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An Apology

I would like to formally apologize for my previous actions on this forum.

I know I was a rather obnoxious individual when I joined this forum at the age of thirteen, and I would like to thank those of you who were able to put up with me.

Anyway, I'm considering rejoining the forum or maybe just posting some of my short stories.

So, yeah.

No problems mate Smile

I've recently caused enough dramas on another game, the sign of a good player is the ability to accept any possible/potential responsibility and for other people to forgive that and/or apologize for there actions.
The Bushranger

Welcome back. And no worries. Smile

The more the merrier.

What the others said Smile

Welcome back

Everyone has their moments - as long as you recognize it and try to do better, it's all good.  Smile

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