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Fathom's Characters

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Joined: 23 Aug 2009
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Location: through the looking-glass

PostPosted: Thu Sep 03, 2009 9:54 pm    Post subject: Fathom's Characters  Reply with quote

The next applicant steps up to the desk, posture awkward, clearing his throat self-consciously.  He's a halfling boy, about twelve or thirteen years old, no taller than a human of eight.  A floppy brown hat sits atop his dark, medium short hair, and a weatherworn brown vest is buttoned over his hand-me-down, off-white, button-down dress shirt that looks a couple sizes too large, and is conspicuously missing one of its cuff buttons.  He's wearing matching brown slacks, with a patch on one knee that almost matches, and no shoes.  A wooden slingshot with a catgut band is tucked into his back pocket.  His eyebrows and eyelashes are thick and dark, and his eyes are a haunted gray with just a hint of melancholy blue.  His skin is freckled and grimy, and his feet haven't even grown in their first hairs yet, though as dirty as they are, this can be difficult to tell.

"Yeah, uh.  I ain't neva done dis kine a thing b'fore, so excuse me if I dunno the rules.  See, I ain't even a real PC, you wanna know da truth.  Ain't even got a ...whatchacallem, carroter class.  What?  Commoner?  Commoner dan who?!  Hahah.  Sheeze, I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb on a hitchhiker, hangin' around in a classy joint like dis.  Can't even afford no experience points.  I'm lucky if I get food, or a roof over my head.  But I guess dat's commoner dan a lotta people think, ain't it?

"Guess dat brings up da question, how'd I get in straits dis dire?  Well, dat digs up some history, don't it?  Okay, yeah, maybe it ain't so much history ta summa youse, what been around da calendar more times'n I've seen da sun rise, but anyways it's history ta me.  See, when our home burnt down, last fall, we wasn't da only ones it happened to, and my old lady, she got me out safe.  Pops even helped wit da firefightin'.  Thing is, wasn't long after that, I lost 'em both.  Youse guys remember da Space Hun Invasion of Aught Eight?  Yeah.  You damn well bet I do.  Somehow I managed ta get away wit my life, in all dat.  My folks... dey wasn't so lucky.  Not dat I was what ya'd call lucky, either, not when dat blizzard hit, an' me caught out in da street wit' no home an' just da clothes on my back.  It ain't easy gettin' by in da slums, even in da best of times, but last winter, psssh, I wouldn't wish what I went true on da worst a yuz.

"Anyways, come da tail end a winter, there was some tawk about buildin' a safehouse, fer PCs and NPCs alike.  Fer awhile there, I thawt maybe it was da answer ta my prayers, but I guess da gods don't care about kids dat are too poor ta donate.  Da plans fell through, lack a funds I guess.  I been livin' on da streets ever since.  Eh, I ain't dyin', yet.  I been learnin' where ta look fer scraps an' hand-me-downs.  Tell you what, dough, it ain't cuttin' it, bein' a beggar, not in dis crowd.  Youse guys, you never give an NPC like me a second glance, 'less you want somethin' from me.  I ain't got nothin' ta give.  I got nothin' at all, 'cept need, an' dat in spades.

"So, now I hearda dis other thing startin' up.  Ain't ezzackly a homeless shelter, but it's maybe a way ta make a few coppers here an' dair.  Honest living, yano?  So I figger, what da heck, ain't like I got better things ta do wit my time.  I could try sellin' papes.  Dat's what youse guys want, yeah?  Sure, you gotcha self a newsie."
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Joined: 23 Aug 2009
Posts: 38

Location: through the looking-glass

PostPosted: Thu Sep 10, 2009 12:39 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

So, right, here I am, a newbie to the Town, and all I've done so far is play NPCs and extrapolate on other people's plots.  Perhaps a protagonist or two is in order?

To start with, allow me to introduce Galiel, the only begotten son of human archmage Gwynedd and solar angel Estael.

Race: Half-Celestial
Class: level 5 planar ranger, level 5 horizon walker
Age: 17 (though he has that certain angelic ageless beauty about him)
Alignment: Neutral Good

Ability scores: Strength 16, Dexterity 16, Constitution 12, Intelligence 17, Wisdom 18, Charisma 16

Spells: one level 1 ranger spell per day, the usual spell-like abilities for a 10 HD half-celestial

Combat: Galiel restlessly roams the realms, hunting and slaying evil undead, fiends, demons, and devils.  The undead and evil outsiders are the two favored enemies he has chosen as a ranger, and he employs both melee and ranged tactics against his prey.  Over the course of his adventures, Galiel has acquired a mirror blade, a holy bow, and a returning arrow of brilliant energy.  While he will be the first to admit none of these is especially helpful for destroying the undead in particular, the sword nonetheless does an adequate job against most anything, and the bow is particularly useful against evil outsiders.  Both the bow and the sword have been enchanted with the Merciful blessing, at Galiel's own behest and expense, and are consequently also very useful for harmlessly subduing those opponents he deems more worthy of survival than the evils he prefers to hunt.  He is currently saving up for a Dancing enchantment for his sword.  Also, he has an animal companion, a celestial eagle named Eryri, who is thoroughly unmodified from the natural abilities and skills of their kind with any but the most basic animal companion benefits.

Physical Description: Sparkly, shiny, silvery, mirrored skin that glitters and gleams, long flowing hair as white as snow that streams down his back, eyes as blue as a cloudless summer sky, a lean, perfectly proportioned build, and features that can only be described as supernaturally gorgeous.  Some might be tempted to suppose a man who is too pretty would look girlish or effeminate, but Galiel is not womanly, nor is he manly.  He transcends such petty distinctions, achieving a pure and wondrous state of simply being breathtakingly, jawdroppingly beautiful, without any comparison required.  He is close to average height for a human man, perhaps even a little tall, but nowhere near the stature of his majestic father.  His size, and his eyes, he got from his mother's side.  Also, his father doesn't have hair.  The wings, on the other hand, he did inherit - when he chooses to unfold them, they span twice as wide as he is tall, (if he really stretches) and every feather is a luminous, soft-edged white that one normally associates with peaceful drifting clouds in full sunlight.  Even when he stands deep in the shadow of a massive edifice, or in the murky subterranean reaches of the underdark, his feathers and hair are as bright as day, and his silver skin shines.

Personality: Galiel tends to come off as aloof and apathetic, especially about the more trivial concerns of day-to-day life.  In truth, he seldom shows initiative when it comes to smalltalk, and often spends long hours wandering off by himself God only knows where.  As reticent as he may be about friendly banter, though, he is less likely still to voice complaint or demand.  He is patient, forgiving, courageous, and trustworthy, and he will invariably hunt an evil that actively threatens innocents before an evil with a tempting bounty on its head.  This tends to keep him busy, given the wide variety of people considered "innocent" by one so forgiving as he.  Although he does not hurl insults readily, he will not shy from making an accusation, if he has supporting evidence, eyewitnesses, or better still proof.  Still, he waits and hopes for an opportunity to forgive, if he has the leisure to devote the time.  Even the undead are given a chance to plead their case, if they are able and willing.  In more peaceful circumstances, his introverted nature is more pronounced, and those who have witnessed this reserve and his confrontational assumption of the moral high ground may come to the conclusion that he holds himself better than everyone around him.  Yet, if this is true, it doesn't explain why he reacts with disproportionate delight to even a single unsolicited act of kindness from any random stranger.

Background: Galiel's parentage brought with it the promise of power.  An archmage, a solar angel, miracle and magic ran in his bloodlines thick and heady.  One might suppose such a lad was destined to be powerful beyond all belief.  And yet, he was not trained to fight when he was young, nor put in situations where he had to struggle and learn to survive.  He was not apprenticed to the thaumaturgical arts, nor entrusted with sacred arts of supernatural warfare.  He was no prodigy, never leveraged his natural advantages to grow fearsome and mighty, never felt the need to forge himself into an indomitable force, and never had this need thrust upon him.  He was taken care of, pampered, kept safe, and left very much alone, until he found his own path.

Between his mother's duties and concerns as an archmage, and his father's duties and concerns as a solar angel, Galiel's childhood was a lonely one, without siblings, without friends, isolated off in a wizard's tower in the far-flung reaches of astral nowhere.  When he was three, his mother, perhaps feeling bad about not being able to spend enough time with him, gave him a magic bell that would summon an unseen servant three times per day.  For years, this was the closest thing he had to a friend.  Visits from other children were very rare, and although his every need was attended to, he eventually grew lonely and restless.

One day, while his mother was preoccupied with her magical studies, Galiel wandered off from his home into the astral wilderness, and happened upon a portal that had opened by chance to an unknown place.  By the time his mother realized he was missing, he was hopelessly lost, and it was a testament to her magical prowess that she was able to track him down across the planes and leagues and random portals.  She scolded him thoroughly for worrying her, told him never to play with the portals again, and grounded him for a month.

That night, and every night for the next month, he dreamed of the strange places he had been and the things he had seen.  Every day, he told his unseen servant the tale of his marvelous journey.  When at last the month had passed, he went to his mother's study, and waited patiently for her to have time to notice him.  It felt like hours, on top of the weeks he had already waited, but he didn't interrupt.  The worst thing he could do, he knew, was to start off on the wrong foot.  At last, when she finally put her work aside and spoke to him, he told her there was but one thing he wanted, and he would do anything to earn it.  If only there were a way that he might go find another portal and see what lies beyond it, without worrying his mother so, his life would be complete.

It was then that she came to terms with the fact that her son was destined to be an explorer.

Galiel speaks in indigo.

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