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1000 Things to do when you're really bored

1.  Lurk
2.  Have an eleven way Gabbly conversation with yourself while impersonting other board members.
3.  Begin number 2, then invite someone to join you on Gabbly and keep up the characde as long as you can.
The Chilli God

4. Start a "1000 Things to do when you're really bored" thread.

Just getting that out of the way. =P

5.  Post in a "1000 things to do when you're bored" thread"

Clearing that up as well.  Razz

5. Post in the "1000 Things to do when you're really bored" thread.

6. *decapitate* someone in an AIM chat
7. plot multiple ways to inflict gory pain on your simuer

8.  Simu someone in a "1000 things to do when you're bored" thread and call jinx on them.

10. Fix the numbering on a "1000 things to do when you're bored" thread.

11.  Ask people to try things that don't involve making fun of the "1000 things to do when you're bored" thread.


13. Looking at the ceiling and finding designs in the uneven textures.

14. Sleep.

OMG! It's unheard of!
How could he suggest such a thing?!

15. Eat
16. Go on Town
17. Play games
18. Play Naughts and Crosses/Tic-Tac-Toe with yourself
19. Go visit the mall/shops
20. See how long you can stand on one leg.

21. Doodle
22. Doodle on your hand
23. Doodle on your table, your pencil, your paper
24. When bored and without a drawing implement - get out your key/such like, and scrape doodles into the table.

All tried, tested, and confirmed to be great ways of relieving boredom.

25: Start reading "Wat and Peace" you'll soon realize that you didn't even know what bordom was before and whatever you were doing before you weren't actually bored.

26. See how long you can stand on your head before passing out.
27. Try to imagine what competent fighters would look like duking it out. (i.e. Ironman v. Samus)*
28. Try to imagine two non-competant fighters would look like duking it out, if they were committed to hurting each other. (i.e. King Tut and Elton John)
29. Homework.
... Naaaaah.
30. Chase the dog/cat around the house while imitating Godzilla.
31. Pretend to be a ninja.
32. Be a ninja.
33. Begin laughing for little to no reason in a room full of people.

* I just realized how much those two had in common. It's weird.

34.  Listen to music at unreasonable volumes.
35.  Listen to music at unreasonable volumes and breakdance.

36. Learn to Juggle

37.  Learn to juggle DnD books and/or dice, then show off to friends, family, and DMs.

38. Sing as badly and out of tune as you can. Preferably singing something like Llama Llama Duck, or the Badger Song, or the Annoying Song.
39. Run around screaming random words. Preferably on a football pitch with people playing a game, but anywhere will do where there's people.

40. Read, anything will do but I prefer a novel
41. Learn a new language through music; Rosenrot oh rosenrot!
41. Mess up the numbering in the 1000 things to do when you're really bored thread
52. Create a new Town character
31.5. Kill off an old town character
45. Restore the proper numbering
46. Get a job!
47. Start yelling "Get A Job!" out the window of your car as you drive past people
48. Fondly remember your childhood
49. Scar yourself for life by re-watching cartoons you used to love as a child
50. Write things, it's creative and really fun too
51. Dance like there's no body watching, to music you'd never listen to when people are around
52. Contemplate life, the universe, and everything...

53. Point out that life the universe and everything is overcontemplated and should just be ignored already.

54: Listen to Weird Al Yankovic's 'That's Your Horoscope Today' before you finally crack from not listening to any other music for more than 8 hours.

55. Eat a muffin.
56. Eat a cupcake.
57. Eat a Jell-o mold.
58. Go on a bike ride.
59. Eat Oberweis ice cream after said bike ride.
60. Dream about having to find bugs for a present-rewarding scavenger hunt.

61. Sneak into places you probably really shouldn't be. Like your college's planetarium when it's closed, or the back rooms of national libraries.

Warning: The last one may or may not be a federal offense. Beware of men with M-16s.
Shadow of the Sun

62. Learn to play a musical instrument.

In my case, bass.

63. Learn to play a musical instrument well.
Shadow of the Sun

Didn't stop the punks.

Very Happy

64: Count the numbering in this thread to make sure it's correct
65: Read Enupnion from the beggining

66: Reading Town from the beginning.  (Which was around a year or more before we moved here.)

Renom wrote:
65: Read Enupnion from the beginning

67. Quote people just to correct their spelling
68. Plot revenge on all the people who say i.e. when they mean e.g.

69. Annoy people i.e by using i.e when you mean e.g Razz
70. Sneak onto the various forums you surf while doing schoolwork
71. Have fun dodging the teacher's and librarian's gaze

72: Build a weapon. Out of straws.

75. Skip out random numbers. I.e. when making a map.

74. see how many times you can jump around your house before being exhausted
75. Streak through the town for a dollar
76. throw things at the wall to see if thell stick to it

77. ask random people what their favorite number is
78. try to start a fire by rubbing two Popsicle sticks together.
79. dig around in the fridge, grab the first three things you find, and try making something palatable that combines all three.

80. count to 1000 Razz

81: Retcon your autobiography.

82.  organize your socks alphabetically.

83. Turn people into animal/creature-human hybrids.
84. Genderbend everyone!
85. Make a harem consisting of fictional characters.

86. Use Harem consisting of fictional characters to take over the world.

87. Let a voice in your head sleep with a voice in someone else's head, then deal with the resulting aftermath when a third voice shows up...

88 Rewatch your favorite (and already memorized) episodes of Star Trek

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