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As long as we are on the subject of possible new subforums.

I'd like a forum in games where people with little or no knowledge of D&D could play one thread campaigns not afiliated with the town and other town style separate things.

I want to do/start a political roleplaying game where we each role play our own countries.

That actually sounds kind of interesting to me. I'm not sure what running a nation would entail, but count me in. I'll give it a try.
J. Muller

Count me in for the nation thing if it's still open in September. I'll be away starting Wednesday and pretty much ending at the end of August.

Yeah I'm going to be leaving for three weeks on the 22nd so I might just start it off or wait or something. We'll see when our glorious admins come on.

Ooh I love political stuff like that. I've already got my nation in mind.

There is actually no reason you couldn't play in the play by post section. It isn't specifically set aside for DnD.





What kind of time period would this country game be in?

Well, Modern weapons will be excepted. If you want your country to be able to hack in militarily then something modern ish.
J. Muller

Like, say, turn-of the century stuff? As in 1900? Because I have a nice idea for an empire based off early 1900s Imperial Germany.

Ooh, I LOVE turn of the century stuff. Count me in.

Well I'm going to be using WW2 era guns and zeplins. Any a couple other interesting inventions i've thought up specifically for my country.
J. Muller

Okay, then. 1900s Imperial German style, WW2 tech--submachine guns, early assault rifles, some starting handheld antitank weapons... war will mostly focus on the blitzkrieg and the armored breakthrough. They will also be using zeppelins. Armored zeppelins that fire rockets. That stay aloft due to the use of a hydrogen-like gas that is impossibly light.

Suffice to say that I like zeppelins.

Ooh, I am a fan of WWII era steampunk...
J. Muller

I'm a fan of all steampunk. It is a genre that has always been very close to my blood-pumper.

Don't get so caught up in the war aspect that you forget the other aspects guys... =P

Since it doesn't look like I'll get enough people to agree with me that we need a Power Level cap in Town, I'd like to suggest resurrecting the Hamlet.

However, I don't think the Hamlet worked that particularly well the last time. I'm not sure what the biggest problems were, but I'd like to hear some suggestions for improvement of the concept.

For those who don't know about the Hamlet, it was an alternate Town I started in old Town, a bit like Modern Town. The point was that in the Hamlet all characters were capped at level 12. You could have characters of lower level, but nothing above level 12. There were also a cap on the amount of gold/total value of items you character could have.

I'm thinking it might be a good idea to get rid of the formal limits and just state that it's a low level setting where everyone is essentially equal, and fairly weak. Or something to that effect, so that you don't have to know about D&D to play along.

Ideas, comments, anything?

I would be willing to give the Hamlet a go again.

Using the 'character power thread' scale, I guess we're talking about 1, 2, and 3. Peasant, Regular Guard and Regular Hero.

If it happens, I'll take part. And I hope it does.

Yeah, 1-3 on the power scale sounds reasonable. Might want to advice to keep most characters on 1 or 2, though, keeping 3 for the special cases.

Doesn't seem like there's a lot of interrest though?

I'd give it a go I suppose.
My concern is that at lower levels it just seems like there are fewer possibilities.

I realize that there's a custom world going on in "Enupnion", but could we have a forum for general homebrew discussions for smaller and not-necessarily "World of Enupnion" related things?

I'd like to flesh out the devil worshippers better, and get some more thoughts than my own ramblings around the various fox races. I might even go so far as to plop my own world's workings down there again.

I also saw that Iames mentioned that he had hoped to get some discussion around his little world; so I think this would be of value.

I agree. Let's have such a place.

What are you guys talking about it? It's always been there! Wink Razz

I'd be in favor of the Hamlet. My personal problem is not enough time to devote to all the "Towns" as well as the various extra-currricular activities of mine.

I'd be all for bringing back atonari to hamlet, especially since Ceika went and made me an avatar, but I wouldn't be able to play him often.

Hamlet gets a vote from me as well.

Seeing as I have an idea for a pretty low level character who might not survive in normal Town...

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