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Adventurer's Guild

The Adventurers Guild is a large mansion located on the outskirts of some generic town. It boasts a common area with reception and bar, places to sit, a fireplace and lots of space. A set of stairs lead to the second floor where one can find a small library and reading area, a small shop stocked with the most basic items, a small shrine to the Lady of Luck and Fortune where healing and other services can be bought. On the third floor there are simple but comfortable lodgings available, outside are stables for mounts and in the reception one can buy other typical services. In the basement is a small arena for sparring and other practice between members. Once in a while, special fights may be held here too.

The reception is also where one registers for membership, which costs 5 gp per level of experience a month. A full sheet with your skills and abilities are required. This sheet will be kept at the reception for anyone interested to see.

On the wall next to the reception is the bulletin board where anyone can post jobs, requests for help, rumors about adventure and other things that may lead off towards adventure.

The store has most ordinary items for sale at standard prices, and will also buy anything you may have to sell at half their selling price. The shrine offers spellcasting services, both arcane and divine, at favorable prices (see table below for prices, excluding material costs). Healing is half price for members.

Both lodging and stabling is free for members. Horses, ponies and guard dogs can be rented at the reception, as can messengers and ship's passage. Basic food and drinks are available in the bar at fair prices.

Bar Menu
Mug of Ale (several kinds) : 4 cp - 2 sp
Bottle of Wine (several kinds) : 2 sp - 10 gp
Wine (glass, several kinds) : 5 cp - 3 gp
Spirits (Rum, Whiskey,...) : 1 gp
Dwarven Spirits : 3 gp
Coffee : 1 cp
Tea : 1 cp
Water : Free

Loaf of Bread : 2 cp
Hunk of Cheese : 1 sp
Chunk of Meat : 3 sp

Meals : 1 - 5 sp
Banquet : 10 gp per person


Horse : 5 gp/day
Pony : 2 gp/day
Guard dog : 2 gp/day
Attack dog : 3 gp/day
Cart : 1 gp/day

Messenger : 2 cp/mile
Ship's Passage : 1 sp/mile

Spellcasting prices
0-level : 5 gp
1st-level : 10 gp
2nd-level : 50 gp
3rd-level : 100 gp
4th-level : 250 gp

For spells of higher level, an outside caster will be needed. The guild may be able to help in locating and hiring one for a price of 50 gp if no member of the guild can be used.

Notes on the Bulletin Board

Brave and resourceful heroes needed to deal with werewolf problem in village of Northwood. Ask for Erasmus North. Will pay handsomely. Bring silver. ((Adventure for 4-5 characters of level 2-3. Currently Open))

Members of the Guild

Grinning Skull - Goblin, Psychic Warrior, level 2, joined Dec 11 08, last payment Dec 11 08

Kalvar - Elf, Rogue, level 3, joined Dec 22 08, last payment Dec 22 08

Madreaina Gaundroth - Drow, Sorcerer, Level 1 (ECL 3), joined Dec 25 08, last payment Dec 25 08


An elderly man enters the guild to hang a note on the bulletin board:

Brave and resourceful heroes needed to deal with werewolf problem in village of Northwood. Ask for Erasmus North. Will pay handsomely. Bring silver.
((Adventure for 4-5 characters of level 2-3))

He then turns and leaves as a somewhat tall and heavy goblin enters and heads for the reception with a grin. The goblin fills out a few forms [Character Sheet] and pays ten gold pieces for membership to the clerk before heading to the bar

((Should I make a Sleight of Hand Check for my booted Dagger?))

A man, garbed in a dark black cloak, with it's hood raised to conceal the elf's face, heads to the Desk. It should be noted he currently wears a backpack, with a dagger at the belt, and a longbow on his back, no effort to conceal these weapons, but an attempt is made for the dagger in a boot, attempted to be concealed from the public.

At the desk he fills out forms much as the goblin before [Sheety], paying a total of 15 gold pieces as a membership fee before looking around, and heading to the bulletin board.

((I'd say that's only needed if anyone actually tries to spot it. Or if you try conceiling an attempt to draw it or something))

The goblin has settled down at a table and pulled out various weapons and placed them neatly on the table. Currently it is polishing a small axe, as it looks up at the newcomer with a grin

A young drow saunters in, in extremely revealing garb. She moves up to the desk, smiling sweetly at the person at the desk.

(( If there is someone at the desk. =P If so, male or female? ))

((Just to clarify, if you feel an NPC is needed, you're welcome to come up with one))

Well... lets see...

A young man is busy sorting out a stack of papers and looks up from his work as he notes someone approaching the desk. Upon seeing the drow he pauses, briefly forgetting himself before smiling a little sheepishly "Ah, sorry, what can I do for you?"

Madreaina smiles sweetly at the young man.

"What's a handsome young man like you doing in a dump like this?"

The young accountant's eyes glance around the place briefly before quickly settling back on the woman in front of him. He grins a little and leans on the desk "Keeping this dump from ruin. I like challenges, you see"

"Ah yes. The joys of all this land and guild."

She takes a form, and signs it, depositing 5 gp.

The young man takes the form and gold once she is done and pretends to look the form over, but is clearly a little too distracted "Joining the guild, I see. A dirty business it is, sometimes. Dangerous too. "

"Oh yes. Those of us need to rely on strong, young men like you."

She smiles at him, eyes watching him.

Looks like this young man is getting himself into some real trouble here. He straightens up a little "Ah yes, wouldn't do to let a woman of such obvious beauty and talent come to harm"

The goblin, still polishing its weapons, is watching with a grin and obvious amusement at the silly accountant and the seductress

The elf rogue reads the notices, before going to the bar and just sits at a table, looking at the menu, before noticing the goblin and looking to him.

Madreaina giggles, smiling.

"Of course, you'll be able to help if anything were to happen to me, wouldn't you?"

The young accountant probably spent more time reading than doing anything physically hard. And he's clearly not the wisest one around either. He smiles widely and responds a little uncertainly "Ah.. naturally. Worry not, fair lady, you are safe around here" he says and bows a little

The goblin shakes his head and looks around. Spotting Kalvar, he grins and waves

Madreaina smiles at the accountant.

"Why thank-you, dear sir."

She winks and walks off to the bar, taking a look at the wine menu. She grimaces slightly, closing the menu and deciding to just have a glass of water.

Kalvar waves to the goblin, and goes over to his table.


((We really need more people here, if this is to work Sad))

The goblin grins and puts away his weapons Why, hello

(( Yeah. =/ ))

"What brings you here?"

(( mm =( ))

Challenges, naturally The goblin states


And you? The goblin asks, while leaning back

"Escape. Money. Fun.

He grins.

"Something to do."

Escape, you say?

"From... things."

This sounded interesting...

Madreaina stayed turned away from the two, listening. Blackmail or information would be useful...especially with a surface dweller like that creature speaking to the goblin.

The goblins nods Of course... from things. Hard to hide from anything else

((Ooh. I just realized my avi for Karaki looks alot alot like my rogue))

Kalvar Grins.

"Nevertheless, that is behind me now."


I see the goblin nods a bit

"Seen the job that's up on there?"

Mhm. Was thinking of going there, but I am a little low on silver.

"Same here."

((Thought it had meant silver coins when I first read it, >.<))

"Hmm. Think we can scrounge some?"

((Heh, who would fight werewolves only armed with silver coins? Unless... I suppose perhaps a halfling with a sling or something... hmm, now that might be an interesting character concept))

The goblin shrugs Perhaps, but silver weapons are not the cheapest


"No, but if we supply the silver maybe we get it cheaper."

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