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Adios por un rato

For those of you who don't speak Spanish, "Goodbye for awhile." After tonight I'm leaving Enupnion indefinitely because I can't seem to get my characters involved in any plots. But for those plots which I do have characters in, I apologize to everyone else involved. I think I could use some time off to get back some sleep I've lost due to this place. I don't know if I'll even come back at all. Sorry and goodbye. I will miss you all.

I will make plots for people who need them! I've got characters open too! Pleaaaaaaase!
*wails and screams and attempts to drag Uber back*

*breaks free of Vael's grasp*
Glad to see that you care, but I'm going to go for a while. I may come back over Thanksgiving break, though. We'll see. Sad

Town has your soul. You'll come back. You'll see.
Bye then.

But...but...what about the book we were gonna work on together?

Book? What book? *wants to know more about book*

UGAH! Wha...

Wow...Uber...Sorry. I hope that you find what you're looking for, be it in returning to the Town or not.

Thanks guys. And Wu, check your PMs if you haven't already. And goodnight, for the last time for at least awhile.

Goodnight, don't let the bed-


I wouldn't worry. Vael's right - the Town has caputed Uber's soul. He'll be back.

And if not, we'll bring him back. Dead or alive.

Sratch that last part, we'll drag him back half-dead if we need to, but he'll be alive.

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