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Age of Worms

Since the beginning of history, humanity has measured time in ages. Ages of Glory, of Dreams and even of, Great Sorrows mark the human tally of years, giving a sense of order to the events of past centuries. But one age has yet to occur-an age of darkness, of decay, and of writhing doom.

Witty bards and wrathful preachers know it as The Age of Worms, weaving it into the peripheries of their passion plays as a mythic era of destruction that could begin at any time. Astrologers, diviners, and the servants of Fate know more. The canniest among them fear that the Age of Worms has already begun.

Well, I have the intention to run this premade adventure path, involving the clasical saving the world theme, even if it only starts as tomb-exploring.Razz

well, some crunch now:

Starting level: ECL 1
Stats: generated by using the grid method in Invisible Castle. Explained here.
Gold: Standard
Number of players: 5, since i've also been wanting to play this since long ago.

Anyone up for it? i'll post more later, depending on interest.

well, seems noone's interested enough, Ah well. For now, i'll blame the season.

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