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Art request

So I'm lying here at three in the morning and an idea for something has popped into my head and I want to get the request done before I forget, basically an art request for four characters, not avatars but full images.

First character: Humanoid dragon male, red scaled, medium level of armor, though no helmet, Wielding a longsword. Pretty much just a human with red scales in shape.

Second: A pitch black werewolf, not so much black fur as like a solid black substance. Blood red eyes, fangs and claws as pretty much the only noticeable features. And with some small arcs of red electricity over his body. Looks completely Feral.

Third: Vampire, pretty typical vampire, As a rough guide.

Last: A Mage girl, fairly chesty, good looking, overly large blue typical witches hat. as a rough guide.

Preferably individual images and a group shot. If anyone can do this, that would be beyond awesome.

And sorry if anyone thinks this is blunt or anything, bad with typing like that.

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