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Adventurer's Guild

I'm going to try and kick some life into this place. So here's the deal.

I'll be starting an Adventurers Guild. This will consist of an "Adventurers Guild" game thread, in which you can have your adventuring characters interact with others just like you would in Trog's Tavern or so. There is no DM in this one, and anything can happen, just as in Town. Only difference is that your characters must have character sheets and things are done by the rules instead of freeform.

The second part is a number of decidedly tiny games, being run by myself or others who want to. These games are no longer than they should be possible to complete in a week or two. That is, provided people post often. As such, all players will be required to post at least once every day. A player failing to do so will be out of that game and their place up for someone else to take immediately. This includes themselves, in case they get back before someone else takes the place.

Anyone can DM any game they are not themselves playing in. As such, if the DM who started it doesn't post regularly or disappears entirely, someone else is free to pick it up and keep it running. This also makes it possible for a game to take a turn down a path the original DM had not thought of, perhaps making it more interesting for all parties.

All players must enter a game using a character already registered with a character sheet in the Adventurers Guild, so that no time is wasted on waiting for people to write up their character sheets. Character sheets must be public so that anyone can check them, and possibly point out mistakes in them.

All rolls will be done by the DM, again to save time.

The games can be anything, but they are necessarily short and quick so that hopefully we can get a lot of them and thus a lot of activity. It may be something as small as a single fight and nothing more, or it may span a few encounters and some roleplaying opportunities.

The games are all based on the premise that they are announced in the Adventurers Guild, either as a task someone wants to hire adventurers for or as a rumor or something which may draw people to investigate. Stuff like that. As such, a game can be announced IC and players gathered that way too. If you want to join a game, you merely have your character go off to the game thread, provided the game is open. In addition the games can be announced in this thread too.

You can have any number of characters in the Adventurers Guild. The more the better, as you are more likely to have a character ready that fits any game you might want to join.

To make things as equal for all as possible, and to simplify things, all characters should follow this recipe:

 - D&D 3.5 rules, only core material (or simply anything from the SRD except variant rules)
 - 30 point-buy for ability scores (See table below for the point cost of each score)
 - Starting gold as per the table below
 - Average hit points, max at first level (average of a dice, 1dN, is (N/2)+0.5, so the average of 5d8 is 5 times 4.5=22.5, rounded down to 22)

Games should also assume a standard, non-specific setting so that everyone, regardless of what settings they are familiar with, can play if they like. It is also recommended to start out with games suited for low-level characters, of level 1-3, because such characters are faster to make and simpler to play, hopefully keeping things quick in the beginning.

If this turns out to be a success, perhaps other rules, systems and such can be considered. But for now I think it's best to keep it as simple and standardized as possible, to allow as many as possible to play along

Feel free to offer suggestions.

Table: Cost of ability scores
8 : 0 points
9 : 1 points
10: 2 points
11: 3 points
12: 4 points
13: 5 points
14: 6 points
15: 8 points
16: 10 points
17: 13 points
18: 16 points
19: 20 points
20: 24 points

Table: Character Wealth By Level
1 : 100 gp
2 : 900 gp
3 : 2700 gp
4 : 5400 gp
5 : 9000 gp
6 : 13000 gp
7 : 19000 gp
8 : 27000 gp
9 : 36000 gp
10: 49000 gp
11: 66000 gp
12: 88000 gp
13: 110000 gp
14: 150000 gp
15: 200000 gp
16: 260000 gp
17: 340000 gp
18: 440000 gp
19: 580000 gp
20: 760000 gp
Destro Yersul

This looks somewhat awesome. If I can find time, I might roll up a character or two...

Thanks Smile

And I certainly hope you and others will do so, when time permits. There's no real time limit on that. If you miss the first few games, more will (hopefully) crop up instead

So... how many, aside from Destro, are actually interested in this but haven't got any characters ready just yet?

Probably nice to know for anyone thinking of making a character, whether it's worth it or not.

I'm interested, but waiting for my end of semester exams to be done with before character building, even for low levels.

Looks cool, don't know if I can supply stuff...

Will try not to lose interest/forget. =).

In fact, yes, I think I'll stat up a character, even though my books are packed away.

and a backstory.. etc.

Urm.. any idea as to the world? or... just a random adventurer's guild somewhere?

Or... not enough interest?

I'll probably roll up a character, now that school's over and I have a bit of extra time.

We haven't gotten all that many responses to this, but at least some have shown interest.

As for the world, just assume it's some random guild somewhere. So, not any specific world.

I'd be up for it. I'm getting better at checking threads regularly, so yeah... =)

I'd probably make a Drow character of some kind. Hmm...*gets out sourcebooks*

Problem with drow is they are non-standard. They aren't in the 3 core books. ...

though they are <- There... as 'Drow Traits'

Would that be allowed?

D20 SRD is allowed. I use my sourcebooks for flavour and ideas more than mechanics, tbh. =)

This is my Character so far;


Keep the characters coming. Hopefully we will soon have enough to get some actual adventuring started, which may draw others to the guild Smile

Ok, think I'm done.

Check it please, Don't wanna start with a silly character ;P.

Looks good to me. Didn't check everything in detail, but I didn't spot any obvious mistakes or anything, other than you have listed your starting gold as 900 in 'Other Notes' and not 2700. You've used the right amount, though, so not really a problem.

Madreaina Gaundroth, Drow Sorceress.

I hopefully haven't done any silly mistakes.

Hmm. I think the wealth by level is based on character level, that is, without LA. I could be wrong, however, as I could not find it stated for certain anywhere. Anyone know or think something about this?

Otherwise it looks good to me

Dunno. Where did you get that information?

The table for Wealth by Level is on page 135 of the DMG. It says 'character level', but I am unsure if that would include LA in this case, mostly because it seems perhaps a little unfair to me if not. A 1st level drow with LA +2 is expected to function along with other characters of level 3, so why shouldn't they get the same amout of gold? But on the other hand I do believe 'character level' is without LA.

Nevermind. I found it stated on page 172 of the DMG :

"Use ECL instead of character level when referring to [...] Also use ECL with table 5-1: Character wealth by level to determine starting wealth for a monster character." And ECL includes LA, so there we have it. Castaras gets to keep her gold and everything is fine Smile Sorry for this little hold-up


My preciouses...

Darn it, I knew I'd forgotten something. Got so lost in that LA confusion.

You seem to have forgotten your feat at first level. You also have spent only 8 of your 12 skill points as far as I can see.

And you seem to have confused spells/day with spells known. Sorcerers get to know only four 0-level spells and two 1st level spells at first level, but you can cast 5 0-level spells and 4 1st level spells each day, from among those you know

Yay silly mistakes!

Although, I have already spent 12 skill points. The ticks apparently are class skills, the blank checkboxes crossclass. At least, that's how it set it up when I did the auto cc skills thing. Fixed everything else though.

Ah, you're right about the skills.

Just the feat and spells, then.

Already fixed...?

Oh. Didn't save properly. Gragh. Fixed.
The Bushranger

Hmm. I might roll something up...

Moar People?

Come on, people. We can't have an adventurers guild with only 3 people.

We'll give a free silver weapon of choice to the first 10 people who join... Very Happy

unfair. *pout* I want a magical +1 silver weapon of doom because I'm one of the three already here. Very Happy

I will throw my silver coins thank you very much.

But you'll need a catapult or sling or something!

The offer extends to those already here, of course Wink

And Exy, you can get a silver sling. It may be hard to use, but it'll look good Razz

I am a rogue =). It's shiny.

You need a healer, but I'd rather not play another divine caster....
Meh, I'll just play an Egoist and be happy.

Here's the begining of my sheet:

Edit: Durrrrrrrrrrrrr.

From a quick look that bard looks ok, though you still have quite a bit of money left. Haven't looked much at the Egoist.

And we still need atleast one more character before we can properly begin an adventure, as I don't plan to both DM and play a character at the same time Smile And of course, better with more than four players
Vincent Valentine

Dead thread is deadish, but I plan to submit a char here soon.... So, yeah.
If I could get the tome of battle/The book of Nine swords approved that would speed things along, but if I can't have it approved I'll simply submit my elven harpoon fighter instead.
EDIT: Changed my mind.. going with my finished Druid instead.

Ah, sorry, completely forgot about this. But as you said, this is pretty deadish.

I can't really look over your sheet right now, but perhaps someone else will feel like it (since I'm not really the DM or anything here)
Shades of Gray

Dead? Shoooot. I just found Enupnion, so I might roll something up if people are still around.

I would like it to be around =).

I'm still here.

Sort of.
Shades of Gray

Sadly, there are no mechanics for pie-mancers.''

I'll roll up a character soon. I shall roll up... something. Perhaps a paladin? no, of course not. Gogogadget BARD
Vincent Valentine

I think you'd want a factotum there for the go go gadget thing. That or a warforged artificer with the fiendish grafts for extra extendo limbs, and stuff.
Shades of Gray

It's core though. But I think the person running it has stopped. We could probably extend out of core.

I lurve factotums.

I'm still here, sort of, I'm just not very active lately. If this really does get going I may still play too. But to be honest I have my doubts by now that the gaming section here on Enup will ever pick up any real wind, I'm pretty much just waiting for the current two games to finish up so I can stop worrying about this at all.

I recommend moving somewhere else, like GitP, for non-Town games. It may have terrible server problems that should by all rights have been dealt with a long time ago, but atleast it has activity.

The reason for Core only was that I figured it would increase the chances that more people would join, and it would make character creation and game play much simpler and much faster, hopefully keeping the games from moving too slowly. I would prefer to keep it that way, but if it's just us four or five people it doesn't really matter much in the end. In fact, in that case it may be simpler and better to just run regular adventures and campaigns, instead.

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