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Aiki's Creation Stories

These are snippets from a random writing of mine, The religion of the story is based on these, so it's a story in a story.

First up, Genesis.

Genesis 0,0

In ancient times; before the birth of the races of the world, the rule of elements was absolute. The four Mok’shri presided and warred with one another; scorching the earth, flooding, purging, and quaking endlessly for no solid ground was needed for their war.

The Mok’shri ruled over their primes; Rios, from the chill depths claimed that hers was a power unparalleled. “With a wave of my hand, I will bring the waters up to drown the land and the flames,” she spoke, and raised her hands to strike.

Saren, from the pure and clear skies argued quick before she could, for surely hers was a greater power. “I think not! With my breath I can blast the earth into pieces, and repel your waters Rios,” she whispered, and prepared to unleash a hurricane of immeasurable power.

Kelne, from the heated core bellowed for silence and disputed both. “Your power pales compared to me! With but one gulp I could swallow the air whole! And my strength will burst the earth apart!” He roared, prepared already to devour both.

Amlek, from the sturdy crust and by far the wisest of the Mok’shri contested with a dull rumble. “None of you remember that without me you would be nothing. I support your oceans, Rios, do I not? Saren, without me you would have nowhere to gather the winds. And Kelne, without my crust between your fires and the seas, your home would be quenched in an instant. Surely I am the most powerful of us.”

But, the other Mok’shri were not so sure. They immediately struck against one another, the waves swallowing the earth and quenching the fire as it swam across the land. The winds feeding the flames, but keeping the oceans far enough away to not be drowned. The earth, with it’s subtle movements splintered and cracked under Amlek’s guidance, and one great rift tore up from under the seas, swallowing the fire, the water, and the air and churning them together.

“I will force you to get along!” shouted Amlek, and in the tempest six children were born.

Tella, daughter of the earth and the air, was the first of the Ta’shri. As she burst from the maelstrom the flora of our world was born.

Marle, son of the air and sea rose as the second Ta’shri. As he pulled himself away from the storm he left a frozen wake.

Rinas, son of the air and flames was born with his sister Riole, the daughter of the flames and earth. As they were thrown from the cacophony, the lightning and thunder cracked and boomed around them.

Jarva, the fifth Ta’shri and son of the flames and sea was born next. The storm above the rift grew as his clouds filled the sky.

Kemat, the last, born of the earth and the sea shot sidelong from the crevice. With his birth the sea was filled with salt for the first time, and the rain grew nourished to feed the new plants.

And the tempest quieted. What little remaining in the basin was forgotten as the Mok’shri looked in wonder at what Amlek had done.

“Our children, they will teach us all to get along. They were all born in the same way, and possess qualities of each of us,” spoke the sturdy Amlek.

Though their progenitors warred constantly and could not see past what had been created on purpose, their progeny gathered near the rift and peered inside. All of them were striking in appearance, but none gazed upon the others for they already knew all they could know. Instead the peered at what they did not know.

In the depths of the pit, the remaining pieces of the warring Mok’shri began to coalesce. In the moments that followed, the fate of the world was written. All of the races were born that day. The Canids, the Felids, and the other mammals were born of more land than sea, and equal air and flame. The avians were born of more air than earth, and equal flame and sea. The molluscs and the fish were born of more sea than fire, and equal air and earth. The Dragons, The Serpents, and the Insectoid along with every other reptile were born of more flame than air, and equal sea and earth.

Finally, the fifth group was formed. Equal parts of every Mok’shri made up the Heum. Their blood was warm like a mammal, but their minds were sharp like the sea-creatures. Their hearts burned with the passions of the reptiles, and their eyes would ever look to the unknown like the adventurous Avians. They shared traits with all, but could never relate to any one fully.

Finally, the rift ran dry of the elements, and the Ta’shri lifted their heads toward their storm where the elements yet raged. The new plants grew fast to block the raging wind. With a heavy clap the thunder pushed out against the gathered clouds. The rain fell heavily as it could to dissipate the storm, and the air grew quickly chill, to starve the heat-craved tempest.

As the clouds parted, our sun was left shining straight into the crack in the earth, and the races of the earth were given their Kaltet.

All the while, the Mok’shri looked in wonder at what their children were doing, and as the races climbed from the pit they were taken aback. They promised one another that they would try to live in peace, but they agreed that some of the fighting was necessary. Without the air to carry the heat of the sun, the rain would never form clouds and fall, and the world would parch.

Though the Mok’shri would always fight, the Ta’shri were vowed to peace. They strived to work together and keep the races of the world alive.

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