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Atreyu's Reese's PC's

Name: Atreyu the masked LLama
Race: Llama (stats made up)
Class: LLama 3rd level/ Rogue 2nd level/ Cleric 1st level. (llama class also made up.)
Alignment and Temprament: *Chaotic good. Trusting, usually cheerful, very friendly. not terribly bright. *
Age: unknown (awakened approx 1 year ago)
Height: average llama size
Weight: average llama weight
Wool colour and length: He has primarily white wool along his face, front legs and lower torso, but most of his torso as well as hind legs are covered with brown wool.
Eye colour: Blue
Weapons: *Hoof, Hoof, Bite. *He is also proficient with the scythe due to his training to be Death's stand-in. *He has a mean headbutt too. *
Truename: Kuhxtbmuffyenzywomqyrl

A farmer once bought Atreyu from a passing merchant who convinced the farmer that Atreyu was a magical horse. The farmer was displeased to learn that Atreyu was simply a llama; a creature unknown to the area. *The farmer made the best of it and Atreyu was put to work as a farm animal. *One day a wizard, known as Merlin and a knight showed up at the farmer's house. They needed a horse quickly. *The farmer had only the strange creature called a llama to give them, so Merlin bought Atreyu. *A llama used only to farm makes a poor mount for combat, so Merlin awakened the beast and Atreyu carried Sir Tristian into battle. *Atreyu returned with Sir Tristian and Merlin to Camelot where he served as a reserve steed. *He lived in the stables with the rest of the animals, but he was the only awakened one there. *Merlin knew the Camelot stables were not where he should be, and his magic has revealed to him a town that was beginning to grow and would be home to a variety of sentient creatures. *Merlin dropped the llama off and sent him to a milk bar that had just been built. * (Rumors related to an incident involving Camelot's moat and England's largest jello piece shortly before Atreyu was dropped off in Town have yet to be confirmed.)

Famous Storylines
LLama of Death-

Atreyu was killed once and spent some time on the ethereal plane. He made a deal with Death to allow some of his friends who had also been killed to be returned to life, but only if he served Death for a time. He trained long and hard and for 2 weeks he harvested souls and sent them to their destination while The Reaper was at a meeting. Because of this Atreyu is very skilled with a scythe and also has an invisible collar around his neck that shows up if he is needed by Death. It also allows him to see and interact with ghosts.


Atreyu traveled with some other heroes to Dionysus' Realm of Partying. After accidently licking Trog's skull, he washed his mouth out with what he thought was a water fountain, but he didn't notice that it was wine. Shortly thereafter a Succullama showed up and taught him that being called "Bad llama" was almost as good as being called "Good llama." He spent time with her until the other heroes dragged him back to Town. It should be noted that he was easily drug because he was wearing a muzzle and bit that he didn't have before he showed up. He woke up the next day in Trog's still wearing the tack and couldn't get it off before Kantur and Librarian caught him. Fortunately, Myobi destroyed the tack later that day. He also walked around with "Property of Mileena" shaved into his rear wool for a few weeks.

The Story Behind the Mask-
Spoiler: (begins approximately 8 posts down)


The Godruped

(( In the mirror world, the llama was not awakened by Merlin as a mount for Sir Tristian. *In fact, a desperate Morgana Le Fay, fleeing from an angry Lancelot stopped by a farmer's and stole the strange horse like creature that he had. *The beast was too stupid to help her escape, so she tweaked its mind, giving it intelligence so it would know the best way to hide from the angry knight. *

Morgana ended up keeping the animal as a pet. *It became a trusted advisor because of its cunning and deceptively cute nature. *She didn't realize that when she tweaked its mind, she flooded its brain not only with intelligence, but with anger as well. *One night, the llama drove an enchanted dagger through her chest, draining her magic into him. *He then headed to Camelot, and through trickery, he slew Merlin in the same fashion. *With the power of both magicians at his disposal, he trotted into a gathering of the Knights of the Round Table. *4 minutes later, only the llama emerged from the room, he was bleeding from many wounds, but he was victorous and now armed with the skill of the knights as well. *He found King Arthur alone and they dueled. *The llama gravely wounded the king and soon Arthur was spirited away to Avalon. *The Dark LLama (as he was being called) had snuck on board and after reaching the Isle, his dagger had plunged into the hearts of Oberon and Titania as well as Arthur. *Sadly, slaying Gods did not contain this creature's lust for power, it merely amplified it. *The llama sought out other deities and powerful beings, slaying them with his vampiric dagger. *At one point he used it to slash a being of pure chaos known only as The Snarl into tiny bits of string. *The power this granted him stunned the llama just enough for the spirit of Merlin to appear and place a magical mask around the eyes of the Godruped! *Then the soul of Morgana weaved some more magic into it. *

Dark Llama awoke from his daze in a strange town. *He started to leave and found that some strange piece of cloth around his face caused him great pain and agony at his attempt. *It also nullified his mighty powers. *Through intense training he has weakened the enchantments on his mask so that he can now access most of his power as well as leave the Town for small periods of time, but if he stays out too long or uses too much power the agony will begin until he returns or stops using the power he rightfully earned.

*He once aligned with that world's evil Inari until her death, then he took over her temple and kidnapped Atreyu. His attempt to turn Atreyu into a carnivore by slowly corrupting him was foiled by Mirror Myobu who didn't like the Godruped and helped the noble llama escape the cage. The Godruped was killed by some heroes who traveled to the mirror world to rescue Atreyu, but he was resurrected by some evil mirrors who wanted his assistance.*

*Lately he hangs around his evil mirror world, doing evil things but has mostly forgotten about Atreyu, despite a chain that leads to a spiked collar that is attached to his throne. The name "Atreyu" is carved into the collar, but after watching for a while the Godruped failed to find a good opportunity to snag his goody llama double and has moved on to other projects.*

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