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Alarra's characters

Name: Seren
Race: Star
Height: 4 feet, 9 inches
Weight: 83 lbs
Hair colour and length: Shoulder length white blond hair.
Eye colour: pale blue
Weapons: No one has seen Seren use any weapons or attack anyone, but that's not to say she doesn't have any. She generally uses magic of a sort. Actually, she appears to have powers over light.

Seren was knocked out of the sky by something angry. Further plot exposition throughout her time in town has shown that this angry presence was Lord Orcus, demon prince of the undead. She fell onto the beach of the town. She has been stuck here, trying to make it back to the sky, since. Except for the time when Orcus chose to possess her, and then she died and had her soul trapped in hell for a spell. She's back now though.

[Common Knowledge]
She is a star
She is staying in the inn

Name: Alarra
Race: Human (former celestial aspect)
Class: erm....I dunno
Alignment and Temprament: Lawful good. Insecure, trusting, overly helpful, and tends to blame herself for everything.
Age: she doesn't know.
Height: 5 feet, 2 inches
Weight: 98 lbs
Hair colour and length: Long blond hair, usually braided.
Eye colour: pale blue
Weapons: Alarra has a small magical crystal knife for dire situations, but has never used it. She uses magic when she must, but rarely as a weapon, more often to heal or shield herself or others.

Alarra was born human, but has no recollection of a life prior to that as an aspect of law. She is starting to recall memories of this life now. She was until recently one of 3 aspects of law, restoration to be specific. She resigned her post because of a large disagreement with Camin, the most powerful of the three, over the manner in which she was running the domain.

Camin is now trapped in a small crystal box at the bottom of the sea which occurred following her becoming a demon. Alarra trapped her there and lost her immortality in the process of sealing the box. Alarra is now married to El Jaspero and runs the gem shop. They recently had their first child, Agneta. They have also traveled to Dossin to learn of Alarra's former life and discovered much regarding cultist activities. (story to be posted eventually) They have also recently learned that they are Kyrian, who is here from the future,'s parents. They have 'adopted' two elf children who live with them in their shop/home, along with Atreyu (occasionally) and Blood.

Brin (leopard)

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