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Name: Katalyie Ceryin Tavemos Pronouncation: Kay-tall-ee Ser-in Tave- (rhymes with cave)-mos

Race: ShadowWalker

Age: 22

Height: 5 feet, 7 inches

Weight: 117 pounds

Eye Color: Deep blue

Hair Color: Auburn

Sex: Female

Class: Rogue

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Description: This lady tends to blend in with the crowd. Physically, there's nothing outstanding about her. Sure, she's pretty enough but nothing exceptional. Her pale skin is marred with a few freckles around her face, and a few scars crisscross her back. Clothing is also run-of-the-mill. A light blue silk shirt adorns her top and swishy black pants and soft, black boots cushion her feet.

Personality: Katalyie is a decent human being, not too nice, not too mean. Most of thetime, she knows her limits when speaking to people, though she does occasionally over step her boundaries. Sarcasm is a favorite of this young woman. A temper as hot as an oven makes her somewhat unsafe to be around, with her major inferiority complex being the biggest quick-fire. Just be careful and you should be fine..... Maybe.

Weapons: Fangs, daggers of various types, Shadows

Backstory: In a town not too far from ours, a child was born. The child was named Katalyie Ceryin Tavemos and for a while, she was normal as can be. Sure, they were a few temper tantrums here and there, but what child doesn't throw a fit occasionally? The real problems began when her parents, Isabella and Tyrin Tavemos began noticing something odd. Wherever their daughter happened to be, shadows congregated. If she happened to be under something that was casting a shadow, great! Shadows also gathered, however, in the dead of night or underwater, or other odd places.

The two kept everything quiet until the girl was seven. She was playing with another child in the village when he made her quite angry. As a result, she made theboy disappear, transferring her shadows to his body which was then devoured, leaving no traces of the victim. The young Katalyie was taken for a witch by a town unfamiliar with the workings of magic. They snatched up the magicked youngster and slapped her to a stake to burn her. After all, that's what you do with witches, right?

A fearful Katalyie summoned a force shadow great enough to devour her parents and the surrounding people, the hungry shadows then moving on to other victims, taking all but her brother, Quill. When the shadows ceased to writhe and returned to their mistress unbidden, Quill freed his sister and the two escaped.

Everywhere they went, Katalyie was known as the Demon girl, the Shadow Witch. Naturally, such things can be quite damaging to a seven year old, these routine insults giving way to the severe inferiority complex the girl developed later in life. While in this state of misery, the child was approached by Yerisu DarkBlood, the commanding general of the ShadowWalker army. He made a pact with the child, promising her protection if only she'd let him train her. Katalyie agreed and a soul transfer took place, putting Katalyie into Yerisu's care. He turned her into one of his own, a ShadowWalker herself, and trained her to be great.

Now, she is a weapon of the armies, a pet. She lives her life alone, but has wandered into town to investigate some strange occurances that her master Yerisu found intriguing.

Common Knowledge:
--Katalyie has two "forms". A more human normal form and a ShadowWaker form. Her appearance changes during the shift to ShadowWalker form. Her irises take on the normal ShadowWalker red and shadows engulf her body. So basically.... 5 and a half foot tall shadow. Goody.
--Katalyie has the ability to speak telepathically with her master, her brother, and anyone else bearing an inked mark called a Tetera circle. All telepathic messages from Katalyie will be surrounded by squiggles (~).
--Short temper often leads to violence.
--She's quite the flirt and good at it, too. It gets her things.
--Katalyie speaks in Dark Blue.

Ongoing Storyline:
None yet. Just exploring around town.

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