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Azrael Herzagoth

Azrael's Characters

Name: Sythe Silverfang
Age: Appears 27; Actually 218
Race: Werewolf
Gender: Male
Weapons: Silver Long Sword "Silverfang"; Rusted Long Sword "Zaron"; Longbow; Skinning Dagger
History: Sythe was born a werewolf, but at a young age, his parents were killed by hunters and he escaped...barely. He received a grievous scar across his chest which would stand as a constant reminder of his failure. He fled to the wilderness where he learned to live by himself, hunting in wolf form only at night. Eventually, he returned to society and actually met a woman, to whom he fell in love with. However, she died after they were married of an incurable disease. He disappeared for several decades, returning later to live in anther village part time. There, he joined an expedition to search for new lands. Again, as his luck would have it, the ship crashed into a reef and was heavily damaged, washing ashore. On the island, Sythe discovered a female werewolf, the only survivor of a previous crash. Together, they repaired the ship enough to return to the country. They were married, however, their marriage was short lived. She became feral and he was forced to kill her. He left civilized life to wander the great forests once again. During his wandering, he came upon a small village hidden in the forest. He heard screams and rushed into the village. Almost all of the people had been killed viciously, and Sythe found the perpetrators, two werewolves about to kill a young girl. He could not have this and so he transformed and killed the two wolves, defending the girl. He reverted to human form and adopted the girl.

Sythe speaks in orange.
Azrael Herzagoth

Name: Rina Silverfang
Age: 10
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Weapons: Boot Dagger
History: Rina's history is a short, yet sad one. Her parents, brother and sister were killed by werewolves when she was four. Sythe came to her rescue, slaughtering the two wolves. He adopted her and took her on his adventures with him. Once she hit seven, he began teaching her to fight with swords so that she could defend herself if they encountered trouble.

Rina speaks in purple.
Azrael Herzagoth

Name: Booster Terrik
Age: 35
Race: Corellian
Gender: Male
Weapons: DL-44 Blaster Pistol
History: Not much is known of Booster's childhood, just that he came from the planet Corellia and from an early age, he was a complicated man. He served as navigator on a spice frigate named Starwayman until he fell afoul of a cadre of bounty hunters. The bounty hunters severely damaged the freighter as the crew attempted to escape from a group of pirates. The pirates and the bounty hunters clashed, providing for the escape of the freighter. At the next port, Booster left the ship and decided to see the stars. He joined the crew of another freighter and left as quickly as possible. The freighter he joined was not as legal as he was led to believe and they were arrested smuggling weapons through neutral territory. He spent four years in spice mines, serving a ten year sentence. However, he was granted freedom after four years, on good behavior. He discovered that the galaxy was changing rapidly and civil war was coming quickly. He was traveling the galaxy in a light freighter named Pulsar Skate when he happened upon a battle occurring between the rebels and the government. He suddenly found himself setting a course for one of the enemy's ships, a severely damaged battleship. He navigated the ship into the hull of the damaged ship and prepped himself and his crew for combat. However, most of the crew had been killed, so Booster found the ship easy to capture. Booster and his crew captured the ship and took it to a pirate port, where it might be repairable. While under repairs in the pirate port, the rebels, who had won the war appeared and recognized the ship. Booster attempted to prepare for combat, but the ship was still in need of repair. So, Booster attempted to negotiate. The new government allowed him to keep the warship, but he had to give up most of the weapons and shielding equipment. Booster agreed and complied. Then he transformed the ship into a mobile casino and command post for his new operations. He recruited a crew at the pirate port, and paid to have the ship painted a brilliant red. He set out of port with a new warship, the Errant Venture under his command.

Booster speaks in red.

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