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A live changing event (PEACH)

I woke up to the light of the sun shining through the window. Strangely enough, the window seemed to be somewhere else than I remembered. I shrugged that thought of as being confused due to sleeping at another place, but wait, did I sleep in another place? I somehow felt like I went to sleep at my own bed yesterday evening. In fact, I was not even sure where I was at that moment. I decided I would be best of if I just figured it out after getting dressed. I got out of the bed and looked around to see whether I had stored my clothes nearby, I found my clothes in the wardrobe. I got dressed, not knowing if they had a shower around here, and left the room.

The room was apparently next to a hallway, with the rooms numbered like in a . Luckily enough, there was an exit sign, I wouldn't have known the way out without it. After walking down the long hallway I found myself at a staircase, I went down the staircase to come into some sort of common room. There were a lot of people here and something was off about them, but I could not determine what it was. I walked towards the bar and looked at the lady behind it. "Would you mind telling me where I am, miss?"

"You're at Farmer's inn, of course, why do you ask?" The lady seemed to find this an odd question, judging by how she looked at me.

"Just wondering, I would like a glass of coffee to start the morning, please." I tried to do my best to distract the lady from what she apparently found an unusual question.

"Of course, miss Baker, would you like some cream to go with that? How about sugar?" She seemed to know my name, even though I'm sure I've never met her before.

"A bit of cream, but no sugar. How long have I been staying here again?" I needed to find out more about this unusual situation, and what better way to ask someone who works at the establishment.

"Let me check." She started the coffee machine before opening the guest register, looking through it carefully. "You've been here for nearly two weeks now, since the second of October."

Two weeks, missing two weeks from my memory, last I remembered was going to bed at the first of October. Whatever happened, I needed to find out what it was. "Thank you for your help, miss."

"No problem at all." She stirred a bit of cream through the coffee before giving it to me. "Here's your coffee, quite strong, but not too strong, just as you like it."

"Thank you." I picked up the coffee and went to a nearby table, wondering how she knew how I liked my coffee. I soon realized that as I had been here for nearly two weeks already, she must've found out while making me coffee earlier. I took a sip of my coffee, and it was perfect, it really was just how I liked it. I decided to study the other people in the common room a bit, trying to find out what was off about these people. I wondered for a long time, but wasn't able to find it out.

After finishing my coffee, I decided to go outside for a stroll, maybe find out what town I was in, I knew it couldn't be my hometown, as that town had no inn called Farmer's inn. I went to the bar and placed the cup on it. "Please put this on my account, miss. I'm going outside for a little stroll."

"See you later, miss Baker. Have you been to the museum yet?" The lady asked with a smile.

"I don't think I've done so." I replied carefully, trying to do my best to remember whether I've been there.

"You should, it holds quite a bit of valuable information about the area, as well as the history of this locale." She seemed like she had advised this to many of her visitors.

"I will look into it, well I'll see you later." I promised before leaving the common room. Finally outside, I was amazed by what I saw, it was as though I was in another world. The street was made out of cobblestones and the buildings were made out of quality masonry. The most interesting part however, was that instead of cars, horses went over the road. There even was the occasional horse carriage.

I walked around a bit, looking over the people and the places. I soon arrived at the museum, and decided to look into it. I entered the building and went towards the counter. "Good morning sir, what would entrance to the museum cost?"

"Thirty five pence, miss. forty if you want to try our historical drink." The old man smiled at me, there was something off about this smile I could not put into place.

I laid down forty pence on the counter, wondering why this museum would be so cheap. Somehow I was afraid my money would not be accepted here.

"Thank you very much. Follow me for the tour, please." He came from behind his counter and led me into the museum. The first thing he led me to was a huge battlefield layout, it seemed to work with similar weaponry as I knew were used in the end of the nineteenth century. "This is the historical battle of Hubborton, fought in the middle of our town it secured the victory of the Anglians." The remainder of the tour was as historical as the first part, though it was not a history I, a historian, was familiar with.

At the end of the tour we arrived at a little bar, where the old man poured me a glass of what seemed to be carbonated strawberry juice. He handed me the glass and when I tasted it, it was very peculiar, it seemed to be a wine made of strawberries and I had never experienced a taste like that before. After finishing the drink I left the museum, not knowing where I was or where I should go. I decided to go back to the inn first, as it was time for a healthy brunch.

While having my brunch at the inn, a man entered, dressed like an ancient copper, but with a rifle in his hands, he walked towards me. "You are not supposed to be here, miss Baker. Follow me peacefully or experience the consequences."

Surprised, I stood up and followed the man outside, he led me towards a cave, at the other end of the cave was a city with technology unlike I had ever seen before. He led me to an office building and placed me in a waiting room. "Wait here, we will call you when you are needed."

I got called after just a few minutes. Inside the office were the man I just met, and a woman dressed in clothing which seemed quite expensive. She stood up and shook my hand. "Miss Jane Baker, we have come to realize you have a talent we are most interested in. I'm Kathleen Peterson, leader of the Department of Interdimensional Investigations."

"Interdimensional... Investigations?" I asked, very much surprised. "What talent would acquire the interest of such an extraordinary organization?" I wondered if this all was not just a dream, somehow hoping both that it was and that it was not.

"We are an organization helping governments dealing with dimensionhopping criminals, your talent is that you are a natural dimensionhopper, but not an ordinary dimensionhopper, people seem to think that you've been at their location before you're actually there, meshing you in more easily." Miss Peterson smiled. "I want you to become part of my force, we've never seen a dimensionhopper like you before and it would be a shame if it would be wasted. You would gain whatever you wanted, as long as it was in your spare time."

"I guess I could try." I said softly, knowing that this would bring great adventure.

"Welcome to the force, Jane." Miss Peterson sat down and started to look into her paperwork. "You can leave now, both of you." The man and I left her office and the man showed me my room, never telling me his name.

The next day, I started on my training.

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