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Art's Art

I've tried a bit of drawing, and I thought I'd share, get some feed back and try to get better.

First try at scanning. Enjoy.


Woo... that's a serious page stretcher. Here's a thumbnail.


That's really cool, Art. That's a really good dragon.

Recently in Town, poor Raril has been transformed into a woman. This prompted me to consider, what would she now wear? What I came up with is a modified Ao Dai, a traditional Vietnamese dress that I find very pretty yet quite practical. This is just the first sketch of it, I plan to refine and even try to color this later on. Enjoy!

And the full sized image. My scanner likes to make them really big.


And here's the inked version, should be easier to see.



Her head and hands fell off! Waaaah!
Hehe. Beyond that little bit of silliness, it's a nice dress.

Thanks. I haven't quite figured out how to draw faces or anything like that, yet.

Okay, these two aren't actually sketches, but my writing professor calls them sketches, and writing is an art, so there you have it. Enjoy and please, comment.

Click to download file

Click to download file

Click to download file

Here's the third piece I needed to turn in today. Now, although all three of these are different parts of the same story, take each one seperately, as each is trying to capture different parts of the writing process.

Comments are welcome and wanted.

You deserve kudos just for posting your writing, Art. The idea of anyone reading my writing scares me stiff. The posts I write when towning are a very rare exception to that rule.

I've grown comfortable sharing my writing with you all, and getting a touch better in real life. I actually gave my mom the rough draft for the first one. She liked it, and wanted to know what happened next. I was really glad she got into it. For some reason I'm more scared to share things with people face-to-face than over the internet. I think it's because I have to sit there watching them read it, with my heart in my throat afraid of what they might tell me. Then I take a deep breath and ask myself, what's the worse they can say? I know I'm not a bad writer, so they probably won't hate it. A 'meh' isn't so bad, is it?

I like the pictures. Very nice.

Especially the dragon. I really like drawing dragons, and you did a good job with that one.

Ooh, thanks Kerfuffle! ^_^

And here's the final draft of that short story I'm working on for school. It's due tomorrow >.< What do you all think? Is it 'technically sound'?

Click to download file

And now: Poetry! Some's good, some's bad, tell me which is which, please?


Am I a flower to be cut from the vine
And put on display in a porcelain vase,
A doll set on a shelf, her dress so fine
With white silk ribbons, and a painted face

Or a ballerina up on the stage,
Watch as I dance on the tips of my toes,
Or perhaps a bird in a gilded cage?
I sing my song and you wonder what does

It mean? I know you are not listening,
Or else you would see I am not a pet
Trained to come when called and do your bidding.
Hear me now, you would do best to forget

Any dreams of hoarding me like a jewel.
I am a free woman, and you? A fool.

We Behind the Stage

We are a secret society
Rarely seen or heard from
Hiding in the shadows
We control both light and sound
And with this power
We can silence men
And plunge countless lives
Into darkness
But we refrain
Until it is necessary
Where the world is a stage
We are those behind it
Without us
All productions would


High heels click against the sidewalk
Ponytailed-hair swings back and forth
Skirts flap with every stride forward

Engines rumble down the highway
Tires hum over black asphalt
Horns demanding a path be made

Turbines spin, roaring into life
Speakers blare out each announcement
Luggage clatters down the ramp

A bench sits beneath an oak tree
Wide branches shield it from the sun
The wind blows gently through the leaves

Pixels and Pages

Little rectangles sitting in neat rows
Holding all that the world knows.
Countless pages filled with ink
Give us all reason to think.

Flat glowing square on the desk
Thin black wires connect it to the rest
Endless spaces behind the screen
What wonders we find within the machine

But the internet is a dangerous place
Caution must be used in cyberspace
One must remain mindful of where they are
Before you wander off too far

Youíll be trapped on the web, caught in its cage
And forget all about turning a page
Pull a book from the shelf, thereís nothing to fear
Unless, of course, you are afraid of ideas.


Blank walls
Empty halls
New face
Secret place
Burning fire
Awakened desire
You me
Cannot be

Writing Poetry is Not Easy

Writing poetry is not easy.
The words simply refuse to flow.
I fear I might write something cheesy

Then everyone would know
That I am not cut out for this stuff.
I hate it, really, although

Not everything I write is fluff.
Some of it is rather good.
I only hope that itís enough,

And my rhymes are understood.
Of course, itís only homework,
One assignment that should

Not make me go berserk.
But I think that I must say,
Iíd feel like a real dork

If I didnít get an ĎAí


She held her breath,
Heart beating like
A little drum.

Could she make it
Up all those steps
To reach the top?

Now she was so
Very high, afraid
That she might fall.

She barely had
Time to think, as
It all began.

Quickly she rushed
Down again, fear
Plain in her eyes.

Surprised, she found
She was still in
The living world.

Climbing out, quite
Shaken, she laughed
And nearly cried.

What a thrill it
Was to simply
Have survived it.

Heh, Artie, I'm proud of the fact that I was one of the first to read some of these. †Razz

But they are very good! I particularly love "Writing Poetry is Hard!" It's like Dante, after all!

and two more


Tires spin and wipers splash
Against the constant down pour.
The radio plays one song
For the third time today.
Trucks with too many wheels
Zoom past. I swear they
Want to run me over.
Canít you see Iím trying
To go the speed limit?
The car in front is
Barely visible through the haze.
Ah! He hit the brakes!
I canít go any slower,
Now, I might never arrive.


Silicon, copper, plastic, and steel
Bind it together and sit on your desk
Mouse, keyboard, tower, and screen
Working together in quiet symphony
A gentle blue glow, an occasional click, the constant clatter of keys, Fans whirr
into life as a link is pressed
Movies, music, news and more,
all at your fingertips
E-mail, web-cams, blogs and IMs
Instantly connect us
Zeroes and ones, cheats, hacks, and code
Give it life and a corrupted core.

I really like the one "We Behind the Stage"  Being a stage mananger/Lighting desinger myself I like it.

That one is a personal favorite. I wrote it one night waiting for a ride after a show. I used to do tech work for my highschool. Good times...

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