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Ace 2

Ace 2's Characters.

Reel Alairy

Race: Tibbit
Hair: White
Height: 3'11
Weight: 60 lbs

Backstory Part 1:
He hid amongst the halflings, but he always knew he was different, he always wore a hat to hide the secret. At six months, his mother left him with the caravan to be taken care of him, it is a dangerous world out there for his kind, ever since the Empire declared all Versipellis to be sub-humanoid, mere animals. Of course, Reel is not a Versipellis in the sense of Werewolves or Weretigers, he had none of that ferocity in him. But even so, the halflings accepted him for who he was, for they were kind. It was not until six years later that his life changed for the worse.

The white hair boy sat on the side of river bank, he led his lure in careful taunt of the fish, and they followed it curiously. The emerald grass cushioned his form as he sat, staring into the clear waters, watching the green sunfish chase his lure. He didn't care to catch them, it's the bass he's after. There was energy in the air, maybe it was his ancestry that made him sense weather changes, or something about like that, but suddenly, he felt uneasy. Something was wrong.

He dropped his lure, cautiously, his senses told him, to be scared, and scared he was. He sprinted back to the caravan. “Something...” He managed to pant to Felix, the leader of the caravan, before they came. Like a storm, six bandits came from around the site. Six bandits was all it took to take the expedition of 30 halflings and one tibbit out.

They had a mage, and that's why. Magic unlike any Reel had seen before was cast, six bandits turned into sixty, and with them the halflings surrendered, no glory in death if no one is left to tell the tail. Reel knew he could escape, but he choose to remain with his family, the people that cared for him.

Tied and bound they were imprisoned in the carts and lead to a nearby Orcish mine, where they put the halflings to work. As they lead their way to be put in in shackles and to be whipped, a human examined over each of them, “This is all we got? Thirty one halflings? Barely worth the pay.” It made Reel very angry as he passed, but the human stopped him. “White hair?” He pulled off Reel's hat, “Cat ears? This one isn't a halfling. It's some sort of animal in the guise of one!”

The mage examined over Reel with his hidden eyes, eyes that seemed to lack a soul, but instead held massive knowledge, “No, sir, this is a Tibbit,” He replied, “A special breed, cat and shortfolk, he's worth much more as a pet than a miner though, too cunning.”

“A pet, eh? You know, I've been needing a new servant, and my daughter is getting lonely stuck in the manor all the time, I'll give you half-price.” Said the man Reel would later find out to be known as Rastov.

“Full price, and I'm being lenient with that, I know many people who would pay much, much more for him.” Said the Mage.

“Yeah, whatever, collect your money and go.”

Paige was a sweet and shy girl, about Reel's age. Even so, they rarely got along, since their engagements were usually by force. Reel spent his days tending to her, getting her what she needed, and doing what she wanted. Reel didn't get whipped, like in the mines. No, they had something special for animals, Geas Collar.

By night he wandered the grounds in his cat form, listening to things. The best was when Acterus, the wizard spent a few months at Rastov Manor. It was dark that night, when the carriage pulled up to the gate. He wore long grey-purple robes, and had an amulet that had an hexagon with a rhombus in it. He moved fast, as he entered the hall, though, he did not turn to Sammin, the butler, but to Reel. “Show me the way to your master, would you?” Acterus had said with kind eyes. The ones you can feel his love for humanity and all of the gods' creatures. His pale Grey met Reel's emerald.

Reel was shocked, but even at this point, he liked to act like a normal cat. “Meow.” he affirmed and brought him to Rastov's sitting room.

“Cat, What are you doing here?” He said very unkindly to Reel before Acterus entered, “Oh! Acterus! I did not n-know you were here!” It was the first time Rastov looked scared. Reel later found out that Rastov was terribly afraid of the arcane arts. It was just something he couldn't get his head around.

“Why, Master Rastov, this kind creature was just showing me around, weren't you... Uh, what is his name?” Acterus asked.

They just sat there for a few seconds, until Rastov turned to the cat, “Well, tell him your name.”

Reel hesitated. Big mistake, as pain shot up his neck, instantly he did what he had to do to get rid of the pain, “Reel Alairy.” The pain subsided, he almost turned to walk away, but he realized he hadn't been dismissed. He's made that mistake too many times. So, he just curled up into a little ball.

“You know why I've been sent to this town, and your hospitality is most appreciated.” Acterus said, Reel almost scoffed at the 'hospitality', but knew that would get him into trouble.

Fortunately, Rastov was on the same lines. “It was your organization and the government that gave you a stay here, not me.” He said, his fear replaced with disgust, “As such, enjoy the comforts of our home, Reel will take care of you.”

The cat looked up in amazement, he was never allowed to talk to guests, let alone serve them. This was odd.

“Well, then, Mr. Alairy,” Acterus said with formality that Reel had not heard since he got here. It kind of shocked him, “I'm a bit tired, could you show me to my Room?”

Reel nodded and at once brought the Wizard to the guest bedroom. The wizard looked around, “Perfect, you may go and do what you want, for now.”

The cat stayed in place, looking at the odd wizard. Acterus smiled. “My company is what you want? Well then...” He pulled out a small baggy. Reel noted that for a traveling wizard, he had very little baggage. But he never expected the wizard to pull out a set of scrolls, several pens, a larger (To Reel at least) book, a few smaller books, several weird trinkets that included a teapot, small counter top stove, a crystal sphere, and a mirror. Reel suspected that the wizard held much more in the bag, maybe a tent and sleeping bag. Now under torchlight, he could tell that the wizard probably hasn't had a proper room in a month or so, his face was covered in a layer of dirt, he looked tired.

“What brings you here?” Asked Reel, he knew he shouldn't've, but it came with no consequence.

The wizard just smiled, his caring gray eyes that pierced Reel's soul, but didn't really hate what they saw. “I'm here to find and stop a murderer. He's committed mass genocides across the multiverse. He's made his way to this world, and we're going to stop him. Would you please, show me your true form?”

“My true form? This is one of my true forms.” Reel's reply made the odd wizard (redundant) smile in an odd glee.

“You are quick, Mr. Alairy, tell me, do you read and write? I know most slaves aren't taught that virtue.” He says.

“I know common, and by that Halfling, but I must confess, I don't know how to write Feline.” Reel says quickly, the wizard gave a small chuckle.

“So you can talk to other cats. I assume you aren't a cat yourself, are you a Tibbit?” The wizard says.

“Hm... I've been called that once before.” He remembered the cruel Mage from before that sold him into slavery.

“You have another form, do you?” Says the wizard, his curiosity with Reel seemed strange to the cat, but the cat knew what he was getting at.

It looked as if the cat was going to stand on it's hind legs, but when it got fully upright, he turned out to be little more than a 2 foot humanoid with white cat ears and a long egg-white shirt. His clothes were designed to look cute, and he indeed could easily be labeled cute. (Just check out the avatar.)

“Hm... Yes, you sound look like a Tibbit to me. Tell me, did youtr mother have white hair as well?” Said the wizard.

“I never knew my mother.” Reel replied.

“Were you raised as a slave?” Acterus asked, his curiosity made Reel uneasy, but Reel knew he must answer the questions.

“No, I've only been a slave for two years. I lived with a family of Halflings beforehand.” Reel replied, “I still miss sitting at the edge of rivers, taunting the fish.”

“You seem like a bright young lad. Feel free to show up here whenever you want.” Arterus said.

Indeed he did. A few nights later, he approached the wizard.

“You see the person that took my family captive, he was a mage and performed unreal feats, stuff I have never seen before, and...”

“...You want me to show you how? Here, Read this.” The mage gave him a basic magic book. “It will tell you the basic runes I use. Magic is usually hard to get into, but addicting once you do, like a great novel.”

“I wouldn't know.” Reel said solemnly, he was six when taken, he was barely taught to read, and only could do it because he eavesdropped on the older kids and because he listened and helped Paige during her lessons.

“Magic is a strange force, some people feel that they can summon it up only when they are angry, others claim they need intense focus and stillness for them to function. I think it's a mixture. Use emotion to summon up the energy, then use concentration to focus the energy into form.” He looks at his hand, and a small flame appears. He lights the small stove with it and puts it out. “See, I want you to rest for 8 hours, and then meditate on those symbols when you wake up tomorrow.”

“Right.” Reel didn't cast magic the next day, or the one after, but he did get a small spell within a week, and that's almost unheard of amongst wizards. With the next few weeks, he found himself hanging with Acterus more and more over the next few weeks, and he was able to cast more and more spells, he even practiced in his animal form, just so he could get a feel for that.

He loved practicing magic, but he was a slave, so he had to keep his activities a secret. By the time he was nine, he was accepted into the wizarding community, unfortunately, that's when Acterus had to leave, it seems that the murderer was on the move again, and the evidence was gathered completely from this place.

He left without a goodbye to Reel. It hurt Reel, made him feel worthless again.

He was fifteen, and managed to keep up his practice of magic by taking books from the Town on the times he and Paige could make it, it was at this time he received a message.

A messenger showed up at Rastov Manor, he requested to speak to Reel. Master Rastov looked shocked, “What would you want with my slave?”

“I have urgent business with the organization,” Said the messenger, how did not look like someone who would normally be a messenger, he was tall, really buff, wore an apron and had a hammer strapped to his belt.

“Well, you can tell me.” Said Master Rastov, who was becoming continually vexed at the messenger's unwillingness to cooperate with him.

“If you could, it will be but a minute, it has to do with his connection to Acterus, just a small talk.” Said the messenger, he was big and buff, but he had a gentle look upon his face. He was not someone you'd want to fight, either because he seemed so friendly, or because he looked so strong.

Neither seemed to phase Master Rastov, for he was a man who thought himself invincible, and did not care for other's gentle nature. “I told you, you may not see my slave, if it has to be said, it will be said to me.” And his arrogance would not permit him to let some slave seem more important than he.

“By the order of the Organization, and the government, as well as the gods themselves, I must see that Tibbit!” The messenger demanded powerfully. So powerfully that it made Rastov remember that he was still mortal.

“V-very well, Reel! Get in here!” He called out, and the little boy entered the room.

The messenger waited for Rastov to leave, then for him to stop listening at the door. “Here you go. He left everything to you.” He handed the small bag to Reel.

“Wait, what?” Reel asked, confused. The messenger merely steered at him. Then he drew out Acterus' Amulet, the Hexagon and Rhombus, and placed it around Reel's neck. Now he could see it looked kind of like an eye, with six rubies in the rhombus. ((In case you haven't got it, it's the Rubus Oculus. Rex isn't the only one who prizes it's power, and though he's the only one with a natural one.))

“Everything you need is in that bag. The bag is Acterus' and he entrusts you with it.” The messenger said and Reel understood what he meant, Rastov couldn't demand it from him since it wasn't his to give, it would be considered theft, which is against the collar. But it didn't stop Reel from looking into the bag. The first thing he found was a letter.

Mr. Alairy

If you are reading this, I am dead. Most likely by his hands. I always loved you like a son, it was for this that I sought to purchase you, but your Master would not budge, and demanded I leave the manor, accusing me of sick things.

I'm entrusting you to keep my work and death from being in vain, there is a man, the man that brought about my death, that goes by “Rex Idiotarum.” I managed to get the collar on his neck which should keep him tame. I want you to make sure that collar does not come off, for when it does, all hell will break loose.

In the bag is my spellbook, and it holds quite a collection of spells, enjoy it. I have also made you an official Organization member with the protection of Rex as your personal service. Your Master won't understand at first, but he will be forced to let you go. Don't give up the dream, one day, you will be free.
Until that day, I will wait,
Acterus Mainfilled

With this, Reel sobbed, and the messenger comforted him. “He is in a better place now, he refused my resurrections in turn for the letter. He cared for you, and it was only through his death that he could get you freed.

Tears ran down Reel's cheeks, “S-stupid fool... he should've known that.... I would rather have him alive than my freedom...”

It fades away like a dream from there. Reel, over the next two weeks is let out of the house, but not freed, He met up with the messenger again, who was actually a Cleric named Heath Rippy. Heath offered him a room to stay, but reel turned it down He was free from that now. He knew that if he preformed a great service for the government, he would be free, and here was his chance. He Tracked down Rex to a large city known as the Town. It was odd, but reel had the feeling he met this person before it rose a hatred from him that he had never felt before. He knew who Rex Idiotarum was, this was the man who was constantly a negative force on his life, this was the man who attacked his mother, driving her to leave her kid with strangers while she could distract him long enough, this was the man that caught and sold him into slavery, this was the man that killed his best friend, the only father figure reel had ever known. And yet, his loyalties held stronger than his rage. Rex Idiotarum will live, for now...

Now for part 2.

Reel found his way around town fast enough, and befriended a few people. Soon, he felt, he was the cat's meow.

But that ended when the binding that Acterus placed on Rex failed. Rex became wild again, and it was up to Reel to sacrifice himself to rebind Rex. In order to keep the binding held, he gave very specific instructions to Hitomi, a friend he met in town.

She failed to upkeep the binding, and soon it fell apart. Rex was killed by his player, or so we think.

Turns out that he fell apart, and Reel was reformed. He took it upon himself to watch after Rex's other parts, as well as the girl, Hitomi. When the Trickster, someone posing as Rex, attempted to attack her, Reel stood in the way and took the beating before they her and Aesa took him in escape.

In fury, he scolded them for their inaction, and was expelled from the Mist Spire, back into the Town.

Soon, he was kidnapped by the Trickster to be held at ransom, against Acterus, who also reformed as Rex split apart.

As people played the Hero, The Trickster cut Reel's throat, and tossed him through a portal, that lead to here, to New town.

And thus his journey continues, can he find his way home? Will he want to?
Ace 2

Curtis The Lawyer

Arguer 7th level.
Height: 5'10"
Age: 19
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Brown, More noticeable are the red framed glasses he wears.

Backstory: Not much, he left the Old Town after it's decent into anarchy left him out of business, but is still remarked as a great lawyer, as proven in the two cases he fought: Lionel vs. The Town, as prosecutor, and in Rex vs. Kyrain as council for the defendant. He's a great political mind and knows how to play an argument.

He loves to play the Devil's Advocate. And in doing so, he's received great credit for his arguing ability, as well as quite a few enemies. Is believed to be possessed by the ghost of Jonny Cochran.
Ace 2


It was just after the scourging. I know what I have to do.

My soul belongs to the Devil, but Heaven contests for me. My soul, that of a child, innocent of all I had done in her previous life, now seek past judgment, and hoped to redeem myself. I have taken up the Paladin's sword, and hope that I will not be judge, this time around, by my form or my past.

Even though I do not know what that past is.


She would repent for her sins another day. Today, she was just playing the game.

Every day, she was just playing the game. It was what she has to do. She would redeem herself another day. Today, she was just focused on results.

Even if that result got a few people killed.

Her military skills were world renown, and many folks surrender at the mention of her name.

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