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Alternative History


Alternative History is a play-by-post game that takes place on our Earth, except that this Earth is different. You see, on this Earth, history has played differently than on the Earth that we are used to. Nations may have different names and political structures, not to mention unusual alliances and enemies.

Current Nations

Fennoscandia: Composed of the real-world Scandinavian Peninsula, the Kola Peninsula, Karelia, Finland and Denmark. Played by Sophistemon. View the Fennoscandian starting territory here.

Current Ruler: His Imperial Majesty Emperor Otto Palindrome XIX.
Capital City: Viktigstaden, which forms the upper point of a triangle created by itself and the cities of Lulea and Oulu at the uppermost part of the Gulf of Bothnia.
Political System: Absolute Monarchy. The position of Emperor is inherited by the closest male descendant. If such a descendant is unavailable, the closest male relative will receive the crown.
Economic System: Fennoscandia, and the Fennoscandian Empire as a whole, has a market economy. Currency is the Fennoscandian mula, and it is used by every nation in the Empire.
Military: Fennoscandia is, militaristically, the mightiest nation in the world. This is due in no small part to the fact that, not only does it command the Fennoscandian Army and Navy, it also commands the Imperial Army and Navy. When the Fennoscandian Navy is not in use it docks in the Gulf of Bothnia so as to better protect the capital city of Viktigstaden.

Mikra: Composed of real-world Turkey and Greece. Played by Vael. View the Mikran starting territory here.


Skyre: Composed of real-world Iceland. Played by Destro Yersul. View the Skyrean starting territory here (Skyre is in orange).


Albion: Composed of the real-world British Isles and Ireland. Played by Ms. Elaneous. View the Albionian starting territory here.


Cikuqoy: Composed the real-world Greenland. Played by Geomancer. View the Cikuqoyan starting territory here.


Gaul: Composed of real-world France. Played by Shadow of the Sun. View the Gaulian starting territory here.


Illumar: Composed of real-world Egypt and Nubia. Played by Artemis. View the Illumarian starting territory here.


The UIASR: Composed of the real-world UAE, Oman, Ethiopia, and Djibouti(conquered). Played by J. Muller.


More information about these nations will be listed as it becomes available. If you want information about your nation to be added to this post, please PM it to me.

Current Time Period

The Age of Old Imperialism, circa 1870.

Current Factions

The Fennoscandian Empire: Composed of Fennoscandia, Skyre and Cikuqoy, the Fennoscandian Empire is a large and powerful union of likeminded nations. Skyre and Cikuqoy are afforded a great deal of independence, including the right of limited sovereignty, but are expected to comply with the will of the Fennoscandian government.

Current Allies

The nation of Fennoscandia is allied with the nation of Gaul due to a bloodline connection via Normandy.

Current Enemies

None. Yet.


None. Yet.

Joining the Game

If you are interested in joining Alternative History, please PM me the name of your nation, where it is located, and a picture of that territory.

Erik Inqvar looks over the list of complaints filed with his office by a group of Cikuqoyans who are pushing to get Cikuqoy to secede from Fennoscandia.

"This is ridiculous!" He cries angrily. Their claims are mostly superficial, more excuses then actual reasons.

Thats just one of the long list of annoying problems he'd had to put up with since he was both elected and approved Governor of Cikuqoy. (The populace elected him and Fennoscandia had approved him). He hadn't really wanted to be Governor anyways, but since Cikuqoy had only ever elected leaders from the Military, and because he had become sort of a national hero after dealing with an alliance of pirates, he had gotten the votes anyways.

He sighs. Still, the people of Cikuqoy deserved a fair ruler.

He puts the list down and gets up, pacing around his office. One wall is full of ceremonial Inuit things, passed down to him from his ancestors. On the other wall is a genuine Nordic long sword, glistening and well polished. A relic from his Fennoscandian ancestors who colonized Cikuqoy centuries ago. Where other soldiers had worn military issue bayonets into battle, Erik had used that, along with the long custom built. It had surprised enemies enough to save his life on multiple occasions.

Erik Ingvar sighs. Battles of state were much harder and far less interesting.
Shadow of the Sun

In his office the current monarch of Gaul, Antoine Godin runs a palm along his face. His state is as complicated as a clock, and he has to try his hardest to keep any grit from getting into the wheels as they turn.

The only problem for him is that the gears seem to create their own grit. Such as the group that is currently trying to instigate a war on Albion. He knows...knows that they are entitled to saying whatever they want, but it is making his life difficult.

Perhaps it will be a case for his secret police to deal with. He doesn't like needless death, but the economic instability a war would bring would destroy his power base and reduce his country to anarchy.

Such a thing must not happen.

Sadly, for him, internal threats are not his largest worry. He has control of a large stockpile of coal...which many want, and are willing to go to limits to obtain. So he has to watch for threats on the inside of Gaul and keep vigilant for those from the outside.

He decides to retire for the night, hoping that with the first light some matters will be resolved.

The bustling metropolis of Viktigstaden, which has been Fennoscandia's capital city for nearly five hundred years, is home to many of the nation's most elite citizenry. It is Fennoscandia's seat of power and the most important city in the Empire, due to its being the location of the Keiserlige Slottet; the Imperial Palace. Called 'the Slott' by the layman, the Keiserlige Slottet is a massive building topped by many spires that jut into the sky like a field of flag-adorned pikes. Within its walls decisions are made that define the governmental polices of Fennoscandia and, through it, the whole of the Empire. Aside from simply being the birthplace of policy, it is also the personal abode of the most important man in the Emipire: His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Otto Palindrome the XIX.

Said Emperor is currently behind his desk, idly stroking his short, shaped beard and awaiting the arrival of his personal aide who, within moments, knocks a swift rap-a-tat on the other side of the office door. The Emperor looks up.

"Come in," he says, and a small, nervous-looking man complies, opening the door but a fraction and slipping in sideways, closing the oaken portal behind him. He is holding a small stack of papers tightly in one hand and creating a sweaty crinkle by doing so.

"Good, eh, evening, Your Majesty. I hope that all is well with, er, you."

Palindrome nods. It is a stressful job, being the Emperor's Aide.

"The reports, Secretary Klynke?"

"Eh? Oh, yes, of course." He fumbles nervously with his stack of documents, his upper-left eyelid twitching erratically. He finds the proper document and reads from it: "Good news at home, Your Majesty. Fennoscandian farms are setting record harvests of grain this year, and there is a great, er, abundance of livestock. Oh. The mass-murderer, Hermann Slakter, was apprehended in a small village outside of, erm, Imatra. He will be executed..." He glances at the large clock hung on the wall. "Two hours ago."

The Emperor nods; Slakter had been a thorn in the side of Fennoscandian police for a month now. His execution would renew the people's faith in the law.

Klynke continues, reading from another piece of paper: "Our agents in the region have informed me via letter that there is a collection of individuals in the nation of Gaul that wish to wage war upon the nation of Albion. So far Godin is resisting such action but at the moment very little is certain. It is suggested by, er, the agents that we, er, think of a way to profit should war actually engage the two nations."

Palindrome mulls this over. Gaul was an ally of the Empire and, should it enter war with Albion, Godin would certainly call for aid. Perhaps Godin could be persuaded to gift Fennoscandia with cheaper coal in return for military assistance? It was something to think about.

Secretary Klynke fumbles with another sheet of paper, this one so crinkled and sweaty that the Emperor wonders how the writing could even be legible.

"There is a faction in Cikuqoy that is attempting to persuade Governor-General Inqvar to withdraw the nation from the Empire."

The Emperor speaks. "Oh?"

Klynke swallows nervously. "Yes, Your Highness. Though our agents do not think that the Governor-General will go through with it, the very notion of Cikuqoyan secession is, well, worrisome."

"Indeed. And of Skyre?"

"Oh. Well... we have not yet received correspondence from our agents in that area, Your Highness. You will, of course, be informed the moment that we do."

"I see. You are dismissed, Klynke."

The Imperial Aide nods and quickly rushes out of the room, closing the door behind him.

The Emperor sits at his desk, and thinks.

Within the massive walls of Constantinople, Lucius Marius considered the matters at hand, idle but beautiful patterns shaping themselves from his wandering pen as it scrawled across the paper.
Tariffs. Always, always tariffs. How disappointing. Another day, another tariff, another tax, and another limitation on his trade routes. He could understand why they did it, he supposed, not that it made it any better for him.
He stood and brushed off his quite elegantly cut coat, giving a singe glance around his office. While he loved the office dearly, knew every grain of the wood that crafted its perfect confines, found the maps to be the most exact and useful maps he could imagine, and the books he had gathered here most informative and clever, the man was quite aware that he'd get no rest if he stayed here. No, business would swarm him and demand his attention until he gave it, and then he would be reabsorbed into that hellish tempest of tariffs, politics, and providing the best... at the best prices.
Well, best prices for him.
The leader of Mikra put on his hat, brushed himself down once more, then strode out of the room, his footsteps getting fainter as they receded from the office. However, in other parts of the grand building they grew louder, especially-
Right outside his secretary's office.
"I'm going to step out for a moment. Try not to notify everyone, will you? I don't want people swarming over me." Lucius gave a fake but mostly polite smile.
"Of course, sir. You're very busy with paperwork, I'm sure." The man kept his eyes on his work as he spoke.
"Very good."
Lucius tipped his hat a little lower as he exited, hoping not to draw too much attention as he left the grand building that he worked in, heading out somewhere... maybe the docks?
Yes, the docks.
Lucius stood near the docks, gazing over the seas, and the ships being loaded with goods the various merchants had collected from everywhere.
"A good leader knows the jobs of everyone he commands and is over, so he knows exactly what to demand, and what to expect."
Lucius gave a little snort at the memory.
True, perhaps, but an irritating study, nonetheless. He'd served his times on the merchant ships, and much preferred his current position. It was far more comfortable. Despite this though, there was always a good reason to hang out at the docks. He had trades with every nation he could, and the merchants always sped far quicker than political messengers.
He smirked to himself as he hears about Gaul and their jealousy over coal. As normal... They liked their little part in the trade.
Not much other news. Things were quiet... oddly quiet.
Lucius tapped a finger along his chin, then moved over towards the market place as he listened for more rumors.
Ah, there it was. War? And the bleating and baying of animals. Lots of them...
Bah, those Empire folks and their allies were always a bit edgy, in his opinion. Asking for trouble. Best stay on the safe side.
Look what being an empire had cost his ancestors, after all. Rome was great... until it fell. Barbarians, pah. They should have stayed with what they were good with. Roads could have been used for merchants, not soldiers. Stopping invasions with promises of good trade could be much more successful...
Still, the empire was closer to him than Albion. Maybe he could get something out of this... from both sides, if he played the game right.
He tilted his hat lower, then thought better of it, took his hat off and starting showing his generosity.
A little coin, a little privacy... in trade for reputation.
It's all a trade, in the end.
Destro Yersul

Skyre was on edge. Governor Bjarter stood by the window of his small keep, staring across the landscape. The Island was too small. In the middle of the ocean, all the land nearby already claimed...

Skyre needed somewhere to expand. And it was Bjarter's job to find it. "What of the landmass south of Albion? There must be room there."

His son Hinrik, recently appointed to the position of aide, shakes his head. "It's unexplored, as far as I've gathered."

"Find out then. Send word to the Emperor if you must. We're running out of space, out of ore, and out of time." The shortage of refinable ore would hurt. Skyre's entire economy was based on metalwork. They were good at it too. But with no ore, there was no metal. No metal, no money. No money, and the economy would collapse.

Erik Ingvar grimaces behind the back of the pompous man that had been sent from the capitol to inquire over the production of his ship lines. He wanted to make sure that the new Ironclads met and surpassed the standards of the previous warships.

"I see you have four ships in production?" He man says, half a statement half a question. His voice is whiny and irritating.

"These are just the ones closest to being finished. We have almost twenty more in earlier stages of development. Those two big ones there are The Qoyan's Pride and The Emperor's Fist. They will be the flagships of the improved Fennoscandian Armada." Despite how unpleasant the bureaucrat in front of him was, Erik couldn't talk about the Armada without pride swelling with in him. Built and Engineered in Cikuqoy, outfitted with the latest weapons from Skyre, they would be the most fearsome things on the sea. Three gun decks, powered both by sail and steam, capable of holding and deploying a small army.

Later in his study, Erik Ingvar dictates a message to Skrye. He acknowledges their wish to explore especially in respects to finding more ore. He suggests that the hills of Cikuqoy might have metals in them, telling them they have never been accurately prospected. He invites Skyre to send its prospectors to Cikuqoy to search the land for usable ore.
Ms Elaneous

After readjusting her tight hair bun, she pushes aside the sleek glasses to rub her tired eyes. Stacks of paperwork, reports, and forms to file. Of course, she won't be doing the filing, but she will be looking over everything that has come to her attention. The final papers to sign. Some of them are mundane orders of state, but others will require much more thought.

There is also the matter of the increased hostility towards Gaul. Although no violence in particular has been noted, the general populace is becoming less and less fond of them by the minute. The dissidents are starting to rise in popularity.

It could be quite problematic, so she thinks, folding up her glasses and placing them in her jacket pocket. Her shoes click hollowly against the marble floor as she steps away from her desk and towards the window. She stares out over the harbour, then past it. The sunset tonight was rather ominous.

She returns to her desk, looking over the papers that have most caught her attention of late. A request for funds to bulk up the military. She decides she'll try to get her own personal security bulked up as well.

Speaking of, "Harmon."

"Yes, Ms. McNamara?"

"I want the security at our offices heightened. Along with my personal staff."

"Of course."

He departs, shoes ringing out "duty" as they walk. At least Mr. Harmon was a dependable and loyal man.

Now, she returns to her signing.
Gwendolyn McNamara

Lord Ankhenhotep stands on a balcony of his palace in Memphis, the capital of Illumar, staring out at the waters of the Nile. At his side is his wife, Lady Nefira, and both rulers watch as an armored ship floats past.

"There's the latest gold shipment from up river." Ankhenhotep declares.

"Yes, and all signs point to a good harvest this year. So long as the flooding remains reasonable Illumar should have very profitable year." His wife replies.

"But there are rumblings of war on the continent to the north. I fear we may find ourselves ill prepared if the conflict spreads."

"Certanly they would be hard pressed to get through the deserts, our soldiers are well trained for combat there."

"It is not the desert that worries me. Our Navy, although good, is small. We will need to import more materials before we can hope to expand it. "
Destro Yersul

The preparations for leaving are quickly completed. Three ships set sail from Skyre. One to Cikuqoy to prospect the hills and two to round Albion and go South. The potential inherent in the lands West of Illumar is good.

Bjarter watches them go from the window. "Think they'll find anything?"

"I hope so. There's got to be ore somewhere out there, whether in Cikuqoy or otherwise."

"Has the Emperor replied?"

"Not yet. We'll need his authorization to colonize any empty land, but we can prospect without it."

"Good. Godspeed to them then, and I sincerely hope we find something." Bjarter salutes the ships and turns from the window, looking far more grim than usual.

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Otto Palindrome gazes, from the safety of a balcony, out at the city of Viktigstaden. It truly is a wondrous city, designed by clever minds and constructed by clever hands. Truly, this marvel of a capital was the perfect representation of Fennoscandia and the Empire. Mighty. Impenetrable. Wealthy. Powerful.

Palindrome smiles as a smooth, sweet breeze caresses his face, lightly ruffling the mahogany hairs of his beard.

Secretary Klynke clears his throat, and the Emperor sighs as his turns around. "Yes?"

"I had promised, your majesty, to bring you news of Skyre the moment that it arrived."

"Yes, you did. And?"

"And it has arrived, my lord."

Palindrome rolls his eyes. "So I had assumed. What news of Skyre, Klynke?"

The secretary removes a letter, sent by one or more Fennoscandian agents in the Skyrean province. He clears his throat, annoyingly, before reading: "Ore shortages on the island of Skyre have prompted Governor Bjarter to seek new ore elsewhere. Three ships have set sail, one to prospect the hilled regions of Cikuqoy and the other two to inspect the southern continent for colonization."

Palindrome taps his teeth together. "I see. Please send word to Cikuqoy that expresses my pleasure as to their generosity. Also, word should be sent to Bjarter that, not only does he have my permission to colonize that area, he is encouraged to claim as much of it as he can for the Empire, so long as he does not, heh, anger the locals. All current treaties must be obeyed. I fear for war to the West, I do not want to fear for war in the South as well."

Klynke nods. "As you wish, my lord. Right away." He bows, quickly, and leaves. Palindrome cannot help but draw similarities from his secretary to a cockroach that flees the room as the candle is lit.

His smile returning, he looks back to his city.
J. Muller

The messengers coming into Dubai carried news of a good harvest in the western fields. Great Leader Chairman Zenawi smiled.

He reviewed the reports on his desk at the government building in Dubai. The farmlands in the Ethiopian Agricultural Zone had produced an excellent amount of crops this year, enough to feed all the UIASR's people and more. The couriers bearing the reports had set out from the Zone offices of the agricultural ministry as soon as the harvest had been fully tallied, riding north out of the EAZ and across the narrow strip of land between it and the sea, towards a port on the edge of the Red. There, they had boarded a fast messenger ship that bore them to Dubai, where the reports were delivered. After plates were taken for the purposes of making copies of the documents, they were sent to his desk, where he read the results.

Soon to follow the couriers would be the harvest itself, after enough had been taken to feed the EAZ's farmers. The food would be carried by cargo vessels to ports all along the UIASR's coastline, where it would be offloaded and distributed.

After viewing the reports, Zenawi read others--these reports stating that the harvest in Yemen had been poor this year.


The next day, Zenawi sat at the end of a long table, with the ministers of the UIASR lining the sides. The meeting was coming to a close, with most matters of state having been addressed by now.

"And Mr. Kidan," He said, speaking to his minister of agriculture, "when the harvest comes in, take some of the surplus and give it to the people of Oman as a gesture of goodwill from the Union. Make sure the ships that deliver it display the flag proudly."

His minister nodded and wrote something down in his notebook. Zenawi nodded and concluded the meeting. "The People prosper, gentlemen." The members of his cabinet nodded in their turn. "The People prosper." they all said.

((Remember the rule that I posted earlier? It's gone now. Post just like you would if this were any other thread in the Town; just try to avoid double-posting and other no-nos of that nature.))
Destro Yersul

Finally some good news. The message had arrived this morning, and it meant a great deal to the population of Skyre.

"So it's all arranged then? We've got permission to colonize, as well as claim as much land as we want, so long as it isn't taken already?"

"That is correct."

"Good. The ships have only been gone a few days. Send a pair of our fastest ships after the two already heading South. Load them with food, supplies, whatever might be needed." Governor Bjarter smiles. For the first time in a while, things were looking up.
J. Muller

((Wait a second... by 'continent to the south', do they mean Africa or Europe?))
Destro Yersul

((Africa. Not Egypt, cause that's taken. That's where the four ships are headed. One is also headed to Cikuqoy to prospect))

The Cikuqoyan prospector is shown to the hills.

Rickard Landine eagerly watches the production of the four ship fleet he requested from the Governor-General. They aren't ironclads, like the newest ships in the fleet, because they will not be joining the fleet. Rickard Landine asked Ingvar if he could lead an expedition to Yukon, the land west of Cikuqoy. Ingvar had said yes faster then Landine would ever have believed. He smiles at the memory.

He still remembers the stories his grandfather used to tell him. Stories about how his Inuit ancestors had taken boats, little more then canoes, over the ocean to Yukon.

No one had made the trip since the Fennoscandian settling. Rickard would be the first one in over five hundred years. He would meet with the natives, establish colonies and trading posts, perhaps even convince the natives to join the empire.

He leaves the wharf, taking one last look at his ships. He had a meeting tonight with four prospective captains who would hopefully lead his little fleet with him.


((The following is sort of like a random encounter, deal with it how you will.))

An envoy comes to the capitol of each nation, asking for an audience with its leader to discuss a profitable deal. Once before your nations leader the envoy, a darker skinned fellow lavishly clothed in exotic jewelry. He explains that he represents a wealthy merchant who wants to sell a steady supply of workers to your country. It soon becomes plain he is talking about slavery. He extols upon the economic benefits your country will reap if they except his deal. Ultimately the decision is in your hands.


The slaver's envoy to Cikuqoy lies tied and beaten at Erik Ingvar's feet. "I'd kill you for this, you filthy bastard, but unfortunately I must wait for the Emperor's decision to your offer. Should he accept it, killing you would be treason. Unfortunately for you, I doubt he will accept it. You are going to rot in jail while I wait for word from the empire. Then in all likely hood, you shall be executed." Erik's eyes burn with fury. He spits towards the envoy and stalks out of the room.

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Otto Palindrome the XIX watches impassively as the slaver is escorted, politely, from the Royal Office. From the Office he will be escorted from the Keiserlige Slottet, then from Viktigstaden, then from Fennoscandia herself. The Emperor shakes his head before turning to Klynke.

"Write a letter, Klynke, to the Provinces. Should a slaver be found within Imperial borders, he is to be escorted, nonviolently, out of them. The Empire is not a slaving nation. It never has been and I will not see it become one. Not in my lifetime, at the very least. Other nations may find that they must rely on slave labor to compete in the global economy, but the Empire is not so weak that we must strip people of their freedom and force them to work. The Empire is comprised of proud, resourceful peoples. Slavery is not only an insult to the freedom of men, but to the hard work of Imperial citizens."

Klynke, holding a clipboard, scribbles furiously, sweating as he does so. "Er, yes, sir. And insult to the Empire. The slavers are not to be put to death, then?"

Palindrome sighs. "No. Imperial policy is that we encourage trade. Should this merchant-leader choose to offer other wares, I am sure that we would be willing to buy them. Killing his envoys would only sully future business." He pauses. "As I said, slavers are to be escorted outside of Imperial territory and then set free. Do you have all that?"

Klynke squeaks and continues writing. "Yes, Your Majesty, of course!"

"Good. Send it first thing in the morning. Oh, and do not forget to send a letter to Cikuqoy in general and Mr. Landine in particular about how pleased I am that they are seeking to expand the Empire into Northern Vinland. Please request that Mr. Landine name the first colony after himself, if he so chooses."

Klynke nods, nervously. "Your will is law, Your Majesty!"

"Dismissed, Klynke."

The nervous little roach-man leaves and Palindrome sits at his desk. "Slavery. Slavery! What is the world coming to?"
J. Muller

Destro Yersul wrote:
((Africa. Not Egypt, cause that's taken. That's where the four ships are headed. One is also headed to Cikuqoy to prospect))

((Morocco or thereabouts, then? Okay. The UIASR are in East Africa, so Ethiopia is taken as well.))

Chairman Zenawi pushes up his glasses with the second knuckle of his index finger. He regards the slaver with a cold glare. "The People are slaves to no one. Your employer's offer is an insult to every citizen of the UIASR." He motions to the soldiers that stood next to the door, who move forward and begin to escort the envoy out. "Tell your master that we will have no dealings with him, now or ever. And if I find out that he is taking people from the Union to sell in his disgusting deals, I will display his head on a spike in the center of the city." He says just before the envoy leaves.


Elsewhere, other developments take place. A government program to construct a rail network linking cities has made good progress, with trains already running from Dubai to major cities elsewhere on the Arabian continent. The harvest comes in and the ships depart again, stopping by some cities in Yemen to deliver the gifts of food from the UIASR. This is predictably well received, and socialists in the area begin to receive much more support from the people.
Ms Elaneous

"You're requested at the launching of The Griffin tomorrow. Shall I...?"

Again the glasses click shut and slide into her pocket. "Yes, make the arrangements, Harmon. I'd prefer that I remain here for the night and leave early, however."


She sighs. "Much."

"Of course, I und-"



Gwendolyn cringes at every over-emphasized footfall. The over ambitiousness of her little secretary was charming at first. Along with the sweet and somewhat high-pitched voice. Which steadily went from soft and demure to someone using a dog whistle against Gwen.

Still, Ms. Bard (oh-so-aptly named), was too kind to let go. She worked diligently and accurately. Not to mention she was damn good with a gun...

Not that they'd needed it of late.

Such as it is, she bows her head a little as though asking pardon for the interruption, then picks up the pace again. When she finally reaches Gwendolyn and Harmon, she almost breathlessly holds out a piece of paper.

Somehow, Gwendolyn is pleased to see that the message is written. Quick, before she speaks, "Thank you, Ms. Bard. We'll take it from here... Oh! Could you get ahold of those papers on the left corner of my desk? They need to go out... tonight."

"Of course, Ms. McNamara."

Trying not to shudder at the sound, she nods and smiles. "Thank you."

She may or may not have made up that part about "tonight."

As for the message, she reads.


Then sighs.


"I'll need to leave tonight, I'm afraid. Some sort of merchant dealing that requests my personal attention."

Another sigh escapes her lips.

"Tell Ms. Bard she is to come along."

Her gun is unfortunately handy...
J. Muller

Sophistemon wrote:
Please request that Mr. Landine name the first colony after himself, if he so chooses.

((That'd be NewfoundLandine, then?


Erik reads the message, anger and frustration clearly visible on his face. "Tell them to let the envoy go. Return his ship to him and outfit it for a three month voyage. Tell him that if he or any of his fellows return here I will kill them, Imperial orders or no."

An aide runs to his see his orders carried out. He sorts through another list of necessary items Rickard Landine was requesting. "Clearly he and I have differing views on necessary items." He says to himself. Rickard, though an honest man, had inherited great wealth and was used to high luxuries. "He'll have to buy these himself if he wants them on the voyage." He says, writing so much in a letter. Erik also cautions Rickard about having luxuries not available to the crew. That tended to make them mutinous.

After this he turns to more mundane matters, import/export records. Inland farm production. Various intelligence reports about the state of the Qoyan people. He smiles as he reads that his intelligent tax redistribution had quieted talk of seceding up north.

Then he gets to the report detailing his countries coal consumption and import records. "Sixty percent from Gaul?" He exclaims. Relying on one source so much for anything was dangerous. Only twenty percent of his nation's coal was local. Another twenty from other various sources. If something jeopardized the Gaulic coal reserves, his nation could be in a lot of economic trouble. He immediately sets underlings to work looking for new sources of coal and new ways to increase homeland coal production.

In the palace throne room, Lady Nefira listens politely to the slaver's proposition before turning him down. "Some of the private residents of Illumar may appreciate your business, but I am afraid the kingdom cannot. Please, enjoy the rest of your stay."

Oddly, Lord Ankhenhotep is absent from the room, instead meeting in another room with Andarian Weatherford, his chief of staff.

"What have you discovered?"

"My Lord, it seems a group of ships have landed in the region west of Illumar. they do not appear to be hostile, but with talk of war to the north, we cannot afford to take chances."

"Increase patrols on our western border and on the sea. If anything that looks vaguely military comes our way, I want to be infromed immediately."
Destro Yersul

Exploration has begun in the north-west African region. The other ships caught up quickly, delivering the good news. Presently, supplies are being unloaded and the ships hauled up onto the beach.

Meanwhile, back in Skyre...

"Thank you, but no. Skyre has all the workers it needs. Were you to offer something that was actually required at this time, things would be different. As it is, you'll be escorted back to wherever it is you came from." Bjarter waves a hand, turning away from the slaver. "Hinrik, see to it that our friend here leaves promptly."
J. Muller

Public sentiment starts to swing towards the UIASR in the coastal cities of the Yemen area. This is fueled by socialist demagogues and the gifts of food, leading to widespread public support for a movement towards socialist government.


Meanwhile, the UIASR has encountered some problems with the government in the area between the EAZ and the ocean. The shortest route to a major port leads through another nation, and the fees imposed on transporting goods back and forth have always been high. However, the Union has recently been informed that the tax imposed will be doubled. This does not go down well with Chairman Zenawi. In a public statement, he characterizes the action as "...malicious, a calculated attempt to rob the Union and its people." Zenawi issues a confidential order to the official in charge of the EAZ.

A few days after the order reaches the EAZ, cavalry of the 12th and 17th Cavalry divisions, supported by infantry from the 3rd and 6th Heavy Infantry divisions and elements of other UIASR divisions, crosses the border into Djibouti. Batting aside the surprised defenders, they quickly cross to the sea and, after some light action around the capital, take the seat of government. In accordance with Zenawi's orders, they restrain the soldiers from looting the city, taking the Djibouti king prisoner. He formally surrenders soon afterwards. The terms include the full annexation of his territory into the UIASR, clearing a path to the sea for shipments to and from the EAZ.

((If and when nations acquire new territory, please PM me the information so that I can add it to the front page. Your acquisitions will not be considered finalized until I have what you've conquered added to the front page. I would also like to reiterate that, if you want information about your nation added to the front page, you have to send it to me via PM. Thank you.))
J. Muller

((Come on guys, let's keep it moving here...))

((And this thread shall LIVE! Hopefully...))

Illumar sends an emmisary to Skyre, inquiring about their explorations into the African continent.
J. Muller

((Just gonna throw this one out there, then...))

Given the recent demonstrated economic success of the UIASR, socialism finds itself spreading, particularly in the minds of young people. These people have begun to meet and discuss socialist doctrine, which very obviously involves doing away with much of the current way of doing things. Some of them may even begin to demonstrate in the streets in favor of socialism, though of course they remain a very small minority, especially in the more economically strong or politically united nations.

((Basically, some people are starting to like socialism more because the UIASR is doing well. Respond as you will.))

It should be noted that such actions are more prominent in Illumar. It's as if the UIASR was supplying such groups with funding. In fact, that's exactly what is occurring.
Destro Yersul

The envoy is quickly returned. No ore deposits of any significant size have been discovered yet, and excavation is moving on to the next section to be searched. Contact with the natives is nil, and most of the rocks discovered so far are small, whitish and completely resistant to being broken by pickaxes.

A very non descriptive update on Cikuqoy:
Wealthy explorer Rickard Landine is currently in the middle of a rather boring sea voyage to the Yukon.
Governer-General Erik is dealing with the day to day troubles of running a nation-colony.

An as of yet un-introduced boy in icy northern Cikuqoy prepares himself for the journey south to sign up with the 'Qoyan army. (This is going to become a prevalent Qoyan character and to use him properly there is going to have to be some sort of fighting somewhere...)

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