I'm allowed to whine  it's what I do best!  Razz

Still, I aint happy with the poor girl at the moment.

*plots to post a few avatars that he's actually happy with to annoy Wukei  Very Happy *

I think the zombie problem is in the cheeks.  Remove the black blush.  She's plenty pale enough to indicate illness without the black blush.
Ms Elaneous

The black blush could be better served under her eyes, making her look tired, like dark circles beneath them.  A body is very worn out when it's ill.  It looks like you  have a little, but it might be better to accentuate it a bit more.

Improvements! I've put a lot of the advice into action and I think she looks a little better:

The eys are still a bit off, but the advice does seem to have helped. Thankee sai  Very Happy

May be me, but the shadows under the eyes could be a tad smaller. Might help it not look so zombieish. Looks v cool though. =)

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