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Alternative Towns

Been thinking, we have Modern and Meta Town, and none of them seem to be doing that well. Back in old Town we had both Modern Town and the Hamlet, and they didn't do well either. The mirror town didn't do all that well either, except as a plot device in regular Town itself.

So, since I've been working on bringing the Hamlet back, I wanted to know why they haven't worked so well before. I can only speak from my own experience, so I'll do that.

I haven't posted much in Meta Town, because I simply can't think of what to do there. And so it's been pushed in the background for all the many things I want to do in regular Town.

I tried to play a bit in Modern Town, both the old and the new. For both of them I thought I had a really interresting character idea, and for both of them it turned out that the character just didn't work out so well. I've been considering bringing TWin, the person behind the screen, into Modern Town, to have a character that can interact properly with others. But at this point I don't know anything about what goes on in Modern Town, and when I look through it quickly, it seems like most of what goes on is "private", confined to private places and such. Noone have posted in the tavern for a long time, and there weren't ever much posting there in the first place.

Then there's the Hamlet. I started it back in old Town, and it went ok for a while, but then posting simply stopped completely. I think it was basically just a lack of things going on, and a lack of people posting.

So, I'm not exactly sure why none of them have worked well, but I'd really like to know. So, why do you think they don't work, and why don't you play there more often (or at all)? Maybe if we know exactly why people don't play there, we can find a solution.
Ms Elaneous

I dunno. I really like Modern Town and I recently threw a couple characters/things in public places, but I couldn't get any takers... *sigh*

And even normal Town is having it's own turbulence. I don't know why.

Mayhap summer and vacations have something to do with it, but everything feels like it grinding to a halt. And I don't really like it.

I'm also really excited about Enupnion the world. I like how we'll all kind of fit in and although we'll still be doing cool things, no one will feel overpowered or underpowered. I like how fresh it'll feel, and it'll be nice to get some new interactions going on, since it is hard to get involved with anyone of late...

In any event, that's just some random things that are bouncing around in my head about the forum and town. Thanks.
J. Muller

Modern Town was doing well for itself last time I was there... which was a while ago, I'll admit. I've been out of town. I'll be back full-time in late August, so I'll make sure to start some stuff there. I've already got some ideas--and they involve the kids from Xavier's, so don't you guys go away on me before I get back! Smile

The real question is: What does the town have that Modern town and Meta town doesn't?

I think that the answer lies with the immense amount of history the Town has. Characters that have been around for a long time, and remain persistent. The characters that seem to have a hand in almost every plot. (Maph'tey and Aesa, I'm looking at you).

*slowly pulls hand out of cookie jar marked TOWN and walks away whistling*

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