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101 Things To Do At the Mall when you're broke

Well? Any fun things you've done/plan to do when you're at the mall with no money?

#1 Try to trade your stuff for their stuff. "I'll trade you these packs of gum, my hat, and this football for a smoothie."

Find the bookstore and read a book, then put it back.

#3 Block the isles with shopping carts full of stuff. People will think they are someone's things and just leave them there.

#4 Um... Go window shopping?

To be honest, it's not likely to happen much to me, I think.
But yeah, Windowshopping.

Go into the movie store (FYE or whatever), take the childs material (Teletubbies or whatever is popular these days) and place them throughout the Adult videos section.

Even better, replace teletubbie DVDs and replace them with "Saw III" DVDs.
Lord Vader

#7- Go to Borders and read me some free books. ^^

Go into the toy store and play with stuff.

Do the same at the Gaming store.

And Spencers.

Sit on the little kid rides and beg people for quarters to ride. See if you can get enough to buy a pretzel from Auntie Anne's.

#9: Let loose a snake at the pet store. In the confusion steal a large dog and let it loose in a fancy clothing store or jewelry store.

What, it dies that quickly? Fine, I'll add some stuff.

10: Ask mall cops if they have any good World War II stories.

11: Go to the perfume store, and ask for a sample to be sprayed on your wrist. When you get said sample, act like you're having an allergic reaction and say you need a grape slurpee to offset it. Foam at the mouth for realism.

blackout wrote:
Foam at the mouth for realism.

If you have a trick that allows you to do that at will, do share.

... I want to be able to get out of school in the middle of the day. >.>

Stick a bit of toothpaste with hydrogen peroxide in your cheek?

Fake rabies? Hurrah!

12. Steal things! ... I mean... take things when people arn't looking... I mean... ask perfect strangers for handouts because you're hungry. Yeah, that's the one. "Hey mister, could you spot me a couple bucks? I wanna get an ice cream"

13.  Fight zombies!

Bookboy wrote:
13.  Fight zombies!

Don't forget your camera.

I was typing this, and suddenly I realized, I've actually done a lot of these!  Shocked I never knew I was broke at the mall so often  Shocked  

1. Bring a sketch pad and start drawing whatever/whoever you see. Sometimes people will stop and watch, if you're really lucky and a really good artist they'll request a picture and actually pay you for it. I've had plenty of people stop and watch, but no buyers.

2. Wait till you spot a friend of yours, then go shopping with them, especially if they have money!

3. Find a book store. Read.  

4. Find a leather store and feel all the merchandise. I love the feel of good leather.

5. Pick a really expensive clothing store and try on all the stuff you love but know you can't afford to buy.

6. There are free samples of makeup, lotion and perfume in some department stores.

7. Some stores have reclining chairs on display, find the comfyest one and take a short nap.

8. Look at all the nail polish colors in the salon just for kicks. Read the names. Some of the names of those colors are so silly.

9. Test the knobs on all the gumball machines and candy machines. Sometimes you get lucky and get a free gumball.

10. This game is best done with a friend who keeps track of where you’re going so you don’t actually get lost. Take a good look at the map. Then walk through the mall being careful to look only at your feet and not keep track of where you are going.  When properly lost look around and try to use your memory of the map to find your way back.

11. Keep your eyes and ears open at all times, you never know when somebody will drop some spare change. It just takes one clumsy person and you can end up with enough to buy an egg roll in the food court.

12. Find an over-eager salesperson. Act really interested in their merchandise. They'll get so excited they'll be tripping all over themselves thinking you'll buy it. When you can't stand putting the poor sucker through it any more, tell them you have no money and watch their expression  Twisted Evil

13. Just sit there and smile and wave at random people. It confuses them.

14. Come up with weird alternative names for the stores. Share the names you invented with your friends later to get a few laughs.

15. People watch. The most bizarre people come to malls. I'm telling you the fashion statements are a riot.

16. Ride the escalators. Up and down and up and down and up and...

17. Play with the toys in the toy stores.

18. Watch the videos they've got playing in the electronics stores.

19. Listen to the music samples from those annoying little music playing things…how do you describe those things…they have pictures of the cd’s on them and you press on the picture and it will play a sample, usually it’s some sort of ‘sounds of nature’ ‘sounds of the ocean’ you know what I’m talking about right?

20. You know those talking toys? The ones that say “Press the bear’s foot and hear it sing 3 different songs!” Yup. Those toys. Make every single one of them start talking or singing at once. Then go stand off to one side looking like the noise is annoying you as much as its annoying the other people in the store.

21. Window shop.

Sit in things.  I recently went to the mall of america for the first time and sat in some giant comfortable bean bags, and a thing I like to call DOME CHAIR!  It was a masasage chair that had a dome that came down over your head and had fun lights in it and played music.

Oh and wave to random people.


If you're in a mall with a water feature, take all the small change that'll inevitably get thrown in there.

Ohhh....Gnrlshrimp is on to something there... you can get enough to buy lunch if you do that... yup definitely good idea. Sadly, the mall I visit most often does not have a fountain.

Find an ATM and withdraw some money.

Go into the shop where you buy your dice (if you buy dice), and ask to test them. If they let you, complain that they only go up to X (where the dice has X faces), and that you want one (with the same number of faces) that goes higher.

wingrae wrote:
Ohhh....Gnrlshrimp is on to something there... you can get enough to buy lunch if you do that... yup definitely good idea. Sadly, the mall I visit most often does not have a fountain.

Iirc, my dad said it's illegal to do that in some places in Britain. Dunno what it's like for you americans. =P

I think it's illegal if the money in the fountain is going to be collected and given to charity or something...I remember seeing a little notice about that in the trafford centre once before.

Luckily, people chuck their money in all the fountains, even the ones where the money won't be used for anything.

Dance behind random peoples backs and when they start to turn around act normal

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